How Many Evangelicals Voted For Hillary?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Just yesterday afternoon I saw an interview by Rev. Franklin Graham (Billy’s son) on Fox News. Rev. Graham stated, flat out, that there is a coup d’ etat in progress in this country by people in the Deep State that are trying to take Donald Trump down. I thought, as I watched Rev. Graham’s comments, which I agreed with, that “his daddy would never have said that much” about the current national condition.

Many evangelicals, and fundamentalists as well, strain to stay clear of any commentary about political issues (which, at root, are really theological issues) because they don’t want to be perceived as being “worldly.” In this, they have imbibed enough propaganda from the Great Deceiver so that they take no stand on much of anything and, therefore, don’t bother to learn any real history so that, when they occasionally do speak out on something, being historically ignorant, they manage to come down on the wrong side of whatever the question might be.

I’ve told this story before, but it fits here. We once had a preacher that came to our church in Indiana and preached about the sad condition of the country (he was right). When he had gone that far with his sermon, he said:  “I could stop here and be safe” meaning that, as long as he spoke in vague generalities without naming names, the congregation would agree with him.

However, he committed (in evangelical circles) the unpardonable sin. He went on and started naming names as to who was doing what to the country and he named all the organizations on whose behalf they were doing it. He was very thorough and I had no problem with anything he said. He had done his homework. However, the congregation, at least most of them, had a major problem with it. They didn’t want to hear that. It upset them, because the logical implication of his sermon was that if we knew some of this stuff we had a responsibility to pass along this info and also to do something about it because it affected us as Christians and it would affect our children–and their children. That was just too much to be bothered with–sort of like putting your kids in a Christian school or home schooling them when it was so much easier to just let them attend the local public indoctrination center. You could feel the congregation’s temperature rising as he preached. It was perceptible.

As he stood at the door to greet folks on the way out, most didn’t have all that much to say to him. When I got to him (I had known him previously)  I told him “You didn’t make too many friends here today.” He already realized that, but he had felt led to say what he did anyway.

One parishioner was heard to say, on the way out, that “We don’t need any of this right wing stuff.” Yet I have noticed, over the years, that lots of evangelicals I’ve run across didn’t seem to have too much trouble with “left wing stuff, provided it was couched in evangelical terminology, which the leftists have become quite adept at doing because they know it fools the evangelicals almost every time.

Remembering all this from years back (the church we attend in Louisiana now does not practice this Marxist frippery) I wondered just how many evangelicals  had voted for Hillary in the last election and were saddened because she had not had her chance to do to the country what Obama had done to it. I wondered how many evangelicals had succumbed to her labeling of Trump supporters as “deplorables.” I wondered if any of the evangelicals I knew back there in Indiana had learned anything about what really goes on in this country since I had last seen them. I can’t answer that question accurately, but my gut instinct tells me “not many.”

Rev. Franklin Graham is on target here. There is, indeed, a coup being perpetrated by the Deep State Swamp Denizens against Mr. Trump and we do not yet know how it will turn out. Mr. Trump is at least sympathetic to Christians. His opposition hates out guts! Thanks to the internet and various alt.right news sources, more people are beginning to realize what the game really is and where the Deep State really wants to take us–and where they would have taken us by now if Hillary had got elected. No sane person wants to go there!

As for those evangelicals that rushed to vote for Hillary, I wonder how many of them did any homework to find out where she was really coming from. Again, my gut feeling tells me that not too many did. Many of them probably voted for Hillary because Trump has been known to use coarse language in public at times and Hillary didn’t (in public).  I’ll tell you this, I don’t encourage that kind of language, but I’d rather vote for an honest man that cussed now and again than for a deceiver who never did (in public).

For that rare evangelical that might really be concerned for where Hillary is coming from you might be interested in some of the books listed below. I think they are still available if you try Amazon or other sources.

Hell to Pay–The unfolding story of Hillary Rodham Clinton, by Barbara Olson, Regnery Publishing Co, 1999.

Clinton Cash, by Peter Schweizer, Harper Collins Publishers, 2015. Some of this deals with the Uranium One deal and related events.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors–The case against Bill Clinton, by Ann Coulter, Regnery Publishers, 1998.

“Slick Willie” 2–Why America still cannot trust Bill Clinton, by Deborah J. Stone & Christopher Manion,  Annapolis-Washington Book Publishers, 1994. There is an interesting chapter in this book  on The “Rodham Clinton Justice Department.”

I would exhort evangelicals  who thought Hillary was a better choice for president than Donald Trump to get some of this material and do some reading. You may begin to find out about some of this Deep State foolishness now going on in Washington and how much of it Hillary and her Deep State buddies are really responsible for. And who knows? You may wake up and smell the coffee!

6 thoughts on “How Many Evangelicals Voted For Hillary?

  1. As usual an excellent article Al. The “Corporate Churches” dominate the American Protestant Evangelical body. Beholden to their tax exempt Johnson Amendment status. They are selling their soul for materialism. What a shame!

  2. “Many evangelicals, and fundamentalists as well, strain to stay clear of any commentary about political issues (which, at root, are really theological issues) because they don’t want to be perceived as being “worldly.”

    A well known and respected pastor of one of the largest churches in Birmingham, Al refused to support Judge Roy Moore for Alabama Senator. A new and upcoming, purporting to be evangelically favorable, news organization with coverage throughout Alabama refused to support Judge Roy Moore. They even spoke out AGAINST him, based on the false sexual misconduct allegations. I call these misguided souls dangerous, religious zealots, do-goodies that vote against their own best interest.

    I believe the failure of evangelicals to support Judge Roy Moore is the main reason we have a baby killing democrat (Jones) filling former Senator Sessions’ senate seat now. How will the religious zealots explain that on judgment day? They chose a baby killer over an honorable Christian man.

  3. It’s just like I said–because they have no real roots in their history and for the sake of “saving souls” they have emasculated their message, hence they come down on the wrong side of most questions when the do finally decide to take a position.

    I don’t know how many Christians have worked themselves into a dither when someone threatens to remove the “under God” part of the pledge of allegiance to the flag. They literally go off the deep end to defend the pledge–which was written by a socialist who was removed from his church for preaching that Jesus was a socialist. If they ever bothered to do any homework they would know what the pledge actually is and would not bother to defend it but it’s lots easier to react than it is to research.

  4. I find it interesting that less than two years after the publication of “Hell to Pay–The unfolding story of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” its author — Barbara Olsen — was killed in one of the hijacked airliners used in the 9/11 attacks.

  5. Interesting question. How many did vote for Hillary? All I see in the news and commentaries about evangelicals and the election is “Oh, no, how could evangelicals vote for such a foul-mouthed, racist, misogynist?” So indeed, it’s a good question — how many did vote for Trump? And how many voted for Hillary?

    Then, too, there’s the question of “What makes an evangelical?” although for this question I guess we could just go by polling data. These days, when so many people register as having no particular religious affiliation, or just “Christian” in general, people who would self-identify as “evangelical” may be very special.

    Personally, I prefer “Fundamentalist,” but these days people think that’s synonymous with “suicide bomber” or something like that.

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