Is Donald Trump the New Joe McCarthy?

by Al Benson Jr.

Thanks to our faulty understanding of (and lack of knowledge) history in this country, the name Joseph McCarthy brings up all kinds of negative bugaboos about the late senator, mostly undeserved but all promoted by the Far Left and those that finance the Far Left.

McCarthy  had a genuine concern about the numerous Communists within our own government and military that were working to destabilize the country and he found, as he went along,  that there were many within our own government that wanted these Communists in place to do exactly what they were doing. When McCarthy tried to expose all this, especially in the army, they blackballed him and eventually, when they could stop his exposures no other way, they got him censured. In other words,  when McCarthy was seeking to expose the treason in his own government to the American people, the traitors in his own government opposed and eventually managed to shut down his efforts. After all, the American people didn’t need to realize they were being sold out and certain people in high places in government were going to make sure they didn’t. For those that might be interested in a little background on this I would recommend the book McCarthy written by Roy Cohn and published by Lancer Books in New York way back in 1968. Believe it or not, it is still available on Amazon and worth the read to see some of what is going on right now in regard to Donald Trump and how the Ruling Elite are trying to stop his efforts. Read and begin to connect the dots.

There is a concerted effort afoot right now to deny Trump the presidency he won legitimately, and those responsible are both Leftists and their willing cohorts in government–and please don’t try to tell me the Leftists have no friends in government. After over 40 years of political research, I know better. One of their biggest boosters in government at this point is the man who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington–a man hopefully soon to be gone.

The spiritual descendants  of those that got McCarthy censured are alive and well in Washington and are working to deny Trump the presidency because they know he will not play their game–unless they can so co-opt his administration by infiltration that he will have no choice.

The descendants of those people that spread vicious  lies about McCarthy are busy now doing the same thing about Trump.  McCarthy had to be discredited before the public and so does Trump. The Leftists and their good buddies in government and in the “news” media are all working mightily to make sure that happens–any way they can, any way they have to.

Even the intelligence community in this country seems to be against him. According to an article on for January 13th; “His (Trump’s) plan was to tell no one about a recent intelligence briefing he had. The information got out anyway, proving the leak was not on his end, but within our intelligence communities.” Trump said: “I think it’s pretty sad when intelligence reports get leaked out to the press. First of all, it’s illegal. These are classified and certified meetings and reports.” So the intelligence community is leaking Trump’s meetings with them to the “fake news” media who are, in turn, putting out there what they think will make Trump look bad.

It was interesting, regarding that 35 page dossier on all of Trump’s “indiscretions” that was put out. The fake news media eventually had to admit that it was, indeed, a fake. World Net Daily published an article on 1/12 partly about a firm called Fusion GPS, that had hired Christopher Steele, the man who supposedly authored the dossier. The World Net Daily article stated that: “Steele, 52, was identified Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal as the author of the memo. The Times cited a source saying the money to hire him came from a wealthy Republican Donor who wanted to compile a dossier about Trump’s past scandals and weaknesses.” Didn’t make any difference if it was false or not as long as it worked to influence the public against him. The headline for the World Net Daily article was Firm Behind Trump Dossier Worked for Planned Parenthood. Does that really surprise anyone?

I hope, at this point, that Trump realizes all the forces arrayed against his presidency and how low they will stoop to make sure he doesn’t make it to the White House–again, any way they have to.

The question then arises–should these people be able to thwart the will of the millions that voted for Trump, what will the reaction of those millions be–when they realize they have been shafted yet one more time by their own government’s unelected rulers?  Many of them have watched the government stiff them and their families for decades now and Trump seemed to be a way to end all that. What happens then if he is denied the ability to do that? You had better believe that lots of these folks are really ticked at what government has been doing to them for most of their lifetimes. Will they just sit idly by and watch it happen all over again if the Ruling Establishment thrusts a fake Hillary or a fake Jeb Bush on them as their supposed “president?”

There was a time when I would have said “yet, they will–they’ve been getting stiffed for decades now and they have put up with it, so why not again?” Now I am not so sure. History does have a way of getting messy, and I am about half convinced that our history here, in the short term, is going to get real messy. McCarthy and Trump (connect the dots) have been treated the same way–only this time the American people just may not take it anymore. We will see what happens come January 20th.

16 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump the New Joe McCarthy?

  1. Joe McCarthy Was Right
    Accuracy In Media
    By Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid
    February 22, 2000

    At the recent conference on “Rethinking McCarthy”, veteran journalist M. Stanton Evans disputed a number of myths about the Senator that have been accepted by leading historians and media figures.

    Evans, the director of the National Journalism Center who is writing his own book on Senator Joseph McCarthy, said one of the most notorious myths is that the Wisconsin Senator never named any names of suspected communists in the U.S. Government. Holding up a file of material, Evans said, “Here are the names. Right here! Anybody who wants to can look at them.” He produced a letter that McCarthy sent to Senator Millard Tydings in 1950 in which he listed the names.

    The original list, which included numbers of cases and not names, was obtained by McCarthy after it was put together by congressional staffers. It was drawn from the files of the U.S. State Department itself.

    But McCarthy provided the cases to Tydings with the names attached. Critics have said over the years that the list was either outdated, blown out of proportion, that the individuals named were cleared by congressional committees, or they were just mildly leftist… But none of that was true. Evans quoted from some of them: “…he furnished material to a known Soviet espionage agent…” and “…He is a known Communist Party member”.

    Evans said the biggest piece of disinformation was that these cases had been cleared by congressional hearings. This was false! The chairman of one committee said the information showed “a large number of communists on the rolls of the U.S. State Department.” He added, “It makes me wonder if there is any representation of the United States in the State Department.”

    McCarthy also had access to information about Amerasia, a pro-Communist magazine, and State Department diplomat John Stewart Service, who was arrested for passing classified information to its editor.

    In a major speech, McCarthy called the U.S. Justice Department failure to prosecute the case a massive cover-up. “We now know that he was 100 percent correct”, Evans said of McCarthy’s charges.

    The FBI wiretapped the meeting where the cover-up was planned and the case was fixed to get Service off. Playing a role in the cover-up was Soviet agent Laughlin Currie in the White House. He was a key adviser to Liberal President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    Another McCarthy target, Owen Lattimore of the Institute for Pacific Relations, was supposedly investigated by the Tydings Committee, which found nothing incriminating in his FBI files. But Evans read from that file, page one, which said back in 1941 that Lattimore was a communist who should be detained in the event of a National emergency.

    All of this mattered for two reasons.

    One, some of these people engaged in espionage for the Soviet Union.

    Two, they manipulated U.S. foreign policy to the benefit of the communists. For example, they maneuvered to cut off aid to the Chinese nationalists in order to betray China to the communists. This betrayal left mainland China in the hands of the Communists and the Nationalists Chinese fled to the island of Taiwan. More than 50 years later, the betrayal continues under the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Administration. But Senator Joe McCarthy tried to prevent it.

  2. I have long contended the McCarthy was a smear victim because he dared to expose Communists and that the horrible reputation he had was undeserved. I wish I could have gone to that conference. It sounds as though it must have been interesting. Hopefully the day will come when McCarthy will be recognized for the patriot he was and for the real service he rendered his country.

    • Hi Al…
      I have the rest of the story that fully vindicates Sen Joe McCarthy. I post a canned response on the mass media news blogs every time a communist tries to smear anyone by referencing Joe McCarthy. I will post a copy here as soon as I get to my main computer.

      There were either 53 or 58 names on McCarthys main list. Lucille Ball and Walter Croncrete, oops I mean Cronkite were 2 of them.

      McCarthy was vindicated after the fall of the USSR, when many of their past secret papers of operatons were released. This was also verified by a joint secret American, British operation named, “The Venona Project”. It is by researching the Venona Project that one learns how Sen Joe McCarthy was vindicated.

      When I post my canned response, that is the end of that communists attempt at smearing McCarthy and others. It is simply the end of the story concerning the proof.

      Michael — Deo Vindicabamur
      Classical Historian Western Civilization

      • Mike,
        We both know that anyone who dares to oppose or expose the left becomes their everlasting enemy and they will continue to smear McCarthy because he had the courage to do what was right. Once you get on their blacklist you are there for life and even those who have “repented” and grovelled for the left still get their noses rubbed in it–for life. It never occurs to them that being their enemy is a compliment to some of us.

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  4. Yes, I consider it a compliment to be their enemy. What we must also learn and Alexander Dugin says similar, is that these communists are atheists and anti-religion. Because of such, morals as we know and understand them means nothing to those people. We as a people cannot ever compromise with these people, we can only fight and control them. They consider compromising a weak point for us, which is because they already know they will never honor any compromise. Lying means nothing to these people, because lying as we understand from a moral perspective is meaningless to them. For that matter, is is the truth. Accordingly it only makes sense that once their enemy, always their enemy, unless of course they can trick and deceive you in order to get something more out of you. Or as I have said, as well as Clyde Wilson, these people are nothing more than demons draped in human skin.

    I am to the point of understanding now, that I am believing these people were put here on purpose in order they testify against themselves as we are their witnesses. Not just from a political perspective, but actually, mainly, from a religious perspective.

    I am reposting a series of canned responses I have used over the last several years. They go back, originating, at least to 2007. I will post each response separately. They are all saying the same thing, but in different ways and with differing amounts of materials. It will be up to the reader to do the actual indepth reading and studying as I read and studied The Venona Project and Sen Joe McCarthy over a period of at least a week. One is not just going to sit down, Google The Venona Project and automatically find the information your looking for. It will take time to sort through all the different related materials to get to the important things.

    Anyone reading my posts is free to copy and use them for our mutual benefit. Post them anywhere you see fit. Make minor changes, such as name changes and grammar corrections as you see fit.

    Originally written to a Professor at the University of Paris, whom I know is a “Pure Marxist”. If anyone doesn’t know what a Pure Marxist is, they should find out, or simply ask. Noam Chomsky is a Pure Marxist, yet people has a terrible time understanding what philosophy he actually follows.

    A much vilified man is proven right by time.. Joe McCarthy

    oldoc keeps tossing Joe McCarthy around like a gun, thinking he is insulting people by associating
    that name to people. Well oldoc I take this as a compliment.
    I did find out that a few people here were actually aware that McCarthy was right.

    So here is an updated post concerning McCarthy and links for further reading.

    “Everybody keeps referring to McCarthy as some type of disease or problem.
    NOT one soul on here has come to defend McCarthy other than what little I had previously written.

    Since I type too much I’ll just post the links and you can judge for yourselves…

    And just to be fair about it, I have 1st off included the MOST damning article possible against McCarthy.×1331923 McCarthy.html mccarthy-vindicated/ mccarthy-december-b/

    From the above link you should also Google and read about Alger Hiss, a prominent player in the McCarthy era… McCarthy/2007/12/18/id/322450

    The above starts getting into detail about 1/2 the way down. Before that is all lead in, which is not meaningful… Mccarthy&source=bl&ots=soBdl3ykeO&sig=MqdeTMUP7-psgR37yeDHwIMiNSY&hl=en&ei=6rQ5Tf_jBZLpgQe4yImrCA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=9&ved=0CEEQ6AEwCA#v=onepage&q&f=false

    The above is excerpted from the book, “Blacklisted by History: the untold story of Senator Joe McCarthy. Most all of that book can be viewed.

    How much more do you want me to post to win my case against you?
    There over 1000 pages reading in what I linked above!
    Do you idiots want another 1000? 2000? More?

    It’s another NON-ISSUE!
    McCarthy was right, so get the f..k over it oldoc!

    It has become so obvious that McCarthy was right, it’s making the communists/democrats/liberals
    squirm so much by not having viable rebuttals, they get desperate and now say;

    I like this quote showing the desperation,
    ” Ol’ Tailgunner Joe was a drunkard, womanizer, and degenerate gambler. He
    was also deeply in debt. I think it possible he sold out to the Russkies in the early fifties.”

    That folks is all that is left for the Marxists to use in their defense! Ad hominem attacks trying to marginalize their enemy out of desperation.

    Sorry Ruskies! Sorry Brits! Sorry Aussies! And most of all I am sorry to my “EX”
    countrymen who have turned to the dark side! You are NOT my countrymen
    for this quote says it all:


    If one can’t accept the truth then they are living in a fantasy world…

  5. Liberal Marxists likes to use McCarthy as a scape goat. They use him to vilify others by insinuating McCarthy was a nut. (I am assuming at my peril that you know about Joe McCarthy, but I can totally understand if you don’t.)

    The problem is Joe McCarthy was proven correct after the fall of the USSR. Documents were released showing who the communists agents and sympathizers were in the uSA, and also elsewhere. The people Joe McCarthy listed was on that list, although there is some discrepancy over a very few of them. In total Joe McCarthy named 70 some people of notable importance or recognition in the US, and over 200 total.

    No one in this thread answered the question or even attempted except to personally attack me. I gave two examples of people who Joe McCarthy named as being communists, and the word or term to Google so anyone could read whatever documents and materials there were available for themselves.

    Now you respond to my post. You were too busy committing ad hominem attacks against others to even care what I wrote, much less actually study it.

    Oddly I was also having a similar discussion in another thread elsewhere. Similar results, the Liberal Marxists would rather personally attack people than actually try and read and learn something. Below is another response and thrashing I gave one of your cohorts from that thread, though you most likely don’t know him.

    “I am just pointing you to the files from both the US and USSR about him and all the work that was put into vilifying him by the US while the Soviets had all the information proving the allegations McCarthy made was true. The Soviets was NOT about to release any info that would hurt their own agenda, so it was never divulged until the fall of the USSR.

    The names he gave in the hearing were ALL communists. Those names were what the media and so many congressmen and others denied as being true while using those names to make McCarthy appear like a fool. The Soviet documents proves otherwise and proves a gigantic CONSPIRACY in the US by the media and many congressmen. This is what the Marxists in the US today cannot stand, which are people including you. Only a Marxist would deny their nose to spite their face. Or more simply stated, only someone with ulterior motives would deny the truth in order to perpetuate a lie.”

    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

  6. 1 Short reposts below: 1 long repost…

    The media then was more liberal than the norm with many being socialist/communist sympathizers. The newsrooms were hotbeds of union activities.
    Me’s thinks that’s what McCarthy was also “trying” to say…
    Of course he couldn’t say everything because those were the people who controlled the media, who had a
    lot of influence on what was actually released, and then they could spin it to suit themselves. Much like today…

    How to debate Liberal Marxists:

    To Mike: ” So have you figured out to straighten them out?”

    Yep … research .. find the truth .. express and support it … and eventually the Leonatos run out of headline responses and sulk, because they still aren’t prepared to make the effort to research their headline only views. Not only such research takes effort, it might expose them to ALL of the facts – scary thought for them indeed … so it’s easier and safer for them to just not bother..
    Then they can be easily ignored, and they disappear into the misty background.

    Well, yes and no…
    First they won’t read any links or information, even if you post it.
    They might read a short statement that leaves enough room for them to attack and respond with an attack.

    Or they may claim it is too long, or too boring, or simply not worth their time.

    Or they may just attack the messenger or another related person, such as the person of topic, or maybe just flame another person by association. Sarah Palin being a good example. She’s been savaged for posts here where she was never mentioned.

    So yeah, it is possible the leotards will run out of steam but that still doesn’t solve the problem. As I stated in my upper post, all they do is catch the unsuspecting and sucker them.

    You’re right about the research too! They won’t bother, but they’re NOT quitting. Just looking for easier prey! That’s what we need to be addressing.

    There are several ways to address that problem, but the ONE thing that gives us a hard time is, everyone, every conservative person needs to work together on enacting the solution. Not that all conservatives has to even agree on everything. Just they need to act in a known concerted effort in addressing the problem.

    It could be started here or anywhere. But to be fully effective, all conservatives must do this as their response to the Marxist attacks.

    You can do these things, mixed and matched as you prefer:
    1- Simply ignore them.

    2- NEVER give an answer or make a statement, except for the final conclusion or to finish.(and then sparingly) Then be done!

    3- Never write much to them. (I know I have written many LONG posts. However those posts were not directly meant for the Marxists.) They can’t understand and judge long writings anywho… They have to have it short and simple…

    4- ALWAYS answer them with questions—ALWAYS! (It makes them look and they actually try to think.) However the problem creeps in that they will simply copy and paste an answer. Either do not accept this or ask them questions about their pasted post. Make them explain EVERYTHING! With trick being, doing one question at a time. Don’t write several questions or point out mistakes or differences. Question their difference, or what you see objectionable. ALWAYS A QUESTION!

    5- Or if the poster gets to vulgar and offensive, flame and insult them! It gets their attention, and they do not like to be challenged in such a way. Nobody does, but it also hurts their ego concerning “their” superiority. This actually improves your ability to prove your points/questions. Trading insults, as we know is ridiculous, but sometimes needed.

    6- If they are continually attacking the same topic, such as McCarthy or Palin, don’t address their complaints per se’. List links, facts….etc showing otherwise. Ask them specific questions which proves their assertions. For example, in another thread I read another attack on Palin. The Marxist claims he could list 40 lies about her off the top of his head. I ask, please do… I’m still waiting for a response! If I get one, I can have a field day…..

    7- The worst thing you can do, of all things is try to debate these people! That’s what they want and that’s what Karl Marx has taught them to challenge, or how to challenge their opponents! We are actually skipping a process of logic here, in the above. So it may seem hard to get accustomed too. Everything you do, communicating with them, do with the intent of leaving the burden of proof on them. They can try to reverse this on you, but it will not work.. You will see that as they try. Your responses will naturally come by the way of more questions.

    If you will let me, I can take you far beyond Marx’s philosophy…


  7. Duh, about McCarthyism; Joe McCarthy was 100% ABSOLUTELY right and his assertions about communists in the US Government were proven correct with the fall of the USSR. Secret documents were released after the fall of the USSR that proved McCarthy’s allegations. These papers named names, dates and places of US government officials as well as well known personalities, showing their involvement with the Communist Party USA and it’s ties to the Communist Party of the USSR. Many spies were listed also. The above is part of the greater whole from which Joe McCarthy made his famous list of 57 names of people in the USA involved in the Communist Party USA/USSR.

    Read about the “Venona Project”. Even Wikipedia has a short article on it. So, the author of the article above should be spreading B$ about something they know nothing about. OTOH the author of the article as well as all the propaganda you see from the mass news media is a DIRECT result stemming from the assertions and allegations by Sen Joe McCarthy. Sadly the communists won and you see the results of it every day. Even Nikita Kruschev said this in regards to what you see today:

    “We will take America without firing a shot…….We will BURY YOU! We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism. We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”
    (From an address to Western Ambassadors at the Polish embassy in Moscow on November 18, 1956.)

    Get your facts straight when talking about Joe McCarthy! Else you’re doing nothing but espousing the agenda of the communists which is what McCarthy was trying to warn everyone about. Sadly I know this won’t happen because Yahoo as well as all the other mass news outlets are in bed with the communists, in this case helping to spread propaganda and disparaging others.

    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

  8. Here is a list of American names appearing in the Venona Project as spies or communist connections:

    Go here:

    There are “THOUSANDS” of other names that projects out from the VP. However those names
    were never fully decoded or names that were not fully verified/checked. (I wonder why they
    never followed through checking those people? Maybe it was embarrassing?) Also included was names
    reported by those captured or those spies switching sides, defectors. Those names counts as people involved
    but was not listed in the list for the reasons mentioned. These statements are given in different parts
    of the body of the VP report….


  9. Wow these posts are long!
    In any case, I agree. Though I had heard about “McCarthyism” for years, my interest started while reading Ann Coulter’s book “Treason”. Her Father was an FBI agent during that time.
    Her book led me to “Blacklisted by History” & also “Witness” by Whittaker Chambers”. I also have “The Venona Secrets” & “Red Star over Hollywood”. As a side note, I find it interesting that it was Senator Moynihan (a Dem) who pushed to get the Venona de-crypts released.
    Though even today Hollywood folks whine about being “Blacklisted” & “McCarthyism”, my understanding is that he was more interested in Communists & “fellow travelers” in the government than in Hollywood. Being a Senator, he wasn’t on the House committee. (HUAC).
    All this also led to my reading about the Rosenbergs.
    I do see the connection between Trump & McCarthy. I wonder if he can even trust the Secret Service to protect him.
    Also, Barry will probably leave, but as I have asked even before the election, if he wants to stay, who will make him go? The Republicans have let him do whatever he wants.
    Stay tuned!

    • Larry, I see you have also done a lot reading and studying, and I thank you for your desire and yearning for the truth. We are a small and dying breed, indeed.

      My grand father was also in the US government all his life. He ended up as Regional Manager for the US Park Service. However along the way he was also an American Liaison Officer for Winston Churchill when he came to the US and, near the end of his career he done some SS work as personal guard for President JFK. I have pictures of him with JFK in Montana and Wyoming a few months before his assassination. And my dad was a US Marshall for a few years. (He done some work on the Buford Pusser case, being from TN he was assigned the case.)

      My point is, a lot of what I write I have also heard and learned from my family. In my older years I had never wrote anything down on these things other than to relate what I had been told from my family’s experience, which was also an incentive for me to study these things on my own. The main thing I remember from both sides my family is that they agreed that the American people does not control the US government in any way, nor does their voting make any difference concerning the Federal elections. Even if a decent man won an election, he cannot be allowed to remain in power, ie JFK. McCarthy was also just such a man, and the communists only has to print and voice their propaganda, and if that fails, they protest or riot. I wonder what comes after riots if that fails? Maybe assassinations.

      Michael– Deo Vindicabamur
      Classical Historian Western Civilization

  10. The way the Left presents it you’d think McCarthy was on a big witch hunt and ruined thousands of lives in the process. Actually McCarthy had a specific list of people in government that he knew were Communists and these were the only people he ever went after. They were his objective and he already had the goods on all he called to testify about their Communist affiliations. There was no witch hunt on McCarthy’s part. Now the House Committee on Un-American Activities went after lots of different folks, some of them in Holly weird but McCarthy had nothing to do with that.

    • Yup! I also listed the link to that list in one of my posts. And as Larry mentioned, the names were decoded from the Venona Project, although the Russians actually released those names also, after the fall of the USSR. The Russians are not bad people, not any worse than Americans. But to hear the communists they are. Communists hates anyone who stands for anything or opposes them.

      Michael– Deo Vindicabamur
      Classical Historian Western Civilization

      • Mike, all very good comments! Thanks for your reply to me.
        Your grandfather dad must have had some stories!

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