“Rules For Rebels”–How to defeat Leftists and RINO’s

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Recently, I attended a meeting in Port Allen, Louisiana, just west of Baton Rouge. It was sponsored by the Kennedy Brothers, Ron and Donnie. The overall agenda for the meeting was taken from the book by Ron Kennedy, Dixie Rising–Rules for Rebels, published earlier this year by Shotwell Publishing in Columbia, South Carolina.

After watching Southern patriots, and by extension, Southerners in general, consistently lose out to various types and forms of One Worlders, Leftists, and phony “conservatives” for decades, the Kennedy Brothers have put together, in the above-mentioned book and this presentation, their program for overcoming this concerted opposition and starting to turn the tables on our adversaries, some of whom actually claim to be our “friends” because they happen to speak with a Southern accent–and we are supposed to be too stupid to know the difference. Studying this book will enable Southern folks, and others as well, not to be too stupid any longer.

The Kennedys both gave several lectures during this meeting, accompanied by a video presentation that accented the points they were making. One of the first things they stressed was for us not to keep doing the same things we have been doing for decades while hoping for different results than we’ve gotten in the past.

They both stressed education, and they realize that this education will not be done in six months or a year. It is an ongoing process. I don’t know how many Southern patriots I have run across over recent years that stressed that what they needed to do had to be accomplished “within the next two years” at the most. And guess what, the next two years came and went and it didn’t happen! But Ron Kennedy, in this book, lays out a “to do” list that we need to systematically begin working on. He notes, on page 47, that: “The first thing to do is to realize that we need more than just those Southerners  who are well aware of the truth about the so-called ‘Civil War.’  We need to reach rank and file Southerners….We do this by dividing the Southern population into distinct segments and then directing our ‘educational’ efforts toward informing these smaller segments. For example; your neighbor who is not roused to action by the removal of a Confederate monument may become extremely agitated by liberal government rules requiring businesses to allow males to use female restrooms. While your ‘hot button’ issue is the continuing cultural genocide conducted against our Southern heritage, his ‘hot button’ issue is immoral and  ridiculous federal edicts. It is our job to ‘educate’ him so he realizes that when the people of the sovereign state have the right of nullification his ‘hot button’ issue would be governed at the local level, not from Washington, D.C.” This is one small example of what the book deals with.

On page 48 Ron observes: “The bottom line is simple. Without real states’ rights, inclusive of the rights of state nullification and secession, we the people are helpless when facing an all-powerful tyrannical Federal Empire.”

On page 24 and following is a section called Project 2020, A vote for Southern freedom–Dixie’s Brexit!. You really need to read the book to grasp all they are saying. It’s almost impossible to get it all down in an article like this. But they mention irregular political warfare or “guerrilla political warfare.” In other words, you often need to fight like Forrest, not like John Bell Hood. Most of us who have been to Franklin, Tennessee know what Hood did there, a horrible testimony to the wrong kind of warfare. Hood destroyed his army at Franklin with costly frontal assaults.

On pages 15-18 Ron lists several assumptions which should be true of most, if not all of the people who read Dixie Rising.

He comments on both political parties and notes that they are both part of the status quo–and always have been. The Deep State that many of us have read about in the last year or so did not spring forth after the election of Donald Trump–it has been around for a long time and Southern folks need to be aware of it and how it operates. Therefore, information (education) must precede constructive organization–and eventually action.

The South needs a series of state “shadow governments” to educate, activate, and motivate Southern patriots to work to eliminate federal tyranny. But we need to start with education. For those interested and concerned about all this, you should go to http://www.kennedytwins.com and ask for more information.

3 thoughts on ““Rules For Rebels”–How to defeat Leftists and RINO’s

  1. I too have done much research on this subject. My conclusion, as an individual, who worked in the American education system for many years is that our American education system lies at the bottom of our Nation’s problems. Socialist/Marxist/Communist factions have successfully managed to revise American history almost from our Nation’s founding. Yet, in the 1960’s the infiltration and takeover of our major American institutions accelerated. Our traditional educational goals and objectives were supplanted with socialist goals and objectives and the dumbing down of America went into high gear. I was talking and writing extensively about what was happening, that the socialist cabal had taken over our education institutions and were brainwashing our American children. Yet, I could get no one to listen to me or discuss doing something about it. Their standard comment was “where is your proof?”. Finally that proof fell right on my front porch. When we saw millions of millennials during the 2016 election cycle openly coming out to support self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, rioting for him like all good communists do, and millions voting for him people knew something had gone badly wrong in America.

    Today we stand at a pivotal point in American history. Do we want to become a socialist one party nation of collective subjects like the old Soviet Union was after the 1917 revolution, or do they want to remain citizens of a free and independent nation?

    Assuming the majority want to remain citizens of a free and independent nation, we must resolve the education issue in our Nation. We have two choices: 1) Accept a socialist controlled education system that will eventually brainwash enough American youth that socialist will have a clear 50+ voting majority sufficient to make the U.S.A. A socialist Nation; or 2) organize an independent education system dedicated to traditional American values and citizenship…

    Much of America’s revised FALSE history has convinced Americans, even many who call themselves American Patriots believe the lies Marxist revisionists have told and written about over the past decades beginning in the very early 1800s. On my Website I have posted the findings or my extensive research and writings since I was some 19 years of age…today I am 78 years old and have seen no effort of the people to save their free and independent nation! TRUE education is the key, but as you say, it won’t happen overnight. Our nation didn’t get in the fix we are in overnight. I won’t live long enough to see the change back to American Patriotism, but others must be taught TRUE AMERICAN HISTORY so they can replace we senior patriots…

    See Website: usandfamilyhistory
    URL: http://albarrs.wix.com/usandfamilyhistory

    Al Barrs, Jr.

    • You and I are on the same page when it comes to the public (government) school system. As far as I am concerned they should have abolished it yesterday, but I think we both realize that ain’t ever going to happen and so we have to continue to expose it for the educational fraud that it is.

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