Our “Honest” Legislators

by Daniel Benson

Politicians, for the most part, are career liars. They tell you what you want to hear–and then go to Washington and vote to help themselves and their friends. They really feel the Constitution is no longer valid. They feel that they are above the law, yet hold you and I to the letter of the law. They vote themselves nice big payraises (usually by a voice vote, after midnight) for doing what? Arguing with each other and making sure you and I pay. When they pass a law, how often does it really benefit you and I? Take, for example, the Obama medical insurance law that penalized you and I for not having health insurance, yet the refused to use the same insurance they were forcing on you and I. They hold themselves to be above the everyday person, which makes them your rulers for life in their minds. That’s what they really want.

State governments do the same thing. Take Louisiana for example. We had a governor here that was in jail and afterwards won the governorship. He even had car bumper stickers that said Vote for the crook. The current governor consistently tries to raise taxes and constantly tells us they are in debt and need the money. Well, I suggest that they just open their pockets and give the state everything in them and see how that goes. What will they want next? The sales tax rate here is at 10% now. Do they want your car, your house, your wife and kids too? After all, they know what’s best for all while you have no clue. Wonder how much a state representative makes compared to me making $20k a year? I’m guessing I work ten times harder than they do, and probably make ten times less. Yet they expect you and I to pay for their lavish lifestyles while we struggle to pay our own bills.

Local town governments are often no better. The town I live in is $8 million in debt, and now they think they need to cut spending. It’s probably too late. A town this size can’t make that much up in five years. What does your town look like? Any better than mine? Yet you vote the same people back into office every election without thinking what they are doing to you.

Mayors, police chiefs, and other elected officials spend their lives supposedly serving you–but are they really? After awhile you get sick of seeing the same faces in every election. No one who is qualified stands up and challenges the establishment and they continue to put their heels on your neck and squeeze. I will try to help vote them out if I can. I am tired of the same retreads constantly in  office. When will new ideas and new faces come? Never! Because you vote the old ones back in time and time again.

1 thought on “Our “Honest” Legislators

  1. Laws are pasted for the sole benefit of the government and the lawyer’s fraternity. Most in Congress and state legislatures are lawyers. The Separation of Powers Doctrine in the Constitution is useless. Lawyers control ALL three branches of government. Lawyers in the “Legislative branch” write the laws. Lawyers in the “Judicial branch” interpret AND write the laws, and Lawyers (DOJ) in the “Executive branch” enforce the laws. Freedom or the Constitution or the country will not survive under such tyranny and depravity.

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