“Jeff Secession”

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

In looking at what Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to be doing in regard to having certain Swamp Creatures in Washington investigated by someone from outside of the Swamp, I would have to commend him for this effort. It seems he has been doing this quietly (probably the best way) but he has been doing it.

One problem Mr. Sessions  seems to have, though, is that he seems to believe the federal government is the last absolute word on anything, and if the feds say do it, then you better do it, no questions asked. In this rash assumption he is off base.

Those who follow what I write know that one source (among several) that I use for information is https://www.infowars.com  There are probably a dozen sites that I check out on a regular basis, but I follow Infowars because they usually get it faster than most others, and they get it right. Their sources seem to be good sources–and they must be doing something right because You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter are all trying to censor their videos and articles. You don’t draw that much ire from “the big 3” unless you are hitting the nail on the head. Of course “the big 3” are trying to censor all conservative commentary they can get by with, which tells me that when you have to censor your opposition–then you don’t have anything!

There is one news commentator on Infowars that I particularly enjoy (not that the others are not good, they are) and that is David Knight. Mr. Knight is a Christian gentleman and is not ashamed to let you know that, but he is also a Christian that knows his history. In that, he is part of a (hopefully expanding) minority. We need Christian people in the journalism and broadcasting areas that know their history and haven’t just bought, hook, line, and sinker, what they were taught in those government indoctrination centers we still charitably refer to as public schools.

On his broadcast today (March 9th) referred to some comments Jeff Sessions made about secession and nullification, and it was Mr. Knight that referred to him as “Jeff Secession.” In referring to the illegal immigration conflagration now so rife in the People’s Republic of Commiefornia, Sessions said: “There is no such thing as nullification or secession.” While I understand that Sessions was referring to states needing to obey the immigration laws, his comment here was a little out of context and did not fit the situation in California (the People’s Republic referenced above).

Sessions, like most of us, was probably taught that the War of Northern Aggression and its result forever settled the secession question once and for all. It didn’t. David Knight correctly noted that our War of Independence (the first one) from Great Britain was, after all, a war of secession. Our Declaration of Independence was a secession document. In effect, we seceded from Great Britain. I realize the politically correct don’t like to think of it in those terms, but that’s what it was. Given that fact, it surprises me no end that so many people today look at “secession” as at least a dirty word, if not outright treason. It isn’t.  There must be something lacking in their  educations. How about Truth? 

Mr. Sessions’ view of the States seems to be that they are nothing more that 50 federal districts that are responsible for carrying out federal edicts at the state level and they have no recourse but to do that. Lots of us disagree with that erroneous viewpoint and if the feds come up with some really egregious agenda that harms the states and their people, then that’s where nullification comes in, or should anyway, depending on how much intestinal fortitude state officials have (and I’ve seen lots over the years that didn’t have much).

Tom Woods had an article on http://www.lewrockwell.com for March 9th that dealt with nullification. Woods noted: “Sessions is making precisely the argument that every left-liberal outfit on earth, from ThinkProgress to the Southern Poverty Law Center, was making not ten years ago, when the modern nullification movement was getting started.”

If you want to read a good little book dealing with this, pick up Ron Kennedy’s book Nullification! Why and How published by Scuppernong Press in Wake Forest, North Carolina, but you might check out http://www.KennedyTwins.com which might be quicker.

Ron noted on page iii that “The current unconstitutional system of Federal supremacy has produced the current out of control Federal government. The remainder of this book explains why nullification is an essential unalienable right and how we can reclaim that lost right.” I seriously doubt that “Jeff Secession” would agree with this, and then I wonder–what would his take on the 10th Amendment be???


2 thoughts on ““Jeff Secession”

  1. Reports like this are extremely edifying. Thank you. I’ve been following this site, along with several similar pro-Liberty, Confederate blogs, and find myself agreeing wholeheartedly. We have been lied to, and are still being lied to. Though I voted for President Trump, I am not a “civic-nationalist”. No matter who is occupying the White House we cannot trust any central government.

  2. Al;

    I agree about the Swamp Creatures in Washington comment, but I call Washington, D.C. the ‘SWAMP’, and the Government the ‘SEWER’. We have to drain the SEWER into the SWAMP before we can drain the SWAMP…

    I read Infowars regularly too and find information there that no other online web news make available to the American people…

    One thing we can count on for sure is when the Liberal Socialist Democrats accuse their opposition of anything it is what they are doing or saying…they are so naive and stupid! They ignorantly telegraph their thinking and actions to their detriment…

    I read Tom Wood’s article on American Thinker’s Website and can say American Thinker articles are the best. Thomas J. DiLorenzo is one of my favorite writers at American Thinker…

    Abraham Lincoln started all of this Federal Government superiority crap when he declared that the nation existed before the Constitution…implying that the Central Government was superior to State Governments. Until then the Thirteen Colonies of North America had been soverigne colonies with their own governments and religions, but Great Britain’s King and Parliament denied them the right to have representation in the British Parliament if they were going to be taxed by them and the King. Actually that was how the War for Independence began. When Britain’s king ordered his Red Coat army stationed in The Colonies to march on colonial towns and arrest town leaders and confiscate all guns and ammo and the town folk resisted that was the start of The War for Independence: Lexington and Concord. The only “Civil War” we ever had was the War for Independence 1776-1787. Of course Lincoln’s War was also about government control and representation in Congress, but more than that it was to raise tariffs on the agriculture south and their overseas trading partners to pay for building the Northeast’s manufacturing industry infrastructure… That’s why some call it “Lincoln’s Tariff War” which I find most descriptive. The only time civil war was mentioned was in Lincoln’s first inaugural address when he used the term “civil war” using his usual twisted deflective and coded rhetoric. Lincoln was a master propagandist. No one realized it then but what Lincoln meant was if a new Government was formed by the withdrawn agriculture states that had previously voluntarily joined the Union with the understanding they could withdraw when it became in the best interest of the State’s citizens interest he would wage a “civil war” against them-and he did. Lincoln did just that, declared war on the Confederacy in July 1861, after he has implemented his Fort Sumter and Fort Pickens plot to win northern support for assaulting and enslaving the entire agriculture south to generate the funds needed to build his Northeastern handler’s industrial infrastructure, by ordering Union troops into the Confederate state of Virginia to assault and capture Manassas Rail Junction with orders to commandeer CSA locomotives and cars, load Union war equipment and troops on the train, proceed to the new capital of the CAS, Richmond City, Virginia, surround the City, and capture or kill all CSA leaders and politicians… Lincoln failed as his Union troops were defeated at Bull Run Creek. Had the CSA government leaders chosen they could have swung their troops behind the fleeing Union troops and capture the Union capital and its government and leaders, including Lincoln. They didn’t! They chose to fight a defensive war and that was their most egregious decision of The War. No nation has ever won a defensive war and the South’s fate was sealed at the first battle win… That was a Civil War-the attempt to use force to replace a government’s leaders and replace them with your own government! Even states in New England started the secession process during the War of 1812 and only ended their session movement when the war suddenly ended. They held a convention of secession in Hartford, Connecticut.

    So far as the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights: The Bill of Rights was rights and powers reserved by the States and their citizens wholly and separate from the Constitution, which contains the delegated limited powers of the Central Government. The Federal Government was intentionally delegated limited and restrictive powers and prohibitions by our Founders. The Federal government had and has no powers or rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, which were ratified by the States and Citizens in 1791 and were rights and powers of individual citizens, not the Federal Government! The 10th Amendment, and the 9th Amendment, provided that any and all subjects arising then, now or in the future, in need of decision making, in which are not enumerated (listed) in the Constitution shall default to the States or People. The Federal Government has no constitutional power to address the, but since Lincoln’s screw up the Federal Government, including the Federal courts and Supreme Court simply ignore the Constitution when they have no constitutional power and decide to hear subject they have no constitutional right to adjudicate! This is why the Constitution and Bill of Rights is NOT a living document. Every issue that may arise is covered by the Bill of Rights, particularly the 10th and 9th Amendments.

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