Is Black Privilege At Colleges On The Way Out?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

How many of you have been treated to stories and “news” commentaries about “white privilege” until it is literally coming out the kazoo? I have heard and read about it until I am thoroughly sick and tired of it–and most of the black people that try to chastise me with their pontifications about my “white privilege” seem to drive newer cars than we do and many have college educations, which I could not afford. I have often asked the question–just who ended up with all the “privilege?” But, of course, that is the forbidden question and you are automatically “racist” for even thinking it. It is, after all, “thoughtcrime.”  Says who???

It reminds me of the German socialist Donnie Kennedy and I wrote about in Lincoln’s Marxists, who, after the War of Northern Aggression was over, lectured Confederate General Richard Taylor about how to be a “real American.” Naturally his definition of a “real American” (socialist) was somewhat different than ours was.

And so it is with this “white privilege” charade. Many of the black “liberals” (socialists) that I have run across seem to have accrued lots more “privilege” than most white folks I know. It reminded me of when we first came to North Louisiana. I had a hard time finding work at first and one day my wife went to the nearest city and inquired about how you went about getting food stamps on a temporary basis if you were out of work. The lady she talked to was black, but not unfriendly, and she explained to my wife that, in this particular area, if you were not black, you could just about forget about any help. The help was for the black folks, not for the rest of us. So I concluded from that episode, which happened several years ago now, that part of our “white privilege” here was the privilege of being refused help that folks with darker skins got automatically. So please, don’t talk to me about “white privilege” because it’s all a pile of bovine fertilizer and most folks know it even if they don’t dare say it!

Along those lines, I read a New York Times article by a Charlie Savage for August 1, 2017 about the Trump administration preparing to “…redirect sources of the Justice Department’s civil rights division toward investigating and suing universities over affirmative action admissions policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants…The document, an internal announcement of the civil rights division, seeks current lawyers interested in working for a new project on ‘investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions’.”  Question: if this document was an internal memo, where did the New York Times get a copy of it? Another “leak?”

It seems that this investigation may be run from the division’s front office, rather than the Justice Department’s Educational Opportunities Section. That fact may indicate a serious investigation. Time will tell, so stay tuned.

The Times article noted that Roger Clegg,  who was a former official in the civil rights division under Reagan, and then under Bush, and who is now president of the Center for Equal Opportunity, has said that this new project is a “welcome” and “long overdue” development. Clegg said: “The civil rights laws were deliberately written to protect everyone from discrimination, and it is frequently the case that not only are whites discriminated against now, but frequently Asian-Americans as well.” It’s a good statement, but I’d disagree with him on one point. The civil rights laws were not written to protect everyone–they were written, originally, to encourage exactly what they do now–promote blacks over whites in a typical class struggle scenario–just like “reconstruction” after the War.

Lets be realistic–whites are discriminated  against, in spite of all the Leftist howling we hear from the Swamp to the contrary. I know of one company, right here in Louisiana that had a job opening a few years back. Folks from all races signed up to take the testing program for this job. I was told that the whites who took the test got higher scores than did most of the others–and when that fact became obvious to the test administrators, what they did was simply to pitch all the test results and start over with an entire new group of possible candidates, one that was more “racially inclusive” (meaning a black majority) and they went from there. So, in that particular case, having “white privilege” meant you got to be excluded from trying out for this job if you scored too high on the test. That seems to be how most of these programs work out.

So, if the Justice Department actually gets to where they can do something about this situation at the university level, then I am all for it. Naturally, the Leftists among us (and there are too many) will scream and moan because one of their pet entitlements may end up being removed (the ability to get in whether you qualify or not).  But that one has been around way too long anyway. I have seen it in operation since the 1960s, before I even had a clue as to what it was all about. I’d like to see someone finally begin to deal with it, despite all the ranting about “racism” from those on the Left, who, if the truth be known, are the real racists.

4 thoughts on “Is Black Privilege At Colleges On The Way Out?

  1. If only we sons of sharecroppers had the “white privilege” Blacks ignorantly claim we have I wouldn’t have had to work full-time at a job all night, six days a week, to pay for my college education… I never ever applied for government grants or loans! I didn’t want them. I worked as a “Night Stocking Manage” for a Winn-Dixie Store in DeLand Florida from 6PM to 6AM while I attended college full-time, and most of that time I attended two colleges and completed two bachelor’s degrees during the daytime, all the while providing for a wife and three children…all while working full-time. And I did quite well in the world of work too. I retired when I was only 56 and my wife and I moved back to our farm in northwest Florida where we happily live and work today and we are both 78 years young…proud Senior Citizens.

    Not only Blacks but everyone who can physically or mentally work full or part-time needs to stop dropping out of the FREE U.S. K-12 education system offered to them by other hardworking taxpayers, like me and my wife, and stop selling drugs on street corners as a career job. Get either a vocational or technical certificate or associate degree so that you can get a decent paying job and live like the rest of us who have struggled to earn our education, and pay for it, raise a family, own a home, car, boat and enjoy life as a result of the money we make during our work careers. When it is all over you will say that you did a very good job for you and your Family… And, you will be proud of your life-long accomplishments.

    To all residents in the U.S.A., no matter their color, on welfare and poverty must know that it is not a profitable work career to pursue…take responsibility for your own life,, and the lives of the children you bring into this World…

  2. Al,
    I can’t argue with you on any of this, and it applies to everyone, not just black folks. When we lived in West Virginia I had to work 3 jobs, 1 full time and 2 part time, just to keep food on the table. I worked every day except the Lord’s day and that day after church we would come home and I would collapse on the living room couch and sleep for the afternoon.

    Even here in Louisiana, I worked part time until I was 73 years old and only stopped then because I fell and broke my hip and couldn’t work anymore., We never got govt. “help” either. That was always for other folks not for us. We were always on the paying end when it came to that.

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