Dixie Now Too Racist For Alabama School

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

As the willful cultural genocide in this country continues, we now find that the song “Dixie” has to go from a school in Arab, Alabama. The song has “racist connotations” and so must be removed, replaced, shoved down the memory hole, where all “racist” instruments go except the institution of slavery and that only avoids the memory hole because the cultural Marxists can continue to use it as a political weapon to beat to death any who would be bold enough to stand up for the heritage and culture of the South–which must be destroyed at all costs.

And so the “fight song” of this school, which has heretofore been Dixie will have to be replaced with something else. How about The Communist Internationale? That song would be appropriate for every public school in this country, or perhaps Comrade Obama’s favorite, “I’d like to teach the world to sing” (everything except Dixie).

Southern songs, Southern traditions and culture, all need to go from Southern schools so your grandchildren will have no memory of their real history and heritage. If they still retain strong memories of their true heritage and culture then it’s not so easy to mold  their spiritual clay into pottery for the New World Order to fill with its spiritual and political offal.

Those who continue to sit idly by and do or say nothing while all this goes on will be guilty of complicity in the destruction of their children’s cultural memory. And those among their children that finally, through God’s providence, wake up and see what has transpired may well end up cursing them. If the kids ever get to the point where they say “Why didn’t you tell us?” how will they answer? Well, those ball games were really important you know.

A people that has no sense of its real history has no idea of where it should be going or how to get there. That’s the whole idea. Rob people of their history and culture and you rob them of their future and their future belongs to you!

You folks who are having your history and culture stolen and doing nothing about it need to reflect on that.

7 thoughts on “Dixie Now Too Racist For Alabama School

  1. how about removing the Battle Hymn of the Republic from all Hymnbooks , since it really isn’t a hymn. It does not really praise God , it praises war. Also on a personal note Al, the last two blog notifications I have received from you have dead links in them. The link to your blog site is not in blue , and doesn’t take you any where. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.LOL

    • Ron,
      I completely agree. This Unitarian dirge should never be in a Christian hymnbook, but sadly it is in way too many. I have talked to some Christians about this but I don’t think most of them get it.

    • Ron, It’s not a coincidence at all. I am being censored and some folks don’t even get the messages I send, dead links or no. They just bounce back to me and tell me they ain’t sending it because of the “spam content.” I suppose now including the url for my blogs is considered spam content. But then if I was on the Left it wouldn’t be.

  2. This is a very relevant post, the need for Southern people and supporters to do something to preserve and promote Southern culture is of extreme importance. In my opinion there is nothing more important. I think the Heritage Operation that the Kennedy twins are leading may well be effective and I hope to donate to the effort. The question I have is what can the individual do that will actually make a difference ?

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