Secession–the Issue That Is Not Going Away

by Al Benson Jr.

When we lived back in Lincolnian Illinois I used to bring up the subject of secession here and there. Many of the people I worked with laughed (admittedly behind my back)  because in their thinking the secession issue was only something I had wild delusions about and no one else was ever going to think seriously about it. After all, the “Civil War” settled all that didn’t it? Sorry folks, it didn’t. Nor did that Supreme Court decision in 1869 that supposedly made it illegal really settle anything either.

When the secession issue burst upon the scene again several years ago with many states sending petitions to Sodom on the Potomac stating that people in their respective states wanted to secede by the thousands, one man who had listened to what I said about it back in Illinois sent me an email and said “You’re a prophet.” Well, not hardly, nor even the son of a prophet, but it wasn’t hard to figure out that the secession sentiment, even after 150 years, was still out there. Just because some federal flunky  informed us that “secession is illegal and you can’t do that” nothing changed.

There are two variations of the secession question that are out there today, not that you’d ever realize it if you were checking your Evening Fish Wrapper or listening to the Communist Broadcasting Service or the Communist News Network. These great purveyors of all the news that fits the agenda will barely admit to one. And when they do that they always seek to portray its adherents as “gap-toothed racists” who are all second cousins to Hitler and whose granddaddies  were all Grand Dragons in the KKK. This sort of drivel is standard fare for our “news” media and most people should be able to recognize that by now, although if you were “educated” in public schools you might have somewhat of a problem figuring it all out.

One version of the secession question says that the original Confederate States that seceded do not have to do it all over again, that they are still seceded and, basically under federal occupation. In other words “reconstruction” never really ended in the South, we were just told that it did. They lied. Unfortunately many were presuaded to believe the lie. In the interim the federal government has stretched “reconstruction” so that now the entire country labors under it–they just haven’t bothered to tell anyone. A slight lapse in their “transparency” I guess.

Author Kirkpatrick Sale, formerly of Vermont but now living in South Carolina, noted in a recent column on that “There are the usual cries against secession: it’s illegal, unconstitutional, and pointless, and that it didn’t work the last time. But although there was a Supreme Court decision of shaky logic and narror jurisdiction in 1869 that some have taken to have made secession illegal, there has never been any law passed by Congress against secession and indeed the one time when such a law was proposed it was voted down.  As to what the Founding Fathers thought, the fact that they had no trouble with three states explicitly stating they would join the Union with the provision that they could withdraw anytime they wanted to suggests that originally secession was assumed to be a taken-for-granted right.” If Mr. Sale is correct in this it just may be that the folks who have said we are still seceded and don’t have to do it all over again have a valid point.

There are others, however, for one reason or another, that feel we do have to do it all over again. The purpose of this article is not to argue with them or to create even more division between the two groups, but to point out that, whichever position you take, there are lots of people out there today that view secession as about the only way left to get out from under the clutches of a tyrannical Marxist-oriented regime that seeks to run, literally, every aspect of our lives–even to how much water we can flush down our commodes when we use them or what kind of light bulbs we can use. They seek to leave no part of our daily lives untouched by their leftist beneficence (and the constant reminder that they have the power and will not hesitate to use it if we fail to tow their line).

Thus it comes as no real surprise that in Texas a Public Policy Polling survey in August of this year found that 61% of those who support Donald Trump have stated that if Hillary Clinton is enthroned in the White House (which is still the plan of the One World Government crowd) they plan to try to get Texas to secede from the Union.It would be interesting to see what percentage of the Trump supporters in other Southern states feel the same way. Personally, driving across the Texas State line from Louisiana into the Republic of Texas when we go there would not bother me all that much.

So we’ll keep our eye on the secession question that used to bring so much laughter to some folks I knew up North. It just may be that some of them are not laughing quite so much at its possibilities now as they did earlier. And after the Brexit vote in Britain–who knows? Is there the possibility of a “Texit?”


10 thoughts on “Secession–the Issue That Is Not Going Away

  1. In addition to the possibility of the reestablishment of the Republic of Texas, don’t forget the proposed creation of the state of Jefferson, to be composed of Northern California and Southern Oregon.

    Also, there’s the Redoubt now established in Idaho, with White folks from all over America now seeking refuge in the Northwest (but not in Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon, which are too much like San Francisco).

  2. Right on Mr. Benson!

    I still say your brief essay on Gary North’s Conspiracy in Pennsylvania is a masterpiece.
    You write some great stuff, your work: ‘If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?’

    …is something I hope you can explore and expound on further. You really defined some critical things in that piece. Administrative tyranny is at the heart of everything usurped from The Compact of Confederation, to the war of northern aggression, to the decedents of Lincoln’s marxists of today. And secession/abolition is the only way we are going to vote our way out of this in a fashion that will have lasting and profound meaning.
    You have a knack for defining this stuff, your missing your calling. Even in the brief time from when you published If Liberty Was The Object, there are many more hearts and minds receptive to secession.

    You and I know who each other are, being we are Copperheads, and you and I understand secession from another perspective only a Copperhead can see. Southern Secession never ended with that war and “reconstruction”, it only needed to evolve, and if anything mature with time. All it takes is a tireless minority to never forget and pass on what matters most. That time has arrived.

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  4. A “Texit” is a wonderful idea, although I’m skeptical that the US government would allow peaceful secession any more today than they did in 1861. But if in God’s mercy it did happen, even though I’m Okie born and bred, if Oklahoma didn’t quickly follow suit, I would do everything I could to immediately immigrate to the Republic of Texas!

  5. As usual, Al Benson hits the nail on the head! The “behind your back laughers”are the “useful idiot “class of self described Progrressive Liberals who dominate the American Educational System.
    Text is on my mind.

  6. I have a theory regarding the never Trumpers and the forked tongue fence sitters who typically say Trump is the next nationalistic strong man, that he could be a corrective factor in these here dis-united states, but he isn’t fit to be president. What a fucking load of crap. And it goes back to the crux of the matter, Secession from Tyranny, for Liberty.
    It isn’t Trumps “fitness”, anybody can be, and anybody has the ability, and the right to be president, they forget themselves saying otherwise, this is a republic of will of the governed, it is a double standard of epic proportions. I don’t give a rats ass what you say otherwise. A natural born cultural marxist red diaper baby and black race supremacist was elected, twice, and hey you fucking numbnuts, how’s that worked out so far? Besides, if “fitness” to be president was an issue worth more than a bucket of warm spit, the Vagina Too Big Too Fail would have been disqualified in the democratic party primaries already.
    It isn’t Donald Trump’s fitness that is in question here, nor the psychopath in an oven mitt, it is the fitness of those who denigrate and poo poo the likes of Donald Trump and his Deplorables to be Americans to begin with. In a nut shell they are afraid, cowards to a man, true chicken shits who are scared of having to do the hard things, like fight for what is right, to stand up against the status quo and it’s collectivist class, truly, make America back into the great place it was and can be. They are afraid of things like defiance, resistance to tyranny, Lord forbid the idea of revolution is spoken, and Secession and Abolition of the federal leviathan, it’s apostasy. Hey you mental fucking midgets, how do you think this republic happened in the first place? They are the worst kind of enemy of freedom and liberty there is, worse than the likes of obama and his ilk, they outnumber the musloids by the millions, they are the resistance is futile crowd.
    Makes me sick, I want to gag.
    What a collectivist bunch of losers in their own class.
    They are the totalitarians creeping around among us.

  7. Luckily in Britain, we have managed to win the Brexit vote, although, we are still waiting for the Government to actually deliver on it. We assume it is happening. So we are leaving the European Union, that has dictated laws and controlled everything from how we measure weights and distances, to how we sell our locally produced food and why we should instead by European and let our own farmers go broke!

    This is exactly why the South Seceded from the Union, external foreign control from Washington. They however, ignored your sovereignty and forced you to return to the Union. Nothing has changed, your still being controlled by them and now they attack your very history and Southern Pride! Brussels and the British Government misjudged the British people and were amazed we voted to leave, because they ignored every demand we were making. Washington is now doing the same thing, instead of listening to Southern views and that of Christian Culture, which is after all the official Religion of America, they would rather ignore your demands and concerns, attack your very heritage and if anyone speaks up to defend yourselves, then your considered to be fascist racists!

    We have suffered the same here in Britain, because we voted Brexit, we are Racists! Well, my wife is a Creole (French speaking African) from Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, who has been a British Citizen for 28 years and my wife for 33 years. Her father served in the British Colonial Army. She is Coloured and she voted for Brexit! When asked why, she said because she was proud of British Heritage and Culture and did not want to be controlled by Europe! My family have served in the British Army since before the English Civil Wars, on every Continent. One branch of my family moved to America in the 1740s and a descendent George W. Hockley was a key founder of the Republic of Texas, serving as Chief of Staff of the Army of Texas and later as Secretary of War for the Republic of Texas. This is why my family are especially attached to the South and Southern Heritage!

    The point is, the Washington Government is poking a hornets nest. Sooner or later, they will go to far! Let us hope that this time it can be decided with a vote peacefully! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

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