The Klinton’s October Surprise

by Al Benson Jr.

There is an old Marxist ploy which many of us from the Cold War Era call “Condemn others, elevate yourself.” It’s a simple trick but it usually works because most people have not been taught to think well enough anymore to be able to put situations into perspective. Therefore, if you want to destroy someone’s reputation or credibility or both, you simply accuse him of the same type of thing you have been doing yourself and with the help of a compliant and prostitute media you can usually bring it off and appear to be taking the moral high ground, when actually your “high” ground is usually lower that that of the person you are trying to drag through the mud.

Such is the case with the Trump tape where Trump is heard making lewd and offensive comments about women. Now no moral person condones what he said and I think most normal people realize that, but the whole deal here is to make Trump look horrendous to the public at large right before the next presidential debate, which is tonight, October 9th.  Why they had to hold one of these things on a Sunday is beond me. They couldn’t have waited until Monday? They had to drag this thing into the Lord’s Day?

That the intent of this tape is to portray Trump as the scum of the earth there can be no doubt. And its effect has been demonstrated among the gutless wonders that parade as Republican politicians as they rush to distance themselves from Trump on so-called “moral” grounds. Most of them owe their souls to the Ruling Republican Establishment and so never wanted Trump to begin with, as his candidacy threatened to disrupt the CFR/Trilateralist agenda of their bosses for moving this country toward One World Government.

So let’s attempt to put this into perspective, looking at the situation as it pertains to Trump and the Clintons. For Trump, this is one comment he made eleven years ago. As far as the prostitute press is concerned he might as well have said it ten minutes ago, but he said it eleven years ago.  And he has apologized for it. Not that this makes any difference to the managed media. The comment is touted and the apology ignored.

So you have to ask–is he the same man now he was eleven years ago? Probably not. I know I’m not and I don’t think most folks are. Over the course of a little over a decade people’s views change and, hopefully, mature. I probably understand things now I didn’t have a clue about eleven years ago and many of us probably said things eleven years ago we probably would not say today because we know better. Lord willing, we all grow and learn, at least we should, and Trump is no exception.

So here we have something that Trump said, but it was only talk, lewd locker room talk admittedly, but still talk. Kind of like the talk we hear about Hillary being indicted for her corruption–just talk.

Yet we are now supposed to concentrate totally on Trump’s talk and totally forget all about Hillary’s thoroughgoing corruption over the decades. And we are also supposed to disremember  all things pertaining to her “significant other” and what he did to all those women whose names you all have seen in the news over the years and we are all now supposed to forget how Hillary was basically an enabler for her husband’s activities and how she tried to silence all the women that brought rape allegations against Bill. We are all supposed to forget Monica Lewinsky and the “blue dress” and all that like it never happened. None of that is to be remembered tonight at the debate–only Trump’s eleven year old statement. All Klinton indiscretions are to be forgotten–wiped out of memory as surely as Hillary’s email servers were wiped off and Trump is to be raked over the coals not only by Hillary, but also by the supposedly neutral “moderator” who, in reality, will be the second person on Hillary’s debating team.

If you ever wanted to see and exercise in Marxist doublespeak watch the debate.

And while I surely don’t, in any way, condone Trump’s comments of eleven years ago, I have to remember that they were eleven years ago and not eleven minutes ago.  I hope he fights back–because he is not the most guilty party in this Leftist-engineered scenario. The timing of this Trump tape’s release to the public is no coincidence.

6 thoughts on “The Klinton’s October Surprise

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  2. But, what’s more egregious and harmful, and illegal I might add…, telling a dirty joke to another person of your age group and sex, making a lewd comment about the opposite sex, or purposefully committing harmful and illegal sexual acts against women who don’t want your advances; including groping and rape, knowing your enabler wife will assault or have other criminals working for them threaten and assault anyone the sex craved husband chooses to molest…one woman after another over and over again…

    • Exactly! Trump’s words were not right but neither were Slick Willie’s sexual encounters and of the two, Slick Willie’s escapades did more damage to more people. Lives were damaged because of what he did and his wife ran cover for him through it all.

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