Am I Being Censored, Banned, or What? They Wouldn’t Do That to Me Would They???

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I’ve touched on a little of this recently when I mentioned some of my emails being bounced back to me, supposedly because of their “spam” content. Only could you consider my emails to contain spam content if you considered sending people the link to my blog as spam. Of course that would be enough for the censors. They can’t like most of what I send out. It’s far from politically correct.

However, a comment from one of our faithful readers at the conclusion of my last article started me thinking.

I will reproduce his comment here in case most folks didn’t read it at the end of the previous article. He says: Al, if you aren’t aware, Goolag is shadow banning Revised History blog. I typed your blog into duck duck go search engine, “Revised History blog Al Benson Jr.” and 4 other arrangements with these words, went back 8 pages and there was not a single direct listing for this blog in 4 attempts.

They sneaked in under cover of darkness and tipped Revised History over like a Confederate statue.

I’d always thought was a pretty good search engine, so I checked out what he said. Not that I doubted his word but I just wanted to see what was going on there. My faithful reader was on target. I checked out several pages on DuckDuckgo and found lots of my articles reproduced and referenced, but  not one single reference, as far as I went, directed people back to this blog, not one! So if you go to this search engine and type in the name of this blog you won’t find one reference that leads you back to this blogspot, at least not in all the pages I checked out and I checked out a batch.

Just for the heck of it, I went back to Google and did the same thing. On Google the Revised History blog came up as the first one on their first page, but their first page limited me to four entries and then they moved on to something else altogether. So I got 4 listings on their first page and that was it. I can remember the time when I could find my articles all over the first 10-12 pages of Google. No more. Now four entries on page one is it!

I checked out my friend Donnie Kennedy and it was pretty much the same situation. You used to be able to find Donnie’s stuff all over the internet, too. Now the listings for him are limited also.

I don’t know if this is what you call (gasp) shadow banning or not, but if it is, I wonder how many more Christian/Southern/patriotic blogs and sites are suffering the same discrimination. I can’t believe my little blog is that much of a threat to the Establishment/Deep State that it has  to be banned/censored, or are they just now starting to do this  to all conservative sites that have any circulation out there?  Makes me wonder. If they are trying to cut my circulation down, who else are they doing it to. I’ve been reading about what they have been doing to persecute Alex Jones and Info Wars, but he reaches  millions. At best, I reach thousands. If they are that concerned about someone like me then we really do need to start looking behind that curtain to see the grouchy little old guy that is trying to scare everybody because he’s really nothing more than a Deep State Fake!

And then I wonder, how many more are there out there like me? I know there are literally thousands of blog spots out there and lots of them are conservative and patriotic–so many  so that I can’t keep track of them all. So maybe we collectively represent a real threat to that old grouch (Deep State) behind the curtain. Maybe if we waved a Bible in his face he’d really run!

3 thoughts on “Am I Being Censored, Banned, or What? They Wouldn’t Do That to Me Would They???

  1. I experienced a few days that I was unable to bring up your Revised History site but then it became available again. There is another site that I have looked at occasionally , Southern Nation News, that seems to have disappeared . Are you aware of this site if so any idea what happened ?

  2. David,
    I am aware of Southern Nation News. Sometimes they use my articles. Seems to me if I recall I had their site up early this week or last week, I don’t recall which. Someone is definitely trying to censor out sites they don’t agree with or at least to reduce the traffic they get.

  3. One of the purposes of weaponizing the various alphabet agencies since the Clinton regime has been to run comprehensive intelligence gathering and create subsequent dossiers on both individuals and so call extremist groups deemed a threat to the international security of the various elites and their organizations.
    By turning these agencies inward they have catalogued just about everyone or any grass roots movement of the dirt people who have the audacity to speak freely. In simplest terms bad think and bad speak can not be tolerated because this is literally the greatest threat to this cabal, Freemen, Secession, Abolition of The State, sovereign thinking acting and free expression of such natural God given freedoms, not just the primal right to property, but the primal right to arms which the first thing they are are our property. These precepts ideas and practices constitute the threat to the cabals power unlike any threat that exists, bar none.
    I think it is safe to say secession is probably as feared or even more so than our Rifles. Secession IS the ultimate withdrawal of Consent except for the use of our arms against these tyrants. There is a certain legitimacy of a plurality who declares and acts to seceed, either in totality like the Southern Confederacy of Free Nation States, just as the Compact States pre USC.
    This is a long war, its been going on for as long as we became Sovereign dirt people, never tolerated by any self respecting king, prince, dictator, mandarin what have you, the whole lot of the sonofabitches, its tyranny as old as humanity itself.
    Whats new here is the birth of Liberty, as Andrew Skousen’s work The 5000 Year Leap defines so well. Its a serious conundrum for tyranny and tyrants. We see the struggle daily, hourly, as they are relentless in finding the methods and power to make us Consent to them and their lust for power. Seriously, since the incredible document The Declaration of Independence was delivered to the old world, its been a struggle for Western tyrants to not only create effective workarounds, but establish systems of totalitarianism which are robust enough to survive the withdrawal of Consent of the dirt people.
    Maybe that sounds like a contradiction in terms, but give it a good think it is the crux of Liberty. The tyrants of the Western hemisphere are in a pickle, they let Liberty out of its bottle, and it is impossible to put it back short of literally killing every soul on Earth who cherishes it, including every vestige of an idea of Liberty. And even then I honestly believe that is not enough to make Liberty extinct.
    I think too you got to employ a little psychology here in the war of Liberty verses tyranny to understand the stakes involved.
    A plurality of dirt people who are manifest in their refusal or withdrawal of Consent for tyrants possess the most powerful weapon ever devised by man. Consent is unique in all of the activity of people, except maybe for unconditional love. See, Consent is something which only can be given, not taken, there’s an unconditional feature to it, like the right to bear arms interestingly enough, and so too secession from tyranny. With Consent, you can put a pistol to my head, threaten me you will pull the trigger if I refuse to give you my Consent, I still have a choice, I have to choose to Consent to you, or not, and nothing you do or say to me can change that, and thats the dangerous thing that is such an existential threat in the West to the tyrants we have.
    So imagine a plurality of dirt people, just like the 64 million or so who chose to give their Consent to Mr. Donald Trump.
    Its maddening, so incredibly unacceptable to the cabal, that us dirt people have the motive power and audacity to withdraw, refuse our Consent to The “Elites”, (I hate that term, they are neither). Imagine Lincoln and his Marxists, the scope and breadth of their envy and hate, that the entire South and many other people, had the gall to withdraw their Consent. Think about it.
    Think about us “Deplorable’s”, us “Bitter Clinger’s, us “Tea Baggers”, imagine the contempt and derision of The Elites, that we refuse to submit to their key instruments of raw naked power, from non race mixing heterosexual traditional Christian Marriage and family life to refusing to give up our guns.
    There’s more to this, its base. Its origins rooted in the most vile despicable acts Humans are capable of. Envy of a kind that has no equal, for the power we dirt people possess, for the legitimacy of that power, of the power so pure and so righteous, that we can so I Won’t! and Mind Your Own Business! That as individuals or a plurality, this power we have is something no tyrants or their tyranny can never possess. It is The Ultimate Power, whether from the almighty creator, or from the poorest most uneducated man, we wear the crown of legitimacy, we are kings of our sovereignty, potentates of our self determination.

    In contrast there is this hive mind of sycophants and useful dupes, members of the human extinction movement, they think tearing down our symbols and statues to our ultimate Liberty somehow diminishes our Consent and our withdrawal of it. These useful idiots of Western Christian Greco/Roman diaspora are going to force us to Consent to their ideology, their cargo cultism somehow. Its the same for the corporate entities, that somehow they possess some divine moral superiority bestowed upon them where they are given some fig leaf of legitimacy, a profound hubris that eliminating our speech, our ideas, our protest somehow disarms us. Look no further than culture of The South, and the unending war of northern yankee Judea/Puritan aggression, the inventors of modern communism, after more than a century, they have to tear down our statues to Sovereign ideals and legitimacy of secession? Like somehow that will stop those white racist trailer trash! That shadow banning a great thinker and writer like Al Benson Jr will somehow rob him of his legitimacy and expression of it.
    All they have done is to make what they hate even more powerful, that these acts of destruction only make martyrs of legitimacy out of inanimate symbols, breathing new life and destiny into what they hope to eradicate.

    I think it is funny, they are pulling out the stops to destroy the idea of Rule of Law. Dont get me wrong, I’m a radical believer in Abolition of The State, not a blind one mind you, Man Made Law sucks, its built in with illegitimacy and flaws, where natural law and primal freedoms, God given rights, are what they are because they are inalienable concepts and ideas, precepts which always ring true. The great question is how with human nature such as it is, do we thrive with only natural law? The South and The Compact, they had much of it figured out, the rest they being the sovereigns they where, would iron out what needed to be changed fixed or modified via the will and blessing of the dirt people.

    So we see these cheezy self anointed little leviathans, whose corporate boards have this notion because they have acquired such “wealth” and privilege, status, (or is that Statist, as in Statist-Quo?), they are privileged with some kind of special powers telling the rest of us what to do, which they pass down to their sycophants and useful minions/dupes, like imperial emperors on corporate thrones waving their pinkies and barking decrees and diktat.
    Honestly, have you imagined anything as ridiculous and preposterous as a Jeff Bezo and his co-conspirators, that they are ordained to decide for us 150 million dirt people what is best and what is not for us?
    I shit you not. These clowns take themselves very seriously. And all the fucking idiots who go along and give them their Consent.
    Its a thing, and I got no idea what you really call all this bullshit, so flawed, it is already an unmitigated disaster on biblical terms.
    Thing is, all this, everything, I think it could not have gone any other way. By that I’m saying, those enlightened Colonials and the thought leaders, the thinkers of the day, they didn’t hand us a “Republic”, they passed on a legacy they created and literally could not go any further with. That it was up to us further generations, we would have to take The 5000 Year Leap and go to the next stage. That in order to do so, we would have to end up in such a pickle, in the thick of such an unmitigated disaster, that enough of us dirt people would reach down and come up with the Audacity and motive power top make that great leap of faith our founders did.
    All the ingredients are right there in front of us. That when things look the worst, when its all dropped in the pot so deep, there is no way out but up and over, thats when who we are, the great Greco/Roman Christian Western culture, the idea of Liberety, which runs in our viens, that we are of all peoples born and died through 5000 years history, we are blessed to be so fortunate to be born into that Liberty.

    Thats what they want to destroy, piece by piece, a crumb here, a chip there, one pathetic quitter at a time, hoping there are more quitters than winners, to suck us all down with them into whatever purgatory it is they have this cargo cultism with.

    If we Freemen where going to choke and fold, would have happened already.

    A lot of us must be just shaking our heads in absolute wonder, the insanity, mass insanity which has come to these people. Words can not convey. I do. I just shake my head,think wtf?, keep my ear to the ground, my family and tribe close, and have faith, we ain’t going into that long good night. Not going to happen.

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