Now It Really Begins

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Now it has begun–the total censorship of conservative, pro-Southern, patriotic sites off the internet. Trump’s comments about censorship notwithstanding, the Deep State has begun a purge on the internet of anything they don’t agree with. They totally ignore Trump’s comments about checking into it if censorship prevails. Maybe they are really not afraid of what  he can or   will do. That fact alone should tell you something. You have to wonder what their  plans for Trump are (nothing good, that’s for sure!) in the days preceding the mid-terms.

Alex Jones has been banned off lots of places in the internet, Twitter among them, but they can’t ban me off Twitter because I don’t use it. However, they are in the process of seeking to render my blog spots all but useless. I don’t know  how many of you will receive this, probably not all on my list, but here goes anyway. Maybe some who do get it can pass it on to their lists.

My Copperhead Chronicle blog spot was, only yesterday, the “beneficiary” of their future  plans for me, and no doubt, many others. I posted an article there only yesterday, written by my son, and forwarded it to my list. This morning I had about 20 emails from people who had tried to get into it and none of them could. They were all greeted with this message: This site is not secure. This might mean that someone is trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.  Down underneath that, in the small print is the word Details.  Turns out that if you click on that word it will give you a way into the blog (which they don’t recommend) for obvious reasons. They don’t want you reading it. Censorship taken to a new level!

I can hardly wait until this blog receives the same Deep State mercy, which I have no doubt will occur shortly. At that point only the most intrepid among you will be able to see what I have to say because none but them will dare to click on the Details to see what the Deep State censors do not want them to see.

Not much more I can say. Whatever you are able to read beyond this point will be due to God’s providence, not anything I could have done.

6 thoughts on “Now It Really Begins

  1. Al, they been screwing with your Copperhead blog almost long as you have had it up. Id say probably running a beta case shadow ban to see what happens.
    Surprising WordPress hasn’t been converged yet. On my WP blog in the daily stats I’ve seen Goolag corporate internal email hits on a number of occassions, and hits from “unknown” most likely are other thought police organs watching what I’m posting.

    In 2007 I was invited to write as a citizen journalist for a new online news/journalism blog called The Post&Email. Long story short, from an IP in the executive wing of the White House, somebody on the afternoon of the usurpers swearing in January 2008,hacked into, and ghosted thru my PC, using a desk top flag & eagle graphic they conned my wife into downloading, into our WP operating system for the P&E blog, the FBI agents who we had when we reported the hacking, breeches, and attacks on the blog and WP system, where ordered off the case. Servers in the US, we went thru about a dozen, soon as they signed us on dumped us because of threats from the Feds they would loose their license if they refused to drop us. We had to get a server in Great Britton.
    They even had Trolls in Hughes North America’s IT department. The Sen VP of North American Operations went ballistic over the trolls when the one of the FBI agents revealed what they had found, the day they dumped their investigation.
    We had all sorts of tactics used against us. Like phony evidence I was a skin head, member of the White Supremisict movement, they got two agent provocutuers hired on as citizen writers, it was attack attack from all quadrants.
    Mostly they where after me because I did due dillegence vetting on obama starting back in late 2006 when you could find things not yet memory holed. I was the first to write 2 weeks before anyone about the East Anglia document dump of the archived “Global Warming” data sets and comms between Mann and his fellow grifters. Did a piece about Malcolm X, Castro, Che, FM Davis, and Obama’s mom meeting for two weeks in Hawaii, and that Malcolm X had an affair with her, resulting in the progeny named Barry. I could ramble on for hours, my point here is theres an entire organized system and actors who have been both revisionists and censor’s with over 10 years of experience at this information phsy-ops in shutting down the message.

    One day, righ about the middle of all this, a white chevy van pulls into my property, (I live in about as remote a WV rural one lane goat path Appalachian mountain ridge line as it gets. 18 miles to the nearest “town”. I doubt there is a black family in the entire county), which has .gov tags and stickers on the bumpers. Well there’s two Negro, and a espanic Gentleman who get out and begin to walk around my house, looking in vehicles, peering in my window’s. I seen them from the get go, armed myself with my trusty .45, and waited till they came back around my front door, came busting out like lightning and the .45 right pointed at the largest fellows instant brain kill zone, and politely ask them “are you all out of their fucking minds”? One of them starts in they are only “selling meat.” I can see right into the van, its bone empty. Tell them, you got 5 seconds to get in that van and in reverse our I’ll shoot you all dead and roll you and your van down a hollow so deep no one will know what happened to you. And next time your boss obama sends you, bring tanks, lots of tanks, your gonna need them. These actors where from obama’s Organizing for America. That “Civilian police force, just as powerful just as well armed as the military” he bragged about creating. With gang tats. They where sent to intimidate me or worse, threaten my wife, burn my house, who knows? Because I refused to be cowed by the usurpers.

    They still get after me. Last week I was going at it with paid Trolls on Bill Bupperts blog ZeroGov, I must have struck a nerve, because they lost their temper, and used my 11 year old WordPress avatar, hacked into Bill’s WordPress comment section and posted fake comments under my avatar.
    They used to try and tag team me on WRSA all the time. I call them out as what they are and have fun taunting them. Its easy to spot them once you get a notion of their tells and tactics. The internet is full of them, I’m talking thousands. Paid traitors. Paid to lie, disrupt, spread doubt and discontent, interfere with thoughtful threads in a comment stream, disrupting and turning people on each other, all sorts of adhominem attacks. Spread false rumors. All that nasty troll stuff.

    They never can stop the message, and at this stage where so many are interconnected and waking up, its too little too late. They really should have done more at least in the waning days of the red diaper baby regime. Though they all had it figured Mao in a pants suit was the next regime leader. Ooops! Too bad. Something called an Orange Revolution happened on 11-8-2016.
    But we aint out of the woods yet. Many are figuring out TINVOWOOT, (There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This), and that Lee’s father fought for Liberty, Lee fought for Liberty, and now its our duty, We are gonna have to fight for Liberty. That is as it should be. We are only going to enjoy Liberty and its blessings when it is that precious to us we fight for it.
    Voting was not for voting our way out of anything, it was for NOT getting in the position to fight our way out of anything to begin with. Though voting for Mr. Trump has been a delightful thing I enjoy every day.

    Pardon my french, one Copperhead to another, but Fuck these trolls and thought police. We got something they cant have, our Consent and our Rifles, the will to use them, and our natural rights, blessings God gifted us with. Our Consent, the withdrawal of it from tyrants, is the greatest weapon ever created. There’s our Whole Armor of God right there Brother.

    The secret they are trying to keep hidden, is they can’t win if they cant get our guns and destroy our faith and culture,I believe its too little too late, even if it all this thought policing and censoring seems repressive and totalitarian. Look, they have had to go to corporate allies, our converge and threaten them, same difference in the end, this marxist agenda only can operate on other peoples money. Thats always been their weak flank. And corporate Amerika is not the bottomless well of money the fed .gov was. Soros is a known maniacal provocateur, his money goes far, but asa more every day realize yes he is the Devil’s adjutant, he taints his own efforts with his hideous reputation.
    This latest attempt of censoring and memory holing everything not approved by the hive is a Bum’s rush, it doesn’t have the fig leaf of an allusion of legitimacy doing so under the guise of the government provides, it just stinks out and out like treason and other high crimes.
    They created these digital domain social media platforms to meta data mine, control and spy on potential enemies, watch for dangerous grass roots uprisings and things like Nationalism, and to cut off any inspirational leaders from maturing, like Andrew Brietbart for instance. Thing is, these platforms are part of culture now, and as Andrew put it so sublimely, “Culture is always upstream of politic’s”.
    Denying people the comfort and cultural sustenance of their social platforms is not endearing to put it politely, and they will end up making more enemies than they can imagine. Cold Anger is a bad adversary to earn. And nobody does that better than the cabal trying to pull off their flea circus palace coup against Trump. Against us dirt people really.
    Hearts and Minds. Hearts and Minds Kid’s, the war for these is as important as important gets.
    Winning Hearts and Minds is why Trump was able to get through all the doors and past the gate keeper’s while they where looking elsewhere. Hearts and Minds is why he is still in power and not a palace coup victim. Because the Hearts and Minds who believe in The God Emperor, who support him, and are his bulwark against the deep state machine. So too our dirt people popular support, probably more so than anything. It gives Trump legitimacy, and power no tyrant can ever possess. Power only reserved for White Hats. Our Consent we granted him made Trump very very powerful. And legitimate. That legitimacy is everything.
    Trying to censor and stop all this, the message, is like trying to stuff spaghetti up a wild cats ass inside a phone booth.
    It cant be put back in its bottle.
    And just what do the brain trust marxists think they are going to do if they per chance reaquired power? Go back to the “old” days?
    Nobody but us dirt people can go back to the “old” days. Old Ways. The old days politics care gone, they themselves made sure of that. They win, somehow they are going to oust Trump and 65 million plus patriotic armed to the teeth American’s are going to meekly submit to such an act of treason and tyranny?
    There’s something here that bears mentioning. Its a real motivating kind of thing. There is no place to go. This is it. This is our home. America. There is no one coming to help us dirt people. We are the line. We have to hold the line.
    The insanity of the cabal and their marxian delusions of destroying us dirt people, genocide us, if they don’t quit picking at the scab of our Christian Western beliefs and our legacy of Greco-Roman rule of law, the republican form of government of for and by the people, they will unlock something with a bone in its teeth, a war unlike any in history will result.

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  3. mtnforge, like you, not all of us “dirt people” are uneducated. Call us HIllbillies if you wish but don’t bet on finding ignorance here.

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