The Bovine Fertilizer of Hillary’s Second Debate “Win”

by Al Benson Jr.

All the major networks (Ted Turner used to call them “nitworks,” and that’s probably the only thing he and I would agree on) proclaimed  Her Majesty, Hillary the First, as the resounding winner of the second presidential debate. I realize, what with the “news” media being bought and paid for, that this is the only conclusion they would dare to come up with, but I watched the debate.  As far as Queen Hillary being the resounding winner, I would beg to differ. Interesting that all the major nitworks  proclaimed Hillary the winner while just about all the alternative media I checked out felt that Trump trashed Hillary.  I would tend to go along with that assessment.

I felt from the get-go that Clinton would seek to divert the viewing public way away from her email indiscretions, the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, and all the rest of her political faux pas by majoring on the eleven year old tape of Trump using offensive and lewd language in regard to women. That was going to be the crowning touch in her argument as to why Trump should never be president. I think she really thought she had a cinch hand and could play it any way she wanted to.

She soon discovered that there were going to be parameters on how she played this hand when Trump brought in four of the women that her husband, Slick Willy, had been accused of raping over the years, one of which he had had to pay a huge settlement to to keep the matter out of court. You should have seen Slick Willy’s face when those women came in. You could have knocked him over with a wet noodle. He was less than a happy camper and Trump was telling her, in effect, “if you want to go there then I can play the same game.” He never said the words but the message was there and Hillary had enough political savvy to get it. They both ended up “going there” as the evening wore on, but not to the extent they could have.

Trump showed a lot more fight in the second debate than he did on the first go-round and he got his licks in. Of course that wasn’t always easy, as there were two moderators and Trump noted on more than one occasion that he was, in effect, having to debate three people instead of one. That was an accurate assessment, but then, that’s how these presidential debates usually work out–the socialist candidate plus the “moderator(s)” all ganging up on the conservative or patriotic candidate. That’s standard operating procedure.

Each candidate was supposedly allotted two minutes to answer a question but the moderators, somehow,  usually managed to lose track of the time Hillary had used to ramble on and on while they made dead sure Trump never got to go beyond his time, and he noted that a time or two also. There was a board in the room that kept track of the time, the same type you have a ball games, and when the candidate’s time was up it registered zero. Several times Hillary ran over her time and it registered zero and the moderators just let her keep going, showing no indication whatever to shut her up. I guess it became apparent to someone there that the television audience could see when zeroes showed up on the board because during the last half of the debate you never saw the board again. The cameras must have moved one way or the other to take it out of view.

Trump brought up several controversial topics that needed to be discussed and in each case Hillary sat there with an almost goofy smile on her face and when he got through talking she would get up and utter some inanity to the effect of “that’s not quite accurate” but she never quite got around to just what “accurate” really was. I wondered, watching her facial expressions as they turned from a near frown to sort of a silly smile, if she started smiling when the answer she was supposed to give Trump came through the ear piece she had seemed to wear in the first debate, the one that no one talked about. Other than something like that,  you could almost have thought she was trying to chew on silly putty.

Trump was much sharper in the second debate and he talked about issues while she sort of rambled about them, telling everyone all her grandiose plans if she was elected. At one point she prattled about her 30 years of political experience and Trump asked why, after 30 years, hadn’t she made any of the changes she now seemed so badly to want to make. At one point she said something like “I can only imagine what this country would be like if Donald were president” to which Trump replied “If I were president you’d be in jail.” That one drew applause, much to the chagrin of the “objective” moderators.

Now I may be a bit biased, but in my opinion, Trump, by having those rape cictime out there in front of the audience to sit there and stare at Slick Willy, knew how to pllaly his cards and he did pretty well against a stacked deck–not that the “news” media can afford to admit that.

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