A View of the World We Live In (unfortunately)

by Daniel Benson

No doubt communism is rampant in our federal government. When Maxine Waters says the Constitution is what Congress says it is, not what it really means,  we have lost our government, Donald Trump notwithstanding.  How long has this been in progress? I think since the Constitution was written this was their ultimate goal–to drive us down the same path as that taken by the later Soviet Union. The “government” we know today is just a power-hungry group of people who want everything we think and believe we own–but, to them, it’s really theirs and we are just “renting” it.

Religion is a farce nowadays. Most Christians want a quick service so they can go watch football or go fishing. The pastors fighting for the freedom of America from British rule were some of the men on the front lines. Today, Christians take a back seat (way, way back) when it comes to politics and they won’t engage in it at all. Most Christians are nothing close to what the Bible teaches us to believe.

The media (and those who control it) are slowly moving to quash anyone who says something they don’t like. Look up prominent speakers and writers that hold a traditional Christian view and politically conservative views on Google. Bet you won’t find much. Newspapers, internet companies and television are basically all owned by left-wing extremists who will only shove their views down your throat.

With a few exceptions, grassroots movements to take our country back won’t be seen (and not by us) for another 200 years. This country might be back on its feet, albeit smaller,  and I would hate to see how that has to come to fruition. Many of your grandchildren and their kids will have to experience the horror it will entail before this country gets back to being  a God-given nation.

This country will collapse. This government will fall apart and lose control and anarchy will reign because they can’t keep spending what they can’t make back up. But how many people will have to die to see this through? I’m guessing you will lose millions before its over. All we can do is pass on what we know to be true to our children and hope they will pass it onto theirs, because without that, this country is lost and will never be the same again.

No political party whose candidates run for any serious office in national, state, and local governments wants what is best for you. They all want whatever they can take. They couldn’t care less about what you think or what you believe, since if you don’t believe in what they do, you are a “racist” or worse. Murder, rape and many other crimes will intensify as this country collapses. Martial law will be instituted, supposedly for your safety, but really so they can control your every movement. Your religious freedoms will be gone. Your individual freedom will cease to exist. Continue to do nothing and this is what you have to look forward to.

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