“Maryland, my (home schooling) Maryland”

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Home schooling is one of those things that scares the living daylights out of the Educational Establishment and the Deep State. Home schooling, and Christian education in general tend to be areas where the participants  do not always (usually) accept the Establishment version of history and/or politics.

From time to time, as they feel they can get away with it, the “change agents” in the educational bureaucracy  seek to remedy this situation by trying to find reasons to enforce new controls that will give them more power and control over home schooling, its curriculums, and its participants.

During the 1980s Rev. Paul Lindstrom, of the Church of Christian Liberty in Illinois, traveled around the country testifying in various court cases that helped and enabled parents to regain their right to home school their children which had been usurped by the Educational Establishment. By the late 1980s, home schooling was legal, in one form or another, in all the 50 united States. That fact did not, and does not, however, prevent the Establishment Education Czars from looking for any chance they can to reverse that trend–and if they can’t reverse it they can at least try to again regulate home schooling almost out of any real existence.

So it was no surprise to me when I came across an article on http://www.thefreethoughtproject.com  by Matt Agorist for March 11, 2018 that dealt with the latest attempted Establishment Educational usurpation in Maryland.

Mr. Agorist wrote: “Under the guise of preventing child abuse, lawmakers in Maryland have introduced a bill that will allow the state to intrude in the lives of innocent families, keeping tabs on them, and destroying their right to privacy. The bill, HB 1798–County Boards of Education–Home Instruction Program–Observation of Instruction and Reporting of Abuse and Neglect,  lays out some fairly ominous requirement that will persecute otherwise entirely innocent families for doing nothing other than teaching their children at home…The bill also lays out the framework for involuntary home inspections in which state agents will enter a family’s home multiple times a year–likely unannounced–and observe and inspect the homeschooling process.”

It seems as though there was a family in California that was guilty of massive child abuse and they were registered as home schoolers. So now the Education Czars in that “Sanctuary State” have automatically assumed that all home schools are probably guilty of those same abuses and need to be constantly regulated so they aren’t beating and starving their kids. It’s the same old bureaucratic “You’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent” routine that is practiced by so many government types in their efforts to gain control over other people’s lives. This is one thing politicians and bureaucrats always seek to do to justify their existence. They have to try to run everyone’s life, down to the minutest detail because, somehow, that seems to give them some sort of power trip. Being control freaks is what they live for. And it would seem that the “change agent” Educational Czars in Maryland have taken note of this instance in California and seen a real possibility in their state to assume more control over the lives of a group of people they only tolerate because the present state law forces them to.

It’s somewhat the same situation you see with all these school shootings. Some Leftist nut, usually on some exotic type of medication, kills a batch of kids and teachers in a school “gun free” zone and the bureaucratic  conclusion is that all gun owners must be potential terrorists and need to be regulated (and their weapons hopefully confiscated) as soon as possible, if not sooner!

Mr. Agorist accurately notes that: “Instead of realizing that the problem of child abuse has nothing at all to do with homeschooling,  lawmakers across the country are using this moment to demonize parents who wish to teach their children outside of the state…The audacity of the state to require that your children be inspected by them to prove that you are not guilty of child abuse is stunning and speaks to the nature of the cradle to grave mentality of the almighty controllers.” If this trend is allowed to continue it could, again, reduce the fundamental right of parents to home school their children back to the status of yet another state-regulated entity. I am sure that possibility has not been lost on the Educational Elite who seek to indoctrinate your children rather than letting you educate them.

Let’s don’t kid ourselves. This, in spite of the Establishment’s pious pleading, is not about the welfare of children–it is about who will control how they are educated and what they are taught. To educate your children is a parental right, and the Educational Elite (a major part of the Deep State Swamp) is not about to allow parents to assume this God-given responsibility  without a struggle to deprive those parents of that right.


3 thoughts on ““Maryland, my (home schooling) Maryland”

  1. As usual it’s all about ‘control’! Control leads to tyranny and new suppressive government… Today we have an education system in the U.S.A. controlled solely by socialist Marxist devotees who have been, since the early 1960s, literally brainwashing America’s children right under the noses of patriotic hard-working American parents. They nullified traditional education curricula and substituted their own Marxist socialist curricula and textbooks, and literally use Marxist communist politics to brainwash our American children and future national leaders. Until Marxists are driven out of our public education systems, and other national institutions, they will continue brainwashing our children in the ways of Marxist communism. Brainwashing our American children is much easier for the communists than fighting American patriots with guns! That’s why we saw, and so many Americans expressed ‘surprise’ that over four million millennium American young people supported, even rioted for, and voted for self-avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election! If conservatives in America continue to just sit back and continue their complacency the United States will be a socialist nation within a surprising few years with a communist style Central Government that will trash our American founding documents by first confiscating our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear Arms uninfringed by Government, and all the other Bill of Rights of individuals and literally tear up our Founder’s Constitution…

    My children home schooled their children and all are very successful, religious and conservative Americans but their life in college has been very rough because they are patriotic enough to challenge suppressive socialist professors who think nothing of giving them an F when they are a 4.0+ student… Drop socialist classes and seek other less dedicated socialist professors are all they can do but home school… It’s no different in Maryland than it is in all other States…

    Home schooling is definitely worth fighting for if parents want to maintain control of their children’s education and their family lives…and do not want to see their children obediently following the communist’s socialist dogma like sheep to the slaughter…

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  3. That’s sort of like the Irish did with their hedge schools to counteract the English attempts to do away with their culture. That might not be such a bad idea for us today–to counteract the rotten influence the federal indoctrination centers are trying to peddle to our kids. I wonder if we have enough of a sense of our culture today, especially in the South and West to be able to do something like that.

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