Nikki Hates Guns As Much As She Hates Confederate Flags


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I don’t doubt that Donald Trump has tried to do his best for the country and he has done a lot better than any of the presidents in my lifetime, but some of the people he has picked for cabinet officers and for other positions have been people that have only made his job more difficult. Some he picked fought him from day one because they were part of the Deep State and their  agenda was to neutralize him as much as possible. He finally saw through some of them and they moved on, but he hasn’t seen through all of them yet–and one major problem for him is his United Nations Ambassador, Nimrata (Nikki) Haley. Some of what she does goes against the core values of his base and you have to wonder sometimes just who Ms. Haley is working for.

One good thing about Trump is that he has been solidly behind the Second Amendment and the sensible people in this country, the ones that are not dedicated Leftists,  have understood that and supported it.

But Ms. Haley seems to have a penchant for going off  the deep end and has done so more than once. When she was governor in South Carolina, when those horrible church shootings took place, she was first in line to start hauling down Confederate flags. I wonder if she thought such politically correct (cultural Marxist) action would endear her to the Deep State Republican Establishment and might move her up the political ladder. She obviously had her eyes on bigger things than the mere governorship of South Carolina.

So she ended up as Trump’s UN Ambassador (bad pick Donald) where she has sought to flex her political muscle and as she wanted to endear herself to the Confederate flag haters in her Party, so now she seems to seek to endear herself to the One World government types that infest the United Nations.

She has embraced the UN position on world gun control (confiscation).

An article on just noted today, July 9, 2018 that “It was what Fast & Furious and the Gunwalker false flags were about–Now the UN Arms Treaty is back and the US, under UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, has signed on to the measure to track every gun in the US.” Go back and read that again. Let it sink in. Trump may well be pro-Second Amendment but his UN Ambassador has just signed away our Second Amendment rights to the jurisdiction of the United Nations–the organization that author G. Edward Griffin called The Fearful Master. In fact he wrote a book about the United Nations by that name. See if you can still find it on Amazon. If you can you need to read it

So now Haley has signed  us onto a treaty that will start the tracking down of every gun in the country. So who is going to do the tracking for the UN?

Will law enforcement agencies in this country be expected to perform that little chore at the  behest of the United Nations? And if so, will that mean that this country is no longer a sovereign nation, but only serves the agenda of the UN? So tell us–who’s going to come in and take the guns? Lots of folks will want to know.

You may get some law enforcement bodies in this country that won’t be real fussy about doing that, particularly in the South and West.  Or will Ms. Haley just request that the UN send in troops to do that? And what will Mr. Trump think about that? Will he just put up with it because his Carpetbagger UN Ambassador signed this monstrosity, or will he do what he should have done with her to begin with and send her packing? You can bet lots of people will really be concerned over this–Ms. Haley just giving the UN carte blanche to start tracking guns in the US, or forcing US authorities to do it for them. Bad news either way! Want the UN to have a list of every gun you own? That’s where  this is headed unless something turns it around. And Mr. Trump had better be aware of what his UN Ambassador his just done–she’s deep sixed our Second Amendment rights. That may sound far out, but that’s what it amounts to. Tracking and registration always leads to eventual confiscation. Ask the Germans and the Russians.

Pass this information along to all your friends. Everyone needs to be aware of  Ms. Haley’s agenda and Mr.Trump needs to be aware of it too.

15 thoughts on “Nikki Hates Guns As Much As She Hates Confederate Flags

    • From the article I have here from it looks like The Third Review Conference of the United Nations Program of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons. Supposedly it is to combat the illicit gun trade but it seems that what it will do is gather names.Check it out on Activist Post. The article was written by a Rachel Blevins.

  1. Nikki Haley, as governor of South Carolina, trashed an American Veteran’s War Memorial. Haley was the first to desecrate an American Veteran’s War Memorial in such a public display of hate. Haley set off a chain of hate the likes America has never seen. Nikki Haley is a domestic terrorist in my opinion.

  2. This is a disturbing post. I followed your link to the Activistpost and read the story then called the NRA and talked to someone there, they know nothing about this. I think everyone might need to call the NRA they have the ability to get national attention focused on this situation quickly.

  3. David,
    Try to get hold of the Gun Owners of America in Springfield, Virginia. They are a “no compromise” outfit when it comes to gun control. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the NRA.

  4. I made up my mind about Haley when she spearheaded the drive to remove Confederate flags and monuments. I regret that she represents us in the UN. Trump made a mistake with her; I hope he will rectify it by replacing her with a true conservative who values the sacrifices made by southerners in the War for Independence (Southern).

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  6. One things certain, North’s wonderful outlier prophesy about loss of scripture in our government and The Conspiracy In Philadelphia becomes conspiracy fact more so with each hour as the West devolves into that Fabien Faustian dystopia of globalism.
    Its time to dust of your splendid post, ‘If Liberty Was The Point Why Did They Give Us Centralism’, Mr. Benson. One of the finest posts you have written.

    Regardless of the intent and agenda of the wicked ones from Haley to the Banksters, there’s an entire nation of dirt people, and not a few of us have heeded histories warnings not to ignore it and end up taking the dirt nap first.
    We are a plurality unlike any other, we are a history which will write itself and not be just a repeat in the circular revised version so many have ended up dead because they ignored it.
    If anything, it is us dirt people, us so-called Deplorable’s who are the ones who have ever effected positive change in this world. And we have guns, lots of guns, and the only way we win is by refusing to comply, by saying Because Fuck You That’s Why, never give hp our guns. If history proves one thing with no uncertain doubt, it is refusing to disarm that will assure one day we win. They can’t risk it, there is too many of us, too many weapons, we are the largest small unit infantry militia that has ever existed, and that’s not counting our support system of family, tribe, community and our collective primal sovereign rights God has gifted us.
    Those blue helmets make a dandy target. I think UN tyranny is probably the Las straw. It would leave no question of who has betrayed us, and why. Its a bridge too far for the sonofabitches out to destroy our great Republic.
    Come take em’ bitchez

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