Obama to Give Internet Away, Probably to the United Nations–Congress Yawns

by Al Benson Jr.

Within the past five days I read an article by Faye Higbee on http://unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com about how the Internet as we know it will probably disappear on October 1st of this year. Ms. Higbee noted: “On October 1, Obama plans to hand over control of the Internet to a company called ICANN. What’s the big deal? It’s just a company, right? Actually, there is a strong possibility that it could result in United Nations oversight of the Internet…which may limit the freedom we currently have to use it.” This would dovetail with Obama’s efforts to limit our freedom as much as possible before he leaves office. Marxists do this kind of thing.

ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. They control the mechanism or process which lets you open a domain name when you click on it. This tells your computer where to go and what to do when it gets there (unless it’s like my ancient computer and takes forever to get there).

Ms. Higbee observed that: “ICANN is a multi-national corporation that will need to have an antitrust exemption to operate.Before the hand-off, it was licensed  to US as a government connected company and allowed to be a legal monopoly. Without the US, that will have to come from somewhere else–like the United Nations (specifically the United Nations International Telecommunications Union–ITU).” Higbee has stated, and accurately so, that UN members that run totalitarian regimes are afraid of the Internet and they would dearly love to have control over it.  And our current beloved ruler would, no doubt, love to give them that control. That way when they censor certain areas of truth on the Internet he can’t be blamed for it but he can still enjoy the rather dubious benefits.

In the past few years most folks still able to think have realized that our current “news” (I have to laugh whenever I write that) media have been thoroughly co-opted by the One World Government crowd and they tell us only what they are told to. The material that is really important gets left out and all we find out is who is sleeping with who this weekend and other similar events of “world” importance. Most media people today a nothing more than paid political prostitutes, bought and paid for by the Establishment. And I say “most” because there are a few exceptions–but only a few. The rest are willing puppets on strings like most of the political class are.

Ms. Higbee has noted, and again, quite accurately, that “The UN is ‘politically correct’ AND Sharia compliant. Think about what will happen if the trolls in the UN get control of the Internet and how many websites could be severely impacted.” That’s the idea, folks. Lots of folks I know have blog spots, some with pretty large followings. They, and I, will be severely impacted too once the UN gets around to checking us all out to make sure we are politically correct (culturally Marxist) enough. It may take awhile because there are lots of us, but I am more than sure it will be one of the main items on their “to do” list.

Interestingly enough, it seems that there might be a solution to this Obama-driven dilemma. There are two bills now in Congress, one in the Senate and the other in the House that would prevent this from happening, both called the Protecting Internet Freedom Act. The Senate version is S. 3034  and the House version is H. R. 5418.

Both were introduced in June of this year, but there has been almost no action on either one and they only have a small handful of co-sponsors. Which means that, basically, Congress couldn’t care less whether our Internet freedom is lost or not. I’m told the bills are “in committee” so far. There must be a really lengthy debate going on over them if they’ve been there since June–or does the committee they are in just plan on sitting on them until the September 30th deadline has passed and then claiming they are academic and so why bother? And people wonder why Congress has only a 6% approval rating! Might I suggest that low rating is because people are beginning to wake up to the fact the Congress does lots of things it shouldn’t and not much of what it should.

I mailed letters to my two senators and representative  just this morning (September 3rd) asking them to vote for this bill and to co-sponsor it. I would urge lots of other folks to do the same thing. And I also questioned whether the committee they are in was planning on doing anything with them or just sitting on them in the fond hope they would not hatch. Doesn’t hurt to let them know you are on to their game. If enough people do that, with elections coming up, it just might get their attention.

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