When Is A Leak A Hack? When The Feds Say It is

by Al Benson Jr.

I have been following lots of articles dealing with how the Russians supposedly hacked into the Democratic National Convention’s stuff to come up with something that would help Trump win the election because, as everyone who follows the Lamestream Media knows, he is nothing more than Putin’s stooge–so says the Ruling Establishment. To listen to the Washington Post you’d think we’d just elected Putin instead of Trump. It’s interesting that when Putin was in the KGB in the old Soviet Union none of the cultural Marxists that are so worried about him today really gave a hoot what he did.

I’ve even heard stories about how the Russians hacked WickLeaks to insert uncomplimentary comments about Hillary into the mix. Never before in all the years I have followed the political scene have I seen such a desperate attempt on the part of the Establishment to keep one candidate out of the presidency and insert another–no matter how vile and deplorable she is. The Ruling Establishment in both political parties wants Hillary–no matter how corrupt she and Slick Willie are–which should, if you stop to think about it, show you where the Ruling Establishment–the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers and all the rest really are at. They are in favor of unlimited corruption as long as it will fulfill their agenda of a New World Order. That give you any inkling of what their “New World Order” will be like?

But anyway, with all this hacking and leaking supposedly going on I have noted that the two terms are used almost interchangeably by much of the prostitute press, sort of like they use the terms “republic” and “democracy” in the same manner–thinking the public is too stupid to know the difference.

So I will note some information from a site I came across a couple days ago. I was in such a hurry to get this written down I forgot to note the site’s address, but the info is accurate. It noted that the email disclosures (WikiLeaks) are the result of a leak–not a hack. A leak is defined as–when someone physically takes the data out of an organization and gives it to some other person or organization. And I have seen some sites on the Internet which have claimed that the leaks  actually came from someone in the DNC. Now isn’t that an interesting thought? Someone in there have a problem with Hillary, or did someone finally wake up and realize that their conscience was starting to bother them?

A hack is defined as–when someone in  a remote location electronically penetrates operating systems, firewalls or any other cyber protection and then extracts data.

All the signs as far as Wikileaks point to leaking, not hacking. If hacking were involved the NSA would know it, and would know both sender and recipient. NSA whistleblower William Bundy notes the way in which “media sources” are equivocating by using phrases like “our best guess” which implies that the NSA has not been able to trace the Hillary or DNC “hacks” across the fiber networks. So Bundy has concluded that it is effectively impossible that the WikiLeaks data came from a “hack.” There was some commentary about this on http://consortiumnews.com

December 19th is the day the electoral votes will be tallied up and cast and there has been a concerted Establishment push, through the use of “useful idiot” surrogates to harass the electors, from everything to death threats to massive petition drives and mail ins, all pleading with the electors to “dump Trump” and instead install Hillary–the supposed New World Order savior of the universe. I have prayed God that this does not work any better than the recent vote recount scam did. However, knowing the mindset of the cultural Marxists, I have no doubt that, should the electors decide to fulfill their duty and elect Trump, there will be an Establishment Plan C or D put forth to attempt to keep Trump from the presidency. We will just have to wait to see how imaginative a scheme it turns out to be. In the meantime, it would not hurt for sincere and God-fearing people to be praying for its demise, whatever it is.

1 thought on “When Is A Leak A Hack? When The Feds Say It is

  1. Seems like to me, it is a desperate attempt on the part of the Establishment to lash out at the withdrawal of consent of us dirt people, our vote, and the irrelevancy bestowed upon the Establishment that dirt people consent given to Donald Trump created.
    Withdrawal of consent by us dirt people is the new real poltik.
    It’s upstream of the Establishment.
    It’s existential.

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