The Face of Federal Arrogance

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

If you want a good look at the face of classic Federal arrogance look at the face of Peter Strzok during his recent testimony before Congress. He was alternately smug, arrogant, threatening and, worse than that, part of the time he looked almost completely unhinged, like he was about to lose it.

The headline on for July 12th about this august”gentleman” was Disgraced FBI agent screams at Congress over bias questions.

You will recall that Mr. Strzok was the author of numerous emails to his paramour about how bad Trump was and how they had to “stop him” from being president. The emails were bad enough that they got him kicked off the investigation team of the chief witch-hunter, Robert Mueller. His comments were so blatant that Mueller didn’t dare leave him there. His anti-Trump bias was almost malevolent.

Yet when he testified before the congressional committees he had the gall to say that his extreme anti-Trump bias in no way affected his FBI investigation of the phony “Russian collusion” and related events.  If you ever read some of his email messages to his lover you have to realize that his bias against Trump went way beyond extreme. Yet he sat and told the congressmen who questioned him that he in no way let that bias affect his investigative work. Apparently he thinks that Congress and the rest of us are stupid–and the condescending smirk on his face portrayed that amply. He basically told the congressional committee, and by implication, the rest of us, to stuff it. You could see the federal arrogance on his face–I’m part of the Establishment and I don’t have account to you people–I do what I want and if you don’t like it that’s tough!

To the credit of the congressmen they didn’t let up on him and they asked him questions he didn’t like and questions where he tried to hide behind his “classified information” persona. I got the impression he sat there and laughed at the congressmen silently. He thought it was great fun. He’s spent his public career stiffing the public and he likes it because, in his inestimable view, we are not fit to lick his boots. He thinks the same of us all that Hitlery does–a bunch of deplorables that he claims he can smell  when he goes to markets in Virginia.

A little humility would do Mr. Strzok a world of good because he doesn’t seem to possess an awful lot of it. And let’s don’t be dumb enough to let him kid us. His extreme bias against Trump does affect what he does and how he does it and for him to claim it doesn’t is just his lame attempt to spread pure grade bovine fertilizer all over the place to fool what he thinks is a contemptible public.

These “public servants” are anything but that and if you knew what they really thought of us you would positively cringe. But if you want to get even a small idea, look at Strzok’s face on the witness stand. He alternately thinks you are stupid and hates your guts and of course, none of this involves any bias on his part, remember that!

6 thoughts on “The Face of Federal Arrogance

  1. I notice that this is the same look of the rabid communists on campus, and,most likely, what’s behind the masks of Antifa. I suppose the only way to wipe that smirk off his face is with an application of a rope and tree.

  2. There is a certain communist hubris with these actors. The law of there are no laws but what we deem applies to the dirt people. Yet, they run and hide behind the USC to avoid our wrath as convenient for them to place another layer of untouchable status between us and them. Not unlike the musloids of the caliphate.

    It would be much better if we showed them what it is like without such constitutional protections, as they are want ti do to us in every high crimes usurpations and treasons they commit in the pursuit and application of raw naked power.
    This fellows haughty character included to the enth degree.

    I can’t but help have the impression these actors are so inured to equality of and color of rule of law, they are barn blind to its existence. As in they obviously have had whole careers, they where purposefully selected to be weaponized sycophants’ of their higher up’s, that they have always operated with the knowledge they are a protected class, an Amerikan version of the old Soviet Nomenklaturer, who where the “executive class” of unaccountable operatives of insuring communist tyranny was applied to every facet of the sphere of the dirt peoples lives.

    Do these sociopaths and psychopaths understand one way or another, their reign of tyranny is kaput?
    There is no going back to that past they enjoyed. That like the deep state itself can never hold such raw naked power ever again in living future memory. There is a whole crap load of things never going to return come hell or high water.

    I think they forget or underestimate that color revolution of 11-9-2016. That was the last warning they get. Even if they depose Mr. Trump, do they expect 65 million color revolutionaries to docily submit all over again to the cabal’s banana republic?

    I think the stages of protest are sublime messaging.
    The Tea Party where a million + Patriotic Americans peacefully petitioned the government.
    The 2010 elections where we handed the congress to the Republicans on a silver platter, which then deliberately squandered to their sole benefit.
    Then there is the phenomenal unprecedented up arming of the dirt people. These folks are not upgrading and provisioning there arms with the finest small unit infantry combat, (read weapons of 4th generation war), rifles in civilian drag just to keep as collectable property. This is a process of arming oneself for defense against the unintended consequences of this deep states insanity. At the least.

    Does it stand to reason these actors and its cabal fail to recognize it is Kaput! now? Its all but toast.
    That the above list of defiance and withdrawal of consent by the millions, spells the end of all things deep state, 1 world order, what have you?
    That this cabal regardless of its use of illegitimate raw naked power, has always depended on the peoples consent, tacit, willful, or swindled, that it can not exist without the fig leaf of consent that provides an illusion of power and legitimacy?

    Or, are they going to jump the mother of all sharks, and go for a palace coup, or some coup which is intended to grab absolute totalitarian power, through some kind of vile large false flag operation, like setting off some nukes in strategic places on American soil?
    Cowards should never be underestimated, they are people who are quite capable of committing the most cunning of egregious acts of desperation. And desperate oligarchs can commit the most desperate kind of evil against existential threats.
    Existential meaning you and me and our fellow Patriots. For we are everything they fear more than anything else.

    That smirk on this nasty piece of work, its the snarl of a particularly evil cornered animal. A man who has realized suddenly nobody has his back. A criminal in every sense who has no options but fighting back or end up swinging from a 13 knot necktie.
    I keep waiting for one of them to turn and rat out its fellow actors. Congress is a total joke. Its Kabuki theater, ment to mollify us with an illusion something is being done. Remember most of the political class has at least vested interest the truth never sees the light of day. Not a few are also under extortion and blackmail. Then there are the ones part of the cabal itself. The honest ones marginalized and kept from instigating trouble. So it the organized crime syndicate leadership interrogating the rank and file operatives. The foxes guarding the henhouse.
    This deep state or whatever it was would have been criminally indicted under grand jury long ago for RICO violations if the congress wasn’t part and parcel associates of the cabal.

    Might be this FBI actor is got that smirk because he knows if he goes down, the congress goes down with him.

  3. Maybe his smirk comes from knowing what the “life insurance” email comment actually is?
    Lets play nasty deep state actor. First move, I place an FBI pawn on tactical nuke detonated in a truck driving by The White House. (kills a whole bush of birds with one nuclear warhead. Doesn’t even have to be a large strategic device. One of those tritium fed dial a yield nukes. Low kiloton range. Then you got the full use of continuity of government preplanned operations, declare martial law, presto, deep states in like flint.
    They still dont have close to full power. They must control the “unsecured spaces” out in flyover nation. Which will entail liquidation of a whole hell of a lot of very pissed off dirt people with rifles and vast resources, never mind the probably huge numbers of .mil solders who go total AWOL, along with their weapons and materiel.

  4. I agree, but really what’s the point of all this. Hillary won’t go to jail, because the Repubs have no balls! Why waste more tax money?

  5. Larry, Believe me I understand your frustration. Over 40 years of observing this claptrap does get to you I know. I don’t know if Hillary will ever make it to the slammer or not, probably not, as you say, but if enough fuss is made some of them might, and if she walks and they get stiffed they won’t be real happy with that and some of them might sing. I recall what that guy McCabe said–If I go down I’m not going alone. Even if they only get some of them, that’s better than all of them walking. And who knows what the Lord might do with some songbird.

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