Can America Be Saved? Probably Not In Its Present Form

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Last evening, August 10, 2018, I read an article by Paul Craig Roberts, who many of you will be familiar with, on the title of which was Is There Enough of America Left to be Saved?  After citing evidence to prove his contention, Mr. Roberts, a seasoned political commentator, says he doesn’t think so. The divisions are too great and Donald Trump, for all his efforts, will, at best, be a stopgap. The Leftists and those who finance them that most Americans don’t have a clue about, have caused irreparable damage.

Not only do we have that problem, but we have a justice system that, to label it anything else but a massive exercise in double standards would be a joke. The current system operates in such a way as to crack down on the little guys and issue huge “get out of jail free” cards for those in Washington and their good buddies. If it operated anywhere near the way it should the Clintons would be in the slammer right now along with their political partners in crime. But lets be honest. After watching Mueller’s witch hunt regarding Trump for the  past year and a half, I realize such ain’t going to happen.  The people underhandedly trying to take down Trump are getting by with it and will continue to get by with it while Hillary’s egregious crimes will go unnoticed by most of Congress and the “investigative” agencies in government. After all, Hillary and her friends are much too important to pay for their sins. Just can’t have that–it would mess up the New World Government crowds agenda.

Also just read, on the Daily Caller that Bruce Ohr will be called to testify as to why he had “60+ contacts with dossier author, Chris Steele, as far back as January 2016.” Congressman Mark Meadows says he “owes the American public the full truth.” Anyone think we’ll ever get it? By the time all the Left-leaning Congressmen, both Democrats and Republicans, get through muddying the waters over what he says you won’t be able to tell the truth from strawberry preserves.

So, do I think America can be saved” No–not in its present form. For far too long too many of the “silent majority” remained silent while the Leftists did whatever they wanted to  this country. After all, those reality shows were much more important than any concern for the kind of country your kids would have to live in. Why worry about that–you won’t be here to see it? Trouble is, with longer life spans now, some of you might be here to see it and I promise you, you ain’t gonna like what you see. Not only that, you will have to answer for it some day.

Secession is a dirty word to some people (not all of us). Secession, however, in some form, will probably occur in this country somewhere down the road. The differences are just too extreme to be reconciled.

As for the Clintons, Bushs and  the other first families in crime in this country, will they get by with all they have done? Most likely. After all, they are “too big to prosecute.”  But the day will come when they will all have to stand before the Supreme Judge and they won’t be able to lie their way past Him or bribe Him with their ill-gotten loot. He already knows all the answers about them before the questions are even asked.

If you want to see where we are headed check out the article on Zero Hedge for August 11th about the white, Trump-voting survivor of Charlottsville.  This tells you where we are going, Trump or no Trump.

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