United Nations Troops In Chicago? If they can get by with it!

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

UN troops policing Chicago? I thought maybe during the socialist reign of Comrade Obama, but during a Trump presidency? Well, yes, if they can get by with it.

I read an article on Zero Hedge this evening (12/19) that basically asked this question–Is the situation in North Korea and the Middle East a giant distraction? Good question. Anyone remember the Gulf of Tonkin? A lie with the purpose of getting us into a war we should never have been in to begin with.

And now we have all this going on in Asia and the Middle East, where everyone’s attention is distracted, and a member of the Cook (Crook) County board of commissioners  in Chicago is trying to invite the United Nations and its troops into this country via the back door while no one is paying attention. According to an article on CNSNews.com  “Democrat Richard Boykin, flew to New York City on Thursday for talks with a senior U.S. peacekeeping official, proposing that the world body deploy blue helmets in Chicago to deal with what he called ‘genocide’.”

By whose authority did Mr. Boykin do this? Did he have official sanction for doing it, and if so, by whom? If not, he shouldn’t be doing it–and actually, he shouldn’t be doing it anyway. Where does the Cook County board of commissioners get off asking the UN to come in here and help us solve our problems? The Police Superintendent has noted that the UN has no jurisdiction on US soil. So how are they going to come in here and police anything? Even an invite from the Cook County board wouldn’t cut the mustard because these would be foreign troops with no official jurisdiction in the United States, Illinois, or anywhere else here. Or is this a behind-the-scenes move to try to change that–to set some sort of precedent whereby the UN would be allowed in? Suspicious minds want to know.

Writer Alex Thomas noted, in an article that appeared on https://www.activistpost.com that: “Boykin then went on to stunningly reveal that he is actually seeking to have the United Nations police the civilian population in Chicago.” While those who have been (mis)labeled as “conspiracy theorists” have believed that UN forces would eventually be sent to police the streets of America, it seems that we now have concrete proof that this is, indeed, the plan. So while the “news” media distracts us with all manner of drivel, and keeps our attention elsewhere, here come the UN troops for Chicago (and eventually other places).

Although this isn’t official yet, it should concern every patriotic American that it is even being discussed–or planned. I will have to check up on Mr. Boykin’s political background to see if I can determine where he is coming from. If I find anything worthwhile I will update this.

In the meantime, if you really want to find out where the UN is coming from I would recommend doing a little homework. I know folks just hate to read nowadays. Their “public school” educations have taught them to hate to read, but often you have to read to learn.

Check out an excellent book by G. Edward Griffin, who has a website on the internet. The book is The Fearful Master–A second look at the United Nations. It was published way back in 1964. You can check Amazon for it or it might even be on the internet. Another good one is Freedom on the Alter–The UN’s Crusade Against God & Family by William Norman Grigg, and I am pretty sure I’ve seen this one on Amazon.

Once you begin to understand where the UN is really coming from you will understand why UN troops are the last people you want being responsible for law and order on the streets of America–in Chicago or anywhere else!

Update: From http://www.intellihub.com on 12/20/17–

WCKG 1530 AM radio station operator Matt Dubiel claims that The Alex Jones Show radio feed was cut off,  “faded,” as Jones started speaking about the U.N. vehicles which have already entered Chicago.Additionally, (Shepard) Ambellas, Intellihub’s founder noted on Dec 16 that “Cook County Commissionar Richard Boykin and his team met with the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations on Friday to request the organization deploy armed troops into the streets in an effort to curb violent crime and sidestep Posse comitatus ” which is supposed to prevent foreign troops from being deployed in this country.

Station operator Matt Dubiel stated that he spotted a trainload of U.N. vehicles entering the city of Chicago back in August and when he pulled off the road to get some video of it he was followed and arrested. If this is accurate this would mean that the U.N. vehicles were already there and are now ready to be deployed in whatever game the Deep State boys have been working on while most of us slept!

6 thoughts on “United Nations Troops In Chicago? If they can get by with it!

  1. This is all part of the “One World Government” plan of the “Elites”, “Establishment” socialists, and Progressives, Liberals, and Communists, that can’t stand for anyone to make their own decisions, control their own money and property, and live free and independent as “citizens” instead of “subjects”.

    Remember, there are more socialists here in the U.S.A. than anyone could ever imagine. And, our socialist run education institutions have been brainwashing our American children in earnest since they infiltrated, took over and supplanted our American curricula with socialist curricula in the early 1960s… That’s why some four million young Americans supported, rioted and voted for self-anointed Socialist Bernie Sanders in 2016… The bad news is, if we don’t get these socialists out of our education institutions we conservatives will loose our republican form of government to the socialist operatives when they become 51% of the voting population…

    This “Elite” and “Establishment” revolution started at the end of WWII in 1946 under what appeared to be a mundane title “New World Order”, it wasn’t a new order in the world, they were dead serious about ruling the World -and controlling-, then the “New World Order” morphed into the “One World Government”… But, what is most frightening about the world revolution is the fact that the “One World Government” is to be administered by the corrupt “United Nations”.

    The point here regarding this article is that the United Nations, in cooperation with nations like the corrupt U.S.A. “Deep State” of Barack Obama and George Soros, et al, attempts from time to time to impose UN policy and agenda items on democratic forms of government, like the United States.

    Over the past few decades we have seen, and wondered what was going on, when the United Nations came out with such nonsense directives to hold UN military operations in the U.S.A. even thought the UN has no military establishment and no authority within the U.S.A. We have seen “black” unmarked helicopters and truck convoys in the U.S.A. Then they attempted from time to time, with the help of their co-conspirator “Elites” and “Establishment” socialist traitors in the U.S.A. to impose such anti-U.S. Constitution policies as firearms confiscation, and limiting U.S. citizens’ ability to own firearms and ammunition capable of repelling a corrupt tyrannical U.S. Government or a foreign hostile nation when either or both assault the American institutions and citizens…

    • I too have seen the clearly marked UN personnel carriers in recent years: 1. A long convoy of flatbed trucks transporting shiny new carriers somewhere near Maryland; 2. A long freight train running through Pasadena, CA, destination unknown; 3. Sitting in a large parking lot across from a Walmart store in Tulsa, OK. Every single vehicle looked brand new. Ill bet Obola ordered them himself for his coronation. This is a terrible violation of American sovereignty!!! We need to stop funding this NWO group. Damn Woodrow Wilson & Co.!!!

    • I was a grad student at UC Berkeley during the Free Speech Movement, had a seminar with one of the leaders. I went into college teaching
      & over the years I watched as members of the Weather Underground bombed campus buildings, banks, then moved on to Columbia, Harvard, et al. Many of those hard leftists got teaching degrees, spread out, & infested most of our public schools & began brainwashing our children. Today you will find very few conservative teachers or profs except in charter schools or private colleges. Obama was/is good friends with those leftist agitators, Marxists, white-hating race baiters. He attended Columbia & Harvard & the Marxists continued the brainwashing he got from his biological father Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist organizer & pornographer in Hawaii.

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  3. Rahm Emanuel famously said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” He waited until the body count got high enough. Probably mase them all US citizens & gave each an abandoned house.
    When I first heard Obama (second term) bragging about “my 30,000 soldiers…” my body froze. He said it several times in speeches on tv. No one ever asked what he meant (another Obama joke that is really a subtle warning). I assumed he meant Antifa but he apparently had UN troops in mind. We MUST get America OUT OF THE U N!!!

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