“Only the Left is Left at College”

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Anyone who has followed the college scene in the last several decades has to realize that most college campuses in our day are so far to the left they are almost over the edge. Some of the leftist sponsored programs at some college campuses are strickly exercises straight from La-La Land and I often wonder if some of the students involved realize the ramifications of this cultural Marxist drivel and how it will impact their lives, and even the lives of their children. Obviously they don’t because they continue to “wallow in the cultural Marxist garbage” thinking they are making the world a better place when all they are really doing is playing the part of useful idiots for their leftist manipulators.

In this vein, I did read an interesting article by J. T. Young from back in March, 2017. It was posted on https://www.washingtontimes.com in 2018. The title of the article was Why Colleges Lean Left.

Young observes: “The better question for those lamenting this lack of intellectual diversity is why its absence continues to surprise. It would be hard to find conditions more condusive to a leftward tilt than our campus Cominterns…Yet focusing only on today’s temporary temper tantrums is to miss the permanent perturbation on campus against all things right. As far back as most remember, the right has been wrong, until only the left is left at college.”

Young posits an interesting reason for this, one most folks probably don’t even consider. I know it wasn’t listed in my top ten. Young says “America’s college campuses rest on subsidies from top to bottom. Students, the overwhelming majority of campus populations, are the most subsidized of all.” The subsidies start with parents and when parents can no longer do more, they continue in the forms of grants, scholarslhips and college loans (a good part of which loans are seldom repaid).

Colleges also get government funding, most notably at the state level. Young also noted that: “Teachers and professors are also in on the subsidies. Further, they live in the system that promises perhaps the quintessential subsidy of all: tenure, the benefit of which is to be divorced from performance standards for life and virtually immune from dismissal…This top-to-bottom subsidy system produces an entitlement culture like no other in America…”

That’s probably one reason you see all these youngsters out there protesting because they can’t have free education, free health care, free this or that or whatever. They want it all for free. Who do they think will pay for all that free stuff? Free college educations don’t grow on trees, contrary to what all the Demoncratic socialist congressional candidates seem to think. And actually, they know all that, but part of their agenda is to make sure you don’t think about it. Should you think about it you might be tempted not to vote for them!

Government educational subsidies must be a brainchild of the left, because ultimately, what the government subsidizes the government controlls. This is why private Christian education is so vitally important in this country, education totally free of any government funds from kindergarten through college. The concept of government-controlled education, at any level, is a Marxist concept, and therefore to be resisted. For those that truly want to “make America great again” public education at any level is not the way to do it. When “only the left is left on campus” you are not getting true education, you are getting Marxist propaganda!

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