New World Order Crowd Already Acting to Co-opt Trump “Revolution”

by Al Benson Jr.

In his Remnant Review for November 12, 2016, Gary North has stated that the Trump “Revolution” is already over and that, basically, the Establishment, the New World Order, the Shadow Government, or whatever you want to call it, has already overturned it. He asked the question “The honeymoon with his supporters did not last long, did it?”

Whether you always agree with Gary North or not, you have to admit that he gives you penetrating analysis–always something to think about–always something we should think about.

In this November 12th issue he says: “I begin with two statements. First, Donald Trump is not part of what is sometimes called ‘the conspiracy.’ Second, he will be on January 20, 2017. We are about to see the capture of Donald Trump. It has already begun. The mainstream media is beginning to see this. By January 20, it should be clear to anybody who wants to look at his nominees for top cabinet positions. CNN’s headline has it right: Team Trump is already filled with Washington Insiders.” I read the CNN article and, noting where CNN is coming from,  Trump’s transition team, at this point, looks like a mixed bag to me. He’s got a couple folks there I don’t have any problem with and he’s got a few others I think he would be better off with if he paid them to take a prolonged vacation in Pago Pago. Problem is, if there is enough of a mix to dilute his original vision, then he can, indeed, be co-opted and not even realize it.

Gary North notes in his article that the two most important cabinet positions in any administration are the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury.  He says that these two, plus the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, and Homeland Security are the five most important positions and he cautions people to keep an eye on who gets appointed to these five positions, as that will indicate what direction the new Trump administration will end up going in. That sounds like sound advice to me. We should all be watching who snaps up these five positions and we should be ready to react if we see something we think has the potential to smell bad.

One more thing Mr. North notes, and again, I agree, is that there should be NO federal Department of Education. The feds should have zilch to say when it comes to educating children, although those of us who have read history realize that this is an area the feds have been sliding into since “reconstruction” after the War of Northern Aggression was supposedly ended. Actually that War never really ended. All that happened was a change of tactics on the part of the Yankee/Marxists so the South would think the War ended. Actually, the North just switched from a shooting war to a culture war, and that has been going on ever since.

But Mr. North observed that, when he was a candidate, Ronald Reagan said he’d shut that department down. He never did and we’ve been stuck with it ever since. Mr. Trump says he wants to get rid of it also. We’ll see how far he gets or goes. I’m willing to bet that when he leaves office, the Department of Education will still be there, expanding as usual, costing the taxpayers a mint, and contributing nothing whatever to the educational process except a lot of useless and non-productive regulations.

North notes that Trump is surrounded by people like Newt Gingrich, who, if he record is checked out, stands diametrically opposed to everything Trump says he stands for. So why is Gingrich hanging around? He’s there because his bosses over at the Council on Foreign Relations figure he can do something to blunt or dilute Trump’s “revolution.” And that’s the only reason he’s there. Gingrich is, literally “Mr. New World Order.” Trump would be well served if he sent him packing. There are others in the same category but I can’t list them all here, but you get the idea.

Believe this one thing–between now and inauguration day the New World Order crowd will be working furiously to dismantle Trump’s vision for a better America and trying to replace it with what Hillary stood for, without appearing to do that. What Hillary stood for is what the Ruling Elite in both parties really wanted and still want.  If they can no longer get it from Hillary then their chore is to get it from Trump without his realizing it. Those who wish Trump well in his stated agenda, and I am one of them, though I don’t agree with everything he believes, need to practice eternal vigilance  to keep track of what goes on to the best of our limited ability and with the Lord’s help. And if we see something that looks like it might begin to smell we need to take to the Internet and fumigate the living hell out of it. We also need to pray for wisdom and discernment for Mr. Trump, and for good, sound advisors for him to seek counsel from that he will be astute enough not to listen to the pied pipers of the Establishment that whisper in his ear. From the sound of what seems to be going on up to this point it seems that this will be a strong need for him.

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