The Censors Have Something to Hide

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

For quite awhile now I have been observing the efforts of the Deep State and their Swamp Denizens to shut down free speech in this country. And let’s don’t kind ourselves–that is exactly what they are trying to do. The censors are trying to shut down any meaningful dialogue about where the country is headed so that only their views will be heard and no one else’s. Why you might ask? Simple–they have something to hide. They and those that pay them are doing things they don’t want you to know about–like trying to restrict your liberties and your free speech, but they can’t tell you that right out and so they seek to do  it via censorship.

Oh, they assure you, it’s all for the right reasons and it’s all for your own good, don’t you know. No, I am afraid most of us don’t know that and we don’t know it because it’s not true. It’s really for their (the censors) own good because they are mortally afraid that if enough Americans find out what they are really up to there might be a “grand necktie party” somewhere with them as the guests of  honor. That’s a situation they would prefer to avoid and so they try to hide the truth from us.

We see all  manner of noble-sounding euphemisms in the “News (what a laugh) Media”. Alex Jones and InfoWars  just have to  be shut down because they promote “hate.” No proof, no evidence of any kind to back up their wild allegations–we are all supposed to believe it just because they say it. There was a time when, if you made a controversial accusation against someone you had to provide evidence–documentation about your accusation.  I recall back in the 1950s and 60s if you called anyone a Communist you had to have the rock-solid evidence to put forth or no one would listen to you. And the “news media” complained if you didn’t have it. Seems those days are gone forever. Nowadays the  people in the “news media” can make the most far-out accusations against someone they don’t like and no one is supposed to have the temerity to dare to ask them for evidence.” Evidence! We just told you–isn’t that enough–how dare you not believe us! You know we wouldn’t lie, don’t you?” Sorry folks, but we don’t know that. The “news media” has been lying to us ever since I can remember. And they continue to spread the lies  the politicians tell us, because, after all, the news media and many of the politicians are little more than political stooges for those that really hold the reins of power in this country–people like those in the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers. Don’t know who those people are? Then you better do some homework and begin to find out who the real unelected rulers of this country are.

Wonder why Donald Trump is having all the problems he’s having? These people are the reason. Trump is not one of them , not “one of the boys” and so the “boys” are working at finding some way to get rid of him,, but this truth needs to be censored out of the daily news reports because they have deemed that you don’t need to be aware of this. Better for them and their globalist agenda if they can keep you fat, dumb and ignorant.

And so our ever faithful “news media” lies about what it can’t totally cover up and censors as much as it can because their bosses really have lots of stuff to cover up. The censors always have something to hide from the  public.

My son writes a little free verse poetry once in awhile and just today, as I was working on this article he came up with one that goes along with it, so I will quote it here:

What lie will I see tonight?

I know exactly what I will see when I turn on my tv

Doesn’t matter the time, 6 am, noon, 10pm, or nine.

Don’t know why I keep checking in.

Because the truth for them is very thin.

In every story I see the lie,

the agenda that they always try.

Every channel gives me the blues

Whenever I tune in to the news.

His little poem pretty much tells you what you can expect in the way of truth, and it ain’t much.


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