Lots Of Questions About Las Vegas

by Al Benson Jr.

It seems as if there are more questions about the horrible terrorist attack in Las Vegas than there are answers. The Leftist politicians and media have again raised the howl for more gun control, as though that would have prevented this situation. It wouldn’t. Stop and do a little checking about some of the recent false flag events that have taken place in this country and see how many of the people that supposedly did the shooting (most of them dead now) obtained the weapons the supposedly used legally. The majority got them legally or someone else got them legally for them.

So the Leftist hue and cry for more gun control is nothing more than the usual Leftist attempt to gut the Second Amendment in any way they can and they are politicizing this event to promote their agenda. They should be thoroughly disgusted with themselves, but being cultural Marxists, they are not. The end justifies whatever means they use. I hope the president stands firm on the Second Amendment and does not emotionally cave in to their Leftist hysterics because, for them, it’s all an act, a sham, to promote taking down the Second Amendment. They all have bodyguards, with guns, but they don’t want ordinary, honest folks to have guns because they might actually shoot, in self defense, some of the Left’s Antifa or Black Lives Matter buddies and that would really be a tragedy, wouldn’t it? For them it is a tragedy if ordinary folks have the means to defend themselves. That’s a no no!

Lots of questions about this supposed shooter. Supposedly they found Antifa literature in his hotel room, along with an arsenal of firearms. You have to wonder how this man got all those guns up to his room on the 32nd floor. It must have been quite a chore–and no one saw him toting all this in. And we are talking about long guns here, not pistols that you might carry in a suitcase or a shoulder holster.

It is said he had cameras set up to film him shooting down at all those people and even had cameras set up in the hallway of the hotel so he could see if the cops were going to interrupt him. Did he have the expertise to set up all this equipment and make sure it worked? Or did he have help?

The shooter and his girlfriend seem to have Islamic connections and ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. Of course you have to realize this is not Islamic terrorism. It reality it’s, well, it’s Islamic terrorism. Sort of like “when is an investigation not an investigation, but only a ‘matter’?” You know what I mean.

Here, if you follow all that is going on, you have a case of Muslim terrorists uniting with the Left in this country and elsewhere, and in this country, a main part of that agenda is the destruction of the Second Amendment. Please keep that in mind, because that is what a lot of this is all about. It’s a replay, on steroids, of many of the false flags that happened during the days of the Obama Regime where, after almost every shooting somewhere the scripted call for more and more gun control always seemed to emerge out of the chaos.

I watched an interesting video tonight (10/3) in which the action seemed to show that the shooting did not come from way up on the 32nd floor, where you could see no gun flashes coming from, but rather way down at almost ground level, where you could see gun flashes coming from and hear the weapons going off every time you saw the flashes. From the video, it looked like that might indicate more than one shooter. But, we are not supposed to talk about that, or even think about it–thought-crime, you know! Just forget I mentioned it.

Antifa has threatened civil war by November 4th this year. And considering this month is the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution they may try to celebrate that in this country with a 21st century version of Red October.

Just a little something to reflect on in your more serious moments.

4 thoughts on “Lots Of Questions About Las Vegas

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  2. All of the level-headed Patriotic constitution and Bill of Rights loving American citizens must know, and if they don’t know, they must learn quickly that the Far-Left, no matter what they call themselves: Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, etc. use the worn-out excuse of “gun control” as a covert strategy to camouflage their real intentions and objective…the confiscation of all US civilians’ firearms and other deadly defensive weapons.

    But why would they do that you ask? Because after confiscating and destroying all of we honest hardworking U.S. Citizen’s firearms are we will be defenseless to stop their takeover of our nation, Governments and economy… I am not talking out of the side of my mouth either, I can name you many nations today that are now dictatorships, ruled by tyrants armed to the teeth, while their populations have no way to defend their freedoms or selves. That is where we will be if we let those traitorous slick-talking Marxist revolutionaries persuade Americans that giving up our honestly obtained firearms per our 2nd Amendment Right will create peace and harmony all over America.

    It won’t! If we surrender our only means for preserving individualism, independence and freedom in the USA, as our Founders intended, millions of us will be slaughtered to prevent counter-revolutionary action to replace our constitutionally guaranteed republican form of government with a suppressive and tyrannical Despotism form of government and armed tyrannical rulers… We must not waiver one bit on any more gun control! The laws on the books today already are unconstitutional since they have been imposed on We Americans in spite of our 2nd Amendments RIGHT which clearly reads “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” “…shall not be infringed” by any Government! Tyrants insist we abide by the 1st Amendment but at the same time argue for ignoring and bypassing our 2nd Amendment…

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  4. A revolution beginning on the 4th of November? Nope. The revolution has been going on since the end of WWII with the Communist infiltration of every facet of our society.

    Even if 10/4 is going to be some kind of marchin’, lootin’, killin’ day orgy of violence, where will the vast ranks of trained cadre come from to initiate an effective revolt? A handful of idiotic college kids, some BLM ghetto thugs and an assortment of other mental ill and mentally challenged useful idiots won’t add up to diddly squat.

    Most libtards won’t risk their ass for anything, and most Blacks won’t put the pipe down long enough to do anything more then steal some TV’s.

    I recently reread a book on the Spanish Civil War. That seems to be where we are heading, but there would have to be a crushing depression with a dollar collapse in order for people to be sufficiently hungry and pissed off to fight.

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