“Reconstruction” Was (and is) Marxism

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Back quite a few years ago, establishment historian James  M/ McPherson wrote a book I have often referred to, Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution. When I first read it, it was a revelation to me. In it McPherson bragged about how Abraham Lincoln championed the cause of the Forty-Eighters in Europe. He gave us one of Karl Marx’s quotes in regard to the sainted Mr. Lincoln. In 1865 Marx  praised the great rail-splitter as “the single-minded son of the working class” who led his “country through the matchless struggle for the rescue of an enchained race and the reconstruction of a social world.” 

Marx’s statement, like most of what he said, was utter hogwash. Neither he nor “Father Abraham” gave a flip for  the “enchained race” but Lincoln used them as an excuse when it was convenient for the furthering of his (and Marx’s) agenda–the reconstruction of a social (and political) world.

Most  people never get to see such quotes, and many who do are unaware of the real significance of them. Our “historians” routinely leave quotes like this out of our “history” books because to include them might raise questions they’d rather not deal with, nor make their readers aware of. After all, does the reading public really need to know that Lincoln and Marx supported one another’s causes? Better for them, and their masters, if we don’t know. Did we know such things it might change our perspective as to what the War of Northern Aggression was really all about (Marxist revolution in America).

You don’t suppose this comment by Marx had anything to do with the attempted cultural “reconstruction” that took place in the Southern states after the shooting phase of the War was over do you? Our current crop of court “historians” would be quick to pooh-pooh that idea, but it’s interesting, and informative, that both Karl Marx and the Yankee government both settled on the term “reconstruction” to describe what should happen after the shooting stopped.

In the book Russian Radicals Look to America by David Hecht, the Russian radical, Bakunin, is quoted. Interestingly, Bakunin recognized the War of Northern Aggression as a revolution, but he really didn’t feel it went far enough. He said, and this is revelatory, “for popular self-government” really to become “a reality…another revolution…far more profound…” would be necessary. Bakunin strongly favored the program the Radical Republicans had laid out for the South (reconstruction). And he recognized it as “another revolution,” a cultural revolution. His thinking, and that of Marx,  both lurched along the same tortured leftist cow path.

Communist writer James Allen (an alias) noted of “reconstruction” that: “With the defeat of the South on the battlefield and the emancipation of the slaves the revolution had completed only its first cycle…A new phase, involving the complete transformation of southern  society, now opened.” This is what “reconstruction” really was–the Yankee/Marxist transformation of Southern society. RECONSTRUCTION WAS and is MARXISM! Let that comforting little thought begin to settle in your minds. The Marxists wanted Southern folks “reconstructed.” James Allen’s comments were made in his book Reconstruction The Battle for Democracy which was published by International Publishers, a Communist publishing house in New York.

Though “reconstruction” did major damage to Southern culture, it didn’t go over all that well in parts of the South. People resisted its cultural implications without fully realizing its origins. It was one of the most shameful periods in American history and the Republican Party, the supposed “party of small government) should hang its head in shame that it ever perpetrated such and outrage on the people of the South–but it won’t–because when push comes to shove, Donald Trump notwithstanding, the Republican leadership was, and is, Marxist at heart. To grasp the full truth of that statement you need to study the history of the Republican Party and its foundations, which Donnie Kennedy and I discuss at some length in our book Lincoln’s Marxists. Another book worth reading is one by Arthur Thompson called To the Victors Go the Myths and Monuments. It was published by American Opinion Foundation Publishing in Appleton, Wisconsin. It’s a bit expensive, but most definitely worth the read. You will learn much about our history that most of our “historians” really would rather you didn’t know about.

Back in 1929, Claude Bowers wrote The Tragic Era. I’ve mentioned it in several recent articles. It dealt, state by state, with exactly what the reconstructionist carpetbaggers did to the South during the “reconstruction” years. Interestingly, Mr. Bowers was a Northerner who just tried to tell the truth about “reconstruction.” For years his book was out of print. Awhile back someone told me it had been reprinted back in 1991 or thereabouts. Check out Amazon.com to see if you can still find it.

Then, in 1988, Marxist “historian” Eric Foner, came along with his book Reconstruction America’s Unfinished Revolution. Naturally, Foner didn’t think all that much of Claud Bowers book. Yet even Foner was forced to admit that “reconstruction” was “an unfinished revolution.”  What he neglected to say was that it was unfinished because it is still going on! It has now spread way beyond the South and encompasses the entire country, though certain aspects of it are still at work in both the South and the far West.

Astute observers can begin to connect the dots and see how “reconstruction” operated and still operates. One thing “reconstruction” did to the South was to bring in a government (public) school system there and when the Yankee troops stationed in the South went home, the Yankee school teachers with their Northern version of our history remained. The Yankee teachers are gone now, but the Northern version of our history remains and is now being taught by Southern teachers, who think the public school system is the greatest thing since sliced bread. So we have been infiltrated without our knowing it. And one of the main tenets of Marx’s Communist Manifesto was “Free education for all children in public schools.”

Reconstruction was Marxism in this country. It still is!

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