Establishment Coup Against Trump?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have noted recently that a group of evangelical Christian pastors gathered in the White House to pray for President Trump. Although I have had my problems with evangelical complacency over the years, I took this as a good sign. It showed that these pastors realized, at least to some extent, that we have a major problem in this country and they realize that the president is under constant assault, not only from the Leftist Democrats, who are little short of Communists, but also from those in his own party that are really little short of Communists themselves. The political establishment in Washington and New York is trying to find some way of removing Trump, who was duly elected, but whose election and the wishes of the electorate, they plan on undoing and reversing. In other words, your vote will count–if you vote for the right Leftist. Other than that, it is to be reversed.

At any rate, one of the pastors that prayed for the President, Rev. Howard-Browne, originally from South Africa, was later told by a “senior congressman” that the president is “to be removed.” The pastor asked, did he mean by impeachment, indictment, or what? The congressman told him it would be nothing quite that quiet, but rather he would just “be removed suddenly.” Now we have the exalted high priest of global warming, Al Gore, stating that in the next few months this country may be faced with some calamitous events. He didn’t say what those would be, but you have to wonder if there is any connection between that and what the congressman told Pastor Howard-Browne.

The pastor asked the question–“Who do we trust in the Treasury Department.” The congressman just shook his head. The pastor then posed the question–how many Obama operatives do we still have around? That’s a very good question. Most evangelicals wouldn’t think to ask it, but this pastor did, which shows he has some perception of the current situation. I saw a video of this pastor telling his congregation that Christians need to seriously pray for President Trump, for his protection, and that the Establishment be hindered from doing whatever it is they plan to do.

Interestingly enough, after Pastor Howard-Browne made his comments, he was visited by the Secret Service. They wanted the name of the congressman that had warned him of this. He wouldn’t give it to them. He told them they would have to subpoena him–and even then he probably would not say who it was.

It’s interesting that the Secret Service wanted the congressman’s name but didn’t seem otherwise concerned about the content of his warning. That tell you anything?

Let’s don’t kid ourselves. The Establishment, Deep State, or whatever you care to call those people, have a vested interest in making sure Trump’s America First agenda fails. While Trump wants to enable the American people to do better, the Establishment does not want us to do better. They love having their jackboot on our necks. It makes them feel important and powerful and so they must stop Trump from doing whatever he can to remove that jackboot. They want Trump, and us, to fail. The middle class must be done away with so that only two classes remain–the ruling establishment class, and the serfs.

For those among you that believe in the power of Christian prayer, I would advocate that you begin praying for the President on a regular basis. The Leftists hate Christian prayer, or anything Christian for that matter. They are best described in Psalm 56:5–“Every day they wrest my words: all their thoughts are against me for evil.” This is a perfect description of our Ruling Establishment.

There is power in Christian prayer and, as Christians, we need to begin to use that power more effectively. And we should also begin using the power of exposure and Christian opposition to what is clearly evil, as noted in Ephesians 5:11.

Since I have been having trouble with my phone service and email lately, I would ask that all who see this article please make a point of passing it along to those on your mailing lists, for which I thank you in advance.

Update: Last evening as I was passing along the link to this article to several on my Facebook page, one at a time, I was informed by Facebook that this could no longer be done. I had probably forwarded about 20 or so when I received the notice that I could not longer do this. For years I have done this for various articles on my blogs, but it seems that now, for me at least, this is no longer permissible. I’ll bet if I were some sort of raving lunatic Leftist there would be no problem whatever but because I am hardly a raving lunatic Leftist, I am not allowed to post links to my articles singly for some of my friends. Now understand, folks, this has nothing whatever to do with net censorship. Right? Right? No answers???

4 thoughts on “Establishment Coup Against Trump?

  1. You’re right, it is scary, but it shows the length the Deep State is willing to go to to hinder and totally disable Trump’s America First program. They hate Trump; they hate those who support and elected him–and here in the South they hate our flags and monuments to the point where they have to destroy them to destroy our history and culture. These are really hateful people–and they have the gall to label us as the haters when it’s really them.

  2. Elite Establishment’s New World Order, One Word Government and United Nations

    By Al Barrs

    The Idea of a “New World Order” of a “One World Government” based in the “United Nations” has once again raised its ugly head! It all began in 1942…


    President Donald John Trump, Sr. is not and never has been an “Elite Establishment” member or supporter, and neither has he ever been an advocate or supporter of the “Elite Establishment’s One World Government” of the “United Nations”! And, this is why our “Make America Great Again” President is being attacked by the “Elite Establishment One Word Government” movement…

    We, The People Of The United States of America Must Come To Our Nation And OUR President of and for the People’s Rescue!

    The people’s President, Donald J. Trump, must stand up to the “Elite Establishment” ideologues of both major U.S. political parties who have been covertly steering the United States toward a “One World Government” in the “United Nations”!

    We, the People of the United States and the World are being slowly steered, so as not to arouse the American patriots’ disdain, toward a “One World Government” ideology which today is the divide that motivates the “Elite Establishment: One Word Government” devotees, who continue their assault on our new U.S. President’s Administration and his populist government to prevent the People’s President, Donald John Trump, from nullifying their decades of secret and covert scheming to destroy America’s national sovereignty and enslave the citizens of the U.S.A. in their “One Word Government” anchored in the corrupt “United Nations” in which we American citizens will have no say, not independence, no freedom, no property, and no individualism; and our Nation will have no sovereignty when these “Elite Establishment” ideologists surrender our, We, the People’s, Nation’s sovereignty to the corrupt and self-serving “United Nations”!

    This is an American citizen’s call to action to save our Nation and our beloved “Old Glory”, the epitome of our freedom and independence!


    It’s important that readers understand the discussion: When you read about a “New World Order” you are reading about a PROCESS. When you read about a “One World Government” you are reading about an INSTITUTION. And when you read about a “NEW WORLD ORDER and A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT” you are reading about a “NEW WORLD GOVERNING SYSTEM within the “UNITED NATIONS”…

    Collectively the PROCESS, THE INSTITUTION AND THE NEW WORLD GOVERNING SYSTEM, which the “Elite Establishment” has been driving toward since WW II now believe it is what this new non-Establishment businessman President is in the process of ending once and for all.

    Had the “Elite Establishment” stopped their push for world power with their “New World Order” there would have been very little to no pushback by the People…but when the impression surfaced that the “Elite Establishment” favored a second step after implementing their “New World Order” into a “One World Government” and then insist that it finally be integrated into the “United Nations”!

    United States’ Political Parties Future Makeup
    The existing Republican Party will morph into a ‘Populist Party’ and like the old Whig Party of 1833 to 1854 will go defunct with most Republicans joining the new Populist Party, as they did the new Republican Party in 1854…

    The “Establishment” has been marching toward a “One World Government” in the “United Nations” and that is why the “Establishment” in both the Democrat and Republican Parties has opposed and are now attacking our President Donald J. Trump–who is upsetting their timeline for establishing a One World Government in the United Nations…

    “Globalism Is Collapsing/Donald Trump’s Back Is Against The Wall…!”– Former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul

    One World Order or One World Government?

    The “One World Order”, aka “One World Government” today, is putting everything they have into stopping President Trump to preserve their decades of treasonous actions to destroy America’s sovereignty, independence, freedom and individualism jurisprudence and force our Nation under the control of the corrupt United Nations… Ironically, many of the people who are rioting and assaulting President Trump and his “Make America Great Again” Administration know absolutely nothing about what is going on in the U.S.A. today or around the World. It’s not entirely their fault though because the “Elite Establishment” in the U.S.A. has gone to great effort and length to prevent the American patriot citizens from learning and knowing what the “Elite Establishment” has in store for them, us and our descendants of the future…if we indeed have a future!

    That’s part of why they infiltrated our K-12 school systems in 1960 and transformed our schools into Socialist/Marxist retraining institutions and have brainwashed our American children since, with the exception of astute parents who chose instead to homeschool their children… And, it’s why they have been allowed to take over our institutions of higher education and produced all of those millions of young citizens who supported, rioted on command and voted from self-imposed Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont… The young American citizens, who blindly follow Sanders, who by-and-large don’t even know what Socialism, Marxism or Communism is all about…

    Who are the “One World Order”, today the “One World Government” movement, and what is their plan for We, the People of the United States and our ally Nations around the World? We must demand TRUTHFUL answers and transparency!

    Hopefully this and other truths will finally open the eyes and minds of the truly patriotic American citizens who have been complacent too long and have allowed anti-American factions to covertly invade and take control of our domestic nation’s institutions beginning with the takeover of our education and training institutions in the early 1960 and inject their pure Socialism and a “new communism” form of government into our American society and institutions!

    This American citizen complacency must be reversed and we American citizens must be prepared for a long and hard fight to return our Nation to the ideals of our Founding Fathers following the “American War For Independence”…

    Be a Patriot and fight for your Rights, Constitution and Bill of Rights!!!

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