Orwell Writ Large

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

There was a brief, but interesting article by Gary Benoit in the New American magazine for August 20th of this year. The title was   The Deep State and Its Subversive Designs. Mr. Benoit observed that: “Anyone who doubts the reality of the Deep State needs only to survey today’s major news stories to recognize both that the Deep State exists and that this unelected shadow government  within the executive branch of the U.S. government hates President Trump and is working to undermine and even overthrow his presidency.”

Yet, this attempted over throw of a legitimately elected president is defined by the Deep State as some sort of noble patriotism. The Deep State has on its hands a new president who refuses to play the political game by their rules and so they tell us (if we are stupid enough to believe it) the noble and “patriotic” thing to do is to overthrow him and  replace him with some political stooge who will play the game by their rules (and for their benefit, not ours). So the “loyal and honorable deep state has a higher duty. It’s called patriotism.” (Please refrain from rolling on the floor and  laughing your backside off!) The sad part is, they actually expect people to believe such drivel–and the even sadder part is–that some will.

This sort of weird mindset is totally Orwellian–you know–freedom is slavery, less is more…that kind of Orwellian. Or perhaps it’s also along the lines of Nikita Kruschev–we spit in their face and they call it dew.

So lets get this straight. According to the apologists for the Deep State, blatant treason in undeniably and nobly patriotic while adhering to a legitimately elected president is somehow harmful to the country. Treason is patriotism! How much more Orwellian can you get than that?

Mr. Benoit accurately noted that “America First” is anathema to the globalists, who will stop at  nothing to obliterate it, even if that means toppling the president.”

Make no mistake, if the Deep State/Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission manages to thwart the president’s agenda, either through direct overthrow or through compromising his program in some way, we will not stand a chance within the lifetimes of our great grandchildren of getting back what few  liberties we still have remaining. If they manage to pull this off you can kiss our Bill of Rights goodbye. It will be like you all elected Hillary as president, because the agenda you end up with will be hers.

Serious Christians, and others, need to pray about this and find  out what they can do to prevent it. A good place to start might be in obtaining a copy of the New American magazine for August 20th and starting to educate yourself on what the Deep State has in store for you and your children. Single copies are $3.95, with a $6.36 shipping charge. Mail your request to ShopJBS,  P O Box 8040, Appleton, Wisconsin  54912. Lots of worthwhile info in this magazine. Turn off the reality shows, walk away from the boob tube, and start finding out what you can do to preserve your kid’s culture and heritage, because once it’s gone it ain’t that easy to get it back again.

3 thoughts on “Orwell Writ Large

  1. I would encourage everyone to get a subscription to the “New American”. A bit pricey compared to other mags , I suppose, but really worth every penny considering what you’ll learn about our current political and cultural situation.

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