Am I Being Censored, Banned, or What? They Wouldn’t Do That to Me Would They???

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I’ve touched on a little of this recently when I mentioned some of my emails being bounced back to me, supposedly because of their “spam” content. Only could you consider my emails to contain spam content if you considered sending people the link to my blog as spam. Of course that would be enough for the censors. They can’t like most of what I send out. It’s far from politically correct.

However, a comment from one of our faithful readers at the conclusion of my last article started me thinking.

I will reproduce his comment here in case most folks didn’t read it at the end of the previous article. He says: Al, if you aren’t aware, Goolag is shadow banning Revised History blog. I typed your blog into duck duck go search engine, “Revised History blog Al Benson Jr.” and 4 other arrangements with these words, went back 8 pages and there was not a single direct listing for this blog in 4 attempts.

They sneaked in under cover of darkness and tipped Revised History over like a Confederate statue.

I’d always thought was a pretty good search engine, so I checked out what he said. Not that I doubted his word but I just wanted to see what was going on there. My faithful reader was on target. I checked out several pages on DuckDuckgo and found lots of my articles reproduced and referenced, but  not one single reference, as far as I went, directed people back to this blog, not one! So if you go to this search engine and type in the name of this blog you won’t find one reference that leads you back to this blogspot, at least not in all the pages I checked out and I checked out a batch.

Just for the heck of it, I went back to Google and did the same thing. On Google the Revised History blog came up as the first one on their first page, but their first page limited me to four entries and then they moved on to something else altogether. So I got 4 listings on their first page and that was it. I can remember the time when I could find my articles all over the first 10-12 pages of Google. No more. Now four entries on page one is it!

I checked out my friend Donnie Kennedy and it was pretty much the same situation. You used to be able to find Donnie’s stuff all over the internet, too. Now the listings for him are limited also.

I don’t know if this is what you call (gasp) shadow banning or not, but if it is, I wonder how many more Christian/Southern/patriotic blogs and sites are suffering the same discrimination. I can’t believe my little blog is that much of a threat to the Establishment/Deep State that it has  to be banned/censored, or are they just now starting to do this  to all conservative sites that have any circulation out there?  Makes me wonder. If they are trying to cut my circulation down, who else are they doing it to. I’ve been reading about what they have been doing to persecute Alex Jones and Info Wars, but he reaches  millions. At best, I reach thousands. If they are that concerned about someone like me then we really do need to start looking behind that curtain to see the grouchy little old guy that is trying to scare everybody because he’s really nothing more than a Deep State Fake!

And then I wonder, how many more are there out there like me? I know there are literally thousands of blog spots out there and lots of them are conservative and patriotic–so many  so that I can’t keep track of them all. So maybe we collectively represent a real threat to that old grouch (Deep State) behind the curtain. Maybe if we waved a Bible in his face he’d really run!


Today’s Scalawags Are Pathologically Guilt-Ridden

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Back after the War of Northern Aggression the term “scalawag” had a bad connotation in the South. A scalawag was a Southerner who sold out his own people and cooperated with the Yankee/Marxists in order to feather his own nest. He didn’t want to suffer what his Southern brethren were going through so he found a way to avoid that by helping the South’s enemies in any way that would gain him profit and recognition for his “service” to the cause of Yankee “humanity.” No doubt some of them wondered why their brethren hated them so–after all, weren’t they doing a good work for the benefit of all? Well, no, actually they weren’t. They were doing a work to help themselves to the detriment of all (except themselves).

Scalawags did not automatically disappear at the pretended end of ‘reconstruction.” They are alive and well in the South today, and doing exactly what their forebears over a century ago did–destroying our culture for the benefit of Yankee Marxism. This, in their eyes, is the only way to go. After all, they think destroying the “Old South” and all that it stood for (particularly Christianity) is what needs to be done so the South can be “modernized” and brought up to date. They feel we need a “new South” that is part of the mainstream of national culture–that, and many of them feel guilt over being Southerners, thanks to the “education” they received.

I’ve run into a couple of those. They have informed me that I am a “traitor” for embracing the cause of the South while they are, somehow, “enlightened” for embracing Abraham Lincoln and all he stood for. Reading Donnie Kennedy’s and my book Lincoln’s Marxists would probably give them the heebie-jeebies and ruin their whole day.

Part of the modern scalawag’s mission in life is to destroy or remove anything that smacks of the Old South–flags, monuments, school and street names, plaques, you name it. He feels guilt for being Southern when he sees these reminders of his history and heritage because he doesn’t want to be reminded of who he is or where he came from. He has been educated to believe that all this is somehow racist and is, therefore, evil and so it becomes his bounden duty to seek to erase all that and thereby make his declaration that he is now part of the New South. I remember, years ago, in Tennessee, I heard a  speaker, and while I didn’t agree with some of what he said (he was in favor of “reforming” the public schools while I am in favor of seceding from them) he did make one cogent comment I remembered. He said “the new South is NO South.”  In that, he was right on the money.

The “new South” the modern scalawag wants to pass onto us and our children truly is “no South.” It is nothing more than an extention of the Yankee/Marxist culture they have been trying to shove down our throats since the end of the War. With our flags and monuments in sight they weren’t quite able to do it–but if, somehow, they can remove from our sight all those nasty reminders of our heritage and culture and expunge all mention of our real heritage from our kids’ “history” books except for what they consider our regional love of slavery, then maybe, just maybe, they can make their cultural Marxist agenda work on this go-round. Worth a try, right? The fact that the Yankees made big money off the slave trade is one of those uncomfortable little truths that can be left out of this narrative.

So we have pathological scalawags, taught to hate the Old South almost from the cradle and they are out to do us the unprecedented favor of destroying  our heritage and culture, for our own good, and they just can’t grasp why we don’t shower heaps of  praise on them for this good and wonderful deed.

Folks, I’ll tell you something. People like this who call good evil and evil good, who substitute darkness for light, need to be exposed and we need to find any and all lawful and moral ways of resisting what they are trying to do to us and our descendants. Culture destroyers deserve no praise–they deserve exposure, whether they speak with a Southern accent or not and we’d best be about doing that while we still have a culture to preserve–and the same goes for our folks in the West because they are under the same cultural assault that we are, via the Bureau of Land Management.