The “News” Media Really IS The Prostitute Press

by Al Benson Jr.

Thank the Lord there are still a handful of honest newspapers out there, mostly at the local level. Most anything above that level has by now been thoroughly prostituted or co-opted.

What passes for the “news” media today is really nothing more than a travesty, which, if it were not so tragic for the country, would be laughable.

However, at the local level, there is still some hope. I recently read an editorial in The Ouachita Citizen  published in West Monroe, Louisiana, that actually told the truth about the Clinton Family, something you seldom see in the managed and bought-and-paid-for media. In fact the editorial indicted the mainstream media, and justifiably so.

It said, in part, “Never have we seen the mainstream media so corrupt. That offering is an odd way to begin an editorial endorsement for President of the United States, but it is necessary to point to the corruption in the media in order to understand this election. Why is this necessary?  Simply put, Hillary Clinton–along with her gang of thieves at the Clinton Foundation including her husband–is corrupt and their corruption is being ignored by major corporate outlets that claim to serve as legitimate news services…Bluntly put, the media covers for Clinton and obviously has decided that her corruption must be tolerated in order to stop Donald Trump.” That’s a sound observation. A “news” media willing to sweep Clinton corruption under the rug in order to help stop a candidate who might expose that corruption makes itself part and parcel of that corruption.

The Ouachita Citizen editorial had much more of substance to say that I cannot cover here, but one other comment it made was very telling. It said: “To surmise, the mainstream media’s corruption centers on changing America…For the mainstream media, this election is not just about beating Trump. It’s about beating the idea of an American nation state. It’s about beating those Americans, as President Obama said eight years ago, ‘who cling to their guns and their Bibles’.”

In other words, the mainstream media has the same vision for us that Clinton and Obama have–reducing our standard of living and our faith and cultural traditions so that we can be comfortably merged into some sort of a socialist one world government. The “news” media will never openly admit this but that’s where they are trying to take us without appearing to do so–and they are hoping most Americans will not catch on until it is too late. Their problem is that more Americans are catching on–which is one reason why Obama has been in a sweat to have the United Nations or some agency under their control take control over and start to regulate the Internet. At all costs, they have to prevent too many Americans from learning the truth.

So what does that tell you about Clinton, Obama, and the “news” media? If you woke up this morning and smelled the coffee it should tell you this–your faith, culture, family, way of life and your history are in their crosshairs and they mean to do away with all of it as quickly we they can. These people do not have your best interests or welfare at heart, no matter how many crocodile tears they claim to shed in behalf of the “poor and downtrodden.”

They are on a power trip and they will have no hesitation whatever about grinding your nose into the mud, as they climb over your body, on their way to constructing a 21st century, socialistic Tower of Babel. And the “news” media is part and parcel  of this effort–willing accomplices!

So what can you do? You can, for starters, go vote and vote to make sure Comrade Hillary does not make it into office. And then you can pray–and ask that the Lord’s will be done in regard to these people. Check out the imprecatory psalms in the Bible and find out which ones apply to our present and would-be leaders–and start praying about them using these psalms. That may not seem like much, but do not underestimate the power of prayer. Millions of praying believers will make a difference. You may not notice it right away but it will. The preservation of your faith, culture, and country will be worth the effort.

3 thoughts on “The “News” Media Really IS The Prostitute Press

  1. That I’m a praying believer really makes no difference. We don’t elect presidents by popular vote, and I don’t live in a swing state. No matter who I vote for, even if I don’t vote, my state’s Electoral College result will go to the Democrat, as it has for decades. That I voted responsibly on the local races and changes in law will have to be enough.

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