“There Was An Error Sending This Message”

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I really wonder sometimes if someone is “monitoring” the email many, if not most, of us send and receive. I suppose that could be considered a rhetorical statement, as I really don’t wonder. I have a pretty fair country idea.

I’ve mentioned in the past, my friend in North Carolina, who had a good-sized email list. At the bottom of each mailing he used to include a small picture of a Confederate Flag. At a certain point in time, many of his mailings stopped going through and others that did just bounced back to him as “undeliverable.” Not  having had this problem previously (and it was increasing) he wondered just what the problem was. Finally at one point he became suspicious and, as an experiment, removed the little Confederate Flag from the bottom of his mailings. Guess what? I probably don’t need to tell you, as you have probably already guessed what I am going to say. All his mailings, minus the little Confederate Flag, started getting through again. Sheer coincidence I’m sure!

I have experienced some of the same thing. I once emailed an article about secession from my juno email address and I made the foolish mistake of using the word “secession” on the subject line. For some inexplicable reason juno could not manage to send this article out to my email list. I tried several times. No luck. The article just sat there like an email lead balloon–unsent. But then, remembering my friend in North Carolina and his situation, I took the word “secession” off the subject line and substituted the word “separation” for it. Needless to say, after I did that, the message went through–immediately if not sooner! I guess you could say “what a difference a word makes.” Both of these instances have gone a long way toward convincing me that someone, probably someone with a Deep State mentality, sort of “watches over” what we all send and receive, just to make sure, in their eyes,  we don’t slip the traces too far. They can’t always just refuse to flat out send the messages, even us deplorables would figure that out after awhile. So they kind of “nuance” their protests over deplorable emails if we tend to use certain “hot button” words or terms. At least for now! However, with all the internet censorship currently in the works, who knows where this will end up.

What with all the wildly unproven “hate mail” allegations proliferating against Alex Jones and others, who really knows where we are headed? The Globalist Powers that Be  may just decide that, for the good of humanity (theirs, not ours) they need to start censoring all the news except what they force-feed us on CNN (the Communist News Network). An attempt at such, just before the mid-terms, or a false flag scenario leading up to that, would come as no surprise.

Another interesting development, this time from aol  (America on Line) has been occurring for me of late, as well as a couple others who also use aol. Lots of folks, some of then politically incorrect, send me email messages, and some of them, depending on content, I make an effort to reply to, because their thoughts, or their courtesy to me, deserve a response. Usually I try to reply to them on the same thread they sent their original message on. But I am finding out, in the past few weeks, when I try to do that, I am unable to, and I get a message from aol–one I’m getting pretty well fed up with–that says  There was an error sending the message. And so it doesn’t go through. End of conversation! I’d say, in the past couple weeks, about 60% of the messages I try to reply to answer me with this happy little euphemism. It’s kind of like “Don’t bother–you can’t get there from here.” More and more, if I want to reply to  people who have emailed me I have to end up sending a totally separate message. These usually go through. So why don’t the others??? Am I supposed to get tired of trying and just quit or what?

More and more I am also finding that if I want messages, especially about my blog articles, to get through, I have to resort to nebulous-sounding titles or comments on subject lines.  Any title or subject line that really looks controversial, will probably guarantee the article goes nowhere–the print on the cutting room floor. And I am forced to do the same thing if I post a notice about an article on Facebook (which I usually only use to post notices about the blog articles).

So I don’t doubt for a New York minute that our email servers are being “presided” over by some of the more politically correct (cultural Marxist) among us. The question now remains—when will these “guardians” of the public good finally decide we are all better off knowing nothing about much of anything except the swill they choose to feed us?

Seeing what they are trying to do to Alex Jones and others, that day may not be far off. Although I am told that President Trump has finally addressed this issue publicly, we will have to see where that goes and how strongly he chooses to pursue it. Either way, at some point, we will have to address the question  of what we are going to do about it.

4 thoughts on ““There Was An Error Sending This Message”

  1. I have been having problems with aol also. Same thing: ” there was an error sending the message”. You are correct, there is ” someone watching”….. If sending a link or an article with pictures included ( and not PC correct), I sometimes have a tough time sending. This has been going on for 3-4 months and becoming more and more prevalent. Try sending really liberal and leftist info and no problem sending. Big time bias.

  2. No one in my email list with an AOL email address receives email from me. I stopped trying to send to AOL email addresses.

    WordPress has some really strange quirks too. I find many threatening problems with WordPress, things like blank (zero byte) graphics files that link to nothing, except servers in western states. It appears all posts to WordPress are logged offsite, a practice that tells me evil is in the works.

    Take my word for it. You would be wise to get off WordPress. I could be more specific, but well, not on a public page for all to see.

    All the above is only my opinion. If you doubt what I say, please consult a competent website designer – i.e. one that is familiar with WordPress and security issues, and knows how to check the deep “operating in the background” pages of websites.

    Feel free to delete this post after reading.

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