Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

You may well be already aware of what I am going to say here, but I felt the need to say it anyway. Lest it come across to you in the wrong manner, let me state that my wife and I both voted for you, and we pray for you, that what you are trying to do will be successful. There are people in your own administration that cannot honestly say that much.

Regarding this entire “Russian collusion” narrative you have asked several good questions which I need to comment briefly on. It should be obvious to you that Mr. Mueller, in some vain attempt to tie you to something illegal or treasonous, will investigate you, your family, your friends, including all the family pets (to see if you ever owned a Russian wolfhound) back for at least three generations, and no matter how tenuous whatever they manage to dig up is, it will be parroted by the mainstream media as a world crime of gigantic proportions. I think we both realize that.

You asked a good question in one of your tweets–“What about all the Clinton ties to Russia, including Podesta Company, Uranium deal, Russian Reset, big dollar speeches” (given by William Jefferson Clinton?) In any honest investigation of Russian connections all of this would be included in the investigation along with whatever you are accused of. But I think we both realize that what you have aptly termed a “witch hunt” is not an honest investigation. It is exactly what you said it was–a witch hunt!

That being the case, any questions about Hillary’s ties to Putin, or what Podesta did, or the Clinton uranium deal with the Russians, or Bill’s big dollar speech in Moscow are simply not on the agenda and never will be on the agenda. Indeed, if anything, the current fuss over your “Russian collusion” is little more than an excuse to cover up whatever has occurred  between Hillary, Bill, Podesta, and the Russians, because all those connections are most definitely not to be dealt with. So if you are looking for an answer to your very legitimate questions in their area, you may get one by the twelfth of never, but not before!

The entire “investigative” agenda here is to get rid of you and render your administration helpless to change the direction the Deep State (Swamp) and its Fake News appendages have been going in for decades. That’s what all of this is really all about.

Your administration has to be destabilized because you are tearing down what these people have spent decades constructing–a globalist, one world government, with themselves as the god/rulers of that government. In order for them to complete their task, you have to go, and the legitimate wishes and desires of the American people have to go too. After all, we are just a batch of “deplorables.” Ask Hillary!

Might I be so bold to suggest that, if your America First agenda is to have any chance of success–these people who get their jollies out of tormenting you and your family–all have to go. And you have to work at legally dispensing with them.

Many evangelical pastors have come and prayed with you. That’s good. You will need God’s wisdom to know how He would have you do what I think we both realize you need to do.

I won’t take up anymore of your time. Thank you for reading this, and may God bless your efforts to do what is right for America.


Al Benson Jr.

4 thoughts on “Open Letter to President Donald Trump

  1. Patriots of the U.S.A. must be told and learn the truth about just exactly what is going on here!

    This Trump basing is not a direct result of the DNC, Hillary, or her supporters loosing the election, it is much deeper and older than that.

    For many decades either a Democrat or Republican “Elite Establishment” chose by their Party Elite served as President. Donald Trump was not an “Elite Establishment” Republican candidate, nor is he an “Elite Establishment” President. What President Trump is doing is bustin’ up the cozy hidden political relationship the Democrat and Republican “Establishment” fostered over the decades from the end of WW II and the “Establishment Elite’s” creation of the United Nations.

    What the “Establishment Elite” did not bother to tell the Citizens of the U.S.A. or the World was that they intended to plan, create and implement a “One World Government” the falsely chose to conveniently call the “One World Order” so as to not tip of the Citizens of the U.S.A. who would and did resist the creation of the U.N.

    The “Elite Establishment” consists during the past couple of decades of former Presidents George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, who all had the same objective of an eventual “One World Government” within the United Nations where the U.S.A. and all Democratic nations of the free world would give up their national, state and individual sovereignty to the United Nations which has over the years since WW II became a bastion of anti-American resistance that constantly vote against America and our ally nations around the free world.

    President Donald J. Trump is breaking up the cartel of “Elite Establishment” One World Government advocates and the supporters, such as the Bush family who instead of voting for their own political party’s candidate voted instead for Hillary Clinton. The Bush family preferred to have Hillary Clinton, an Obama II President, than see a people’s candidate like Donald Trump win the presidency.

    That is what is going on today in our Nation and we must choose sides and remember we must support and fight for our President’s plan to “Make America Great Again” or sit complacently back and Socialism and Communist take over our Nation and transform We, the People, from being U.S.A. “Citizens” into U.N. “Subjects”…

    Where do you stand?

    Al Barrs

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