Good News From Alabama After New Orleans’ Political Correctness

by Al Benson Jr.

Many of us have watched, almost dumbstruck, at the rampant cultural genocide being displayed in New Orleans. The cultural Marxists there, from the mayor on down, have simply run amuck, basically doing what they wanted the way they wanted. To label them as culture destroyers is almost too charitable. I am sure that, along with myself, many others would describe their activities and personalities in language that I would hesitate to have reproduced in this article.

Their execrable attempts at the total destruction of Southern and Confederate history and heritage almost border on the insane–but then, they are cultural Marxists, so I guess that is par for the course.

An article on for May 20th was quite perceptive. It noted: “The left has spent countless decades attempting to vilify the South by publicly shaming them for slavery that ’caused the Civil War’ when, in fact, the war itself was truly and unequivocally a result of northern lawmakers’ attempts to sabotage the sovereignty provided by states’ rights was the nation continued westward in Manifest Destiny.” The fact that all the original thirteen colonies, north and south, had slaves at one point is never mentioned, nor is the fact that some slave states remained in the Union while Lincoln supposedly “fought to free the slaves.” The Establishment, educational and otherwise, does not want us to dwell too much on such facts, and so, in this regard, in our day and age, most “history” books lie to us.

The Constitution article noted: “In this quest to keep Southerners under their thumb, and under the auspices of ‘political correctness’ liberals the nation over have begun demanding that statues, monuments, and celebrations with Confederate subject matter be swept under the rug or destroyed all together. It is the epitome of revisionist history, and it is a menace to our nation’s future.” And don’t think the cultural Marxists are not aware of that. They are, because such is their agenda. Those people want to destroy your culture and your children’s future, and what’s more, they want to enjoy themselves doing it!

So while they have “made hay while the moon shines” in New Orleans, they have not done quite so well in Alabama. The Constitution article tells us: “Alabama lawmakers on Friday approved sweeping protections for Confederate monuments, names and other historic memorials,…The measure ‘would prohibit the relocation, removal, alteration, renaming, or other disturbance of any architecturally significant building, memorial street, or monument that has stood on public property for 40 or more years,’ it reads.”

The article noted that “African-American lawmakers opposed the bill at every step of the legislative process,  saying it solidifies a shameful legacy of slavery.” This line of bull is one of the few weapons the political left has and they have used it so often for so long that the luster is beginning to wear off the sword. One of those opposed to this bill was Hank Sanders, a well-known leftist from Selma. he and his daughter, Rose,  were instrumental in trying to keep the Nathan Bedford Forrest bust on Confederate Circle in Selma from being put back up after someone had stolen it. They were unsuccessful with that effort, too, but it sure wasn’t for lack of trying. If, as the Constitution article said, “African-American lawmakers” opposed this bill, you have to wonder how many of the African-American lawmakers in Alabama are leftists. Maybe someone in Alabama can do some kind of study on that.

It should have occurred to most Southern folks by now that those trying to destroy our monuments and eventually our culture,  are leftists of one stripe or another–liberals who don’t have the guts to become outright communists, as well as socialists, fascists,  and those who are outright communists, along with all manner of “useful idiots” who, in their exalted brilliance, just don’t know the difference and are naive enough to still think, in spite of world history, that communism is actually an expression of “peace and freedom.” Then there are those trying to destroy our heritage who are actually being paid by certain Elitist groups to do it. I won’t mention any names here, but the head of one (or several) of these groups has a last name with only five letters in it and he worked for the Nazis during World War 2.

Folks, we have got to get it through our heads that these are not just ordinary people with a different viewpoint than ours, people you can sit down and dialogue with over your differences. These people have an agenda that calls for your destruction culturally, and eventually probably physically once they feel they have the power. Their agenda will never be dialogue with you–it will always be your ultimate destruction.

This new bill in Alabama is resistance to their program. They understand that. Resistance is one thing they do understand. Praise God that Alabama has done what she did in this instance. The rest of the Southern states, those not thoroughly co-opted by the left and the Deep State, need to start doing the same thing. If their watch-word is “destruction” then ours needs to be “resistance.”

The Constitution article also noted that the monuments in New Orleans are being removed “at the behest of left-leaning groups.” So you and your culture are basically under communist assault. This is not just a batch of local black folks that want equal treatment at the local level–this is a communist assault on our culture and we had better wake up and grasp that fact pretty soon!

8 thoughts on “Good News From Alabama After New Orleans’ Political Correctness

  1. I think it has to be more than resistance, it has to be total defiance. If for only one reason, and Lord there are many, these cultural marxists are genocidal communists without an AK47, for now.
    They have already set up re-education camps, aka the public school system.
    They can not survive actual frontal refusal to comply by dirt people. They have nothing, but a thin veil of legitimacy, in the shape of a false meme called racism, something that they themselves invented, employ, and use to deflect on to their avowed enemy, that which they are the supreme instance of themselves.
    See how it works?

    We are going to have to fight our way out of this. In the end it will require an extermination campaign. This plague of hate and the only true form of racism that exists must be totally eliminated, those who embody it can not be left to re-infect our society.

    It is the only way, as ugly and extreme as it may seem, thank the cultural marxist for that perspective also: We will come to know it as the cold hard truth one way or another. Because this is a war of extermination they are waging and they began.
    The war of northern aggression should be all the proof required as lincoln and his marxist’s proved. For that war has never stopped.

    Remember well, these people can not be bargained with, they can not be swayed by reason or logic, never mind matters of the heart, they will not stop till they are utterly and completely stopped. As we witness daily.

  2. Gary North surely gave us something to think about. I used some of his material in a series of articles I did called “Is the Constitution inimical to states rights?” The only place that can still be found in the Internet is on the League of the South’s website, where it is archieved.

  3. Al, You are precisely correct on all points.
    If the mind and chataracter of the liberal wasn’t ” NORMAL ” they would see how wrong and unfair they are in their thinking, however they are obviously inspired by evil. Their are only (2) basic sources of inspiration, GOD or Satan, GOOD or EVIL. So the lost liberal is getting their thoughts fertilized and inspired by the EVIL one. They will oppose all good things, traditional family “Male HUSBAND, FATHER, Female WIFE, MOTHER, and children. You already know all this, and as you stated the Alabama legislators have taken the right step to begin protecting historic monuments, statutes, etc. and now the rest of America, not just the South, but certainly the South is priority #1. Sooner or later the American Indian will be attacked as well as all others that exist today. So thank you for your article, pleases continue to battle and resist the dark evil left in our world.

    • You declare that we need to examine our idols very carefully and tear them down. why don’t you speak clearly. show me what idols you mean? You declare that McDrumon is a Christian. My bible says you will know them by their fruit. He is an abolitionist. In 1 tim 6:1-5 God condemns these men. In gen 9:24-27 God established slavery when he cursed Canaan. All through the Bible you can read God.s laws about slavery. It is foolish to believe that the North attacked the South because of slavery. To the best of my knowledge Gen. Lee never spoke evil of any man. Sir you need to purchase a Bible and begin at Gen.1 In the beginning God… Not McDrumon, not Lincoln, You need to read the whole book then maybe you can take the stick out of my eye. Put on the whole armor of God, put away your idols.

  4. I have read several of Mr. McDurman’s articles over the years and have usually enjoyed them but I have to say that I had more than a bit of trouble with this one. No reasonable Christian thinks other men were perfect. There was only ever one Perfect Man that walked the face of the earth and without His perfect sacrifice we would be, as Paul said, “of all men most miserable.”

    So we recognize that Robert E. Lee, like all of us, was imperfect, and from what I have been able to read, General Lee recognized that of himself also. I believe we can honor good men, if properly done, without it being idolatry.. Whatever General Lee’s racial attitudes may have been, they probably reflected to a large degree, the racial attitudes prevalent in his time and if he is to be judged then let him be judged by what prevailed in his day and not by our standards today. I think that is fair for everybody. I don’t think a person in our day should be judged by the standards of someone 200 years in the future.because that’s not where we lived. You can say the same for General Lee.

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