Who Are Those Men?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I just watched a video, one of several taken on the Chilton Ranch on the Arizona/Mexico border. It was a video of armed men in camouflage uniforms, armed with semi-automatic rifles and other equipment, crossing the border from Mexico into Arizona. There was quite a bunch of them. The video I watched was on InfoWars.com but they said it had originally been on the Daily Caller site so you might want to check both sites out to see what you can see.

So who are these guys, armed and crossing from Mexico into Arizona? I’m sure inquiring minds would love to know. Are we being invaded? Are these some of the Deep States regional force being sent in here for our own good, to protect us from that monster, Trump? Are they part of a drug cartel?

I hope folks will go either to the Daily Caller site or InfoWars or both and check this out. I doubt our prostitute press will make this their number one story tonight. I imagine their silence will be deafening. I also imagine lots of folks I send this to either won’t get it or won’t be able to get into this blog to see what I said.

All part of the Deep State agenda to protect us from ourselves.

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