Thanks Be To God–I Was Wrong

by Al Benson Jr.

Back on April 14, 2015, I posted an article on this blog spot entitled Has the Next President Already Been Chosen–and is the election just going through the motions?

In the last year and a half that article has gotten more views than just about anything else I have posted since then. It has gotten over 1300 views on November 8th and 9th. Now that might not seem like a lot to folks whose blogs get all kinds of hits in a week’s time, but for my little blog that’s a pretty fair country figure for two days.

I would encourage folks to go and look at this article because, even though the election is now over and Donald Trump has won resoundingly, there is still background information in the article that is helpful. What  it dealt with, basically, was that the One World Government Establishment (call it the New World Order if you want) in this country and other places, had already, at that point, decided Hillary Clinton was going to be the next president of the United States and the public be damned. They already had plans to “engineer” this election, or, as Mr. Trump so truthfully stated “the system is rigged.” In the article above noted I had said: “Folks, I would not spend lots of time trying to figure out who the next president will be. That’s probably already been decided unless the Lord intervenes and messes up the One Worlder’s agenda.” Thanks be to God, He did!

Their plan was basically the same as in the last two elections–a pathetically weak Republican candidate (and there were several) was going to go up against Hillary and he was going to be soundly trounced. I mean, hey, if it worked in the last two elections then why not this time? Donald Trump threw a bit of a monkey wrench into the gears when he refused to be eliminated and hung in there. As he went along in the various primaries he eliminated all those Republicans who were willing to go up against Hillary one on one and be eliminated. Had, by some fluke, one of them managed to stay in and happened to win the election then he would give us the same agenda Hillary had been programmed to push on us only it would have been wrapped in conservative rhetoric so us “deplorables” wouldn’t know the difference. That was the game plan, and the public was supposed to fall for it hook, line, and sinker–thinking they had actually participated in a “real election.” This was how the New World Order folks had it figured. They had a cinch hand–they couldn’t lose either way–so they thought.

However, as much as those people hate to have to admit it, God does govern in the affairs of men and He has the final say as to what He will permit them to do and what He won’t. Lots of people had been praying for Trump to win and you should never underestimate the power of prayer. Just because you can’t “see” something happening doesn’t mean it isn’t happening–all it means is that it happens and you don’t see it–at least not right away.

There have been people out here in flyover country where I live that have been praying that the Lord would throw a monkey wrench into the gears of the New World Order agenda and, at least in this one instance, it seems as if their prayers have been answered.

So I think we have to thank the Lord for Trump’s victory. Sure, Trump is not perfect. He’s got a lot of warts. Who doesn’t? If the Lord were only ever going to use perfect people to get things done then He’d never be able to use any of us, would He?

For all the national sins this country is guilty of we actually deserve Hitlery (beg pardon, I meant Hillary), but in His mercy, the Lord gave us Trump instead. We need to reflect on that–and thank Him for it. It wouldn’t have happened without Him. Just maybe He is giving us one more chance to come to grips with out national sins and to turn around (repent) and walk in the opposite direction. Mr. Trump, by God’s grace, may be our last lease on life, in spite of the agenda of the New World Order boys, girls, transsexuals, and others.

Something else I think we should all be doing is praying for Mr. Trump’s safety (and for his wisdom) because the New World Order folks don’t like it when their agendas get thwarted and they don’t just look to get mad over it–they look to get even. Prayer for Mr. Trump’s safety both before and after his inauguration would not be out of line because those folks don’t always play nice.

So let us be thankful  for Mr. Trump’s victory and pray that Mr. Trump will do what he has said he will do,  but let’s don’t forget to thank and praise the Lord for it, because without Him we would not get another chance. So, in this instance, I was wrong, thanks be to God!

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