Illuminists, Abolitionists, Spiritualists and Apostates (and they’re all related)

by Al Benson Jr.

Just recently I have written about the Illuminati, founded on May 1, 1776 in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt. It was and is an anti-Christian organization, one of the main functions of which was to destroy Christianity and overthrow legitimate government (not what we have today).  I noted that many historians claim this organization pretty much died out in the early 1800s and was never a serious problem after that. I wonder who taught these historians that. The evidence seems to give the lie to that convenient (for the Illuminati) little theory.

In his book To The Victor Go The Myths And Monuments Arthur Thompson, CEO of the John Birch Society noted: “A popular opinion in the early 1800s was that the abolitionists were agents of England, and there were a few who viewed them as an extension of the Illuminati. The masthead of the Liberator, William Lloyd Garrison’s abolitionist newspaper, reinforced this latter idea. The initial slogan on the paper was: ‘Our Country is the world–Our Countrymen are Mankind’.” This is consistent with the worldview of the Illuminati. And Garrison’s worldview leaned very much in that direction.

In a booklet I wrote several years ago on the abolitionists as part of my Home School History Course I noted some of Garrison’s comments and observed that he sounded strongly internationalist in his outlook. Garrison said that, after the overthrow of slavery, the cause of peace would command his attention, and he concluded by saying that: “As our object is universal emancipation–to redeem woman as well as man from a servile to an equal condition–we shall go for the rights of women to their utmost extent.” Garrison’s writings could  be strongly embraced by any Marxist, then or now. What Marxist is there, or has there ever been, who was not strongly committed to universal suffrage (at least for one election), world citizenship, peace, and women’s rights?  Remember who hired Marx to write his manifesto. The Illuminist worldview shines through here for those with eyes to see.

Mr. Thompson stated that Garrison visited England in 1833, where he made some rather uncomplimentary comments about his country in general and not just about the slavery issue.  And Thompson noted: “Someone had to organize this visit to England. You did not just get off the boat and start planning your speeches. Politically motivated organizations set them up by what were called lyceums, which were associations for discussion and instruction by lectures and other means…These lyceums were copies of the Illuminist  organizations on the European continent.” Mr. Thompson duly noted Garrison’s relationship with a George Thompson, a Chartist abolitionist leader. Donnie Kennedy and I mentioned the Chartists in our book Lincoln’s Marxists. Allan Pinkerton of the famed Pinkerton Detective Agency and a friend of Lincoln had been a Chartist in Britain before he came to this country.  The Chartists were British socialists. Mr. Thompson labels them as communists, and I surely won’t dispute him. In fact he noted that: “Garrison’s relationship with Thompson was so close that he named his son George Thompson Garrison after this Englishman.” And he also observed, with all this, it was easy for many to think that the abolitionist movement may have been English in origin, but then he said: “However, this just hid the real impetus behind the abolition movement. We must not forget that the epicenter of the Conspiracy had increasingly moved out of the Continent into England after 1800. Gradually, the leadership and top minions of all the Conspiracy’s second generation organizations were ensconced in London: Mazzini, Marx, etc. From there the epicenter moved to New York in the last half of the 19th century…you see that the issue was not simply confined to anti-slavery.” Mr. Thompson is correct. The abolitionist movement was, indeed, about a lot more than freeing slaves. That was the “up front” issue for the uninitiated.

In the circles of supposed anti-slavery, Mr. Thompson also mentioned Samuel Gridley Howe, of Secret Six fame and the husband of Julia Ward Howe. I did a series of articles for my newsletter The Copperhead Chronicle a few years back on the Secret Six and one of them was on the vaunted Mr. Howe. Turns out that Howe traveled to Germany, “In the company of Albert Brisbane, the communist, and he had a knack for showing up at revolutionary insurrections in Europe. His idea to aid anti-slavery in Kansas was guns…While in Europe, Howe was the head of an American Committee in Paris, which was helped and funded by the Illuminist Lafayette and played a role in the Polish revolution in the early 1830s.” He was a friend of Henry Longfellow and Charles Sumner, who was infamous for his hatred of the South.  Sumner was a Radical Republican who advocated world government and who would eventually join the communist First International.  So, as you can see, these people had a whole other agenda than freeing the slaves. That was but one step up the ladder in their ascent to world government.

And through all of this, hidden behind the curtain that you are not supposed to pull back and look behind,  is the shadow of the Illuminati–yesterday, today, and tomorrow. More to come. I haven’t yet touched on the Spiritualists, and they are something else!

4 thoughts on “Illuminists, Abolitionists, Spiritualists and Apostates (and they’re all related)

  1. Sure all looks like to me like the birth of liberty, called America, beginning in the interlude between the French Indian War and the Declaration of Independence, what those behind the total rejection of the state and it’s inherent tyranny, was utterly intolerable to many. So intolerable a state of war against our liberty has existed ever since. The actors behind waging this war change, but the main premise and the root of the various organized tyranny has essentially remained, carried on by subsequent generations of Illuminati, Jacobin’s, Fabian’s, Marxists and cultural marxists, what have you. (between all these fetid hate consumed people is their really any difference?)
    They all, their evil and their actions committed in the name of destruction of freedom notwithstanding, have reached a threshold of sorts. In many ways much has been accomplished on societal, economic and political to those ends, but the essential character of liberty and freedom has remained unchanged, and if anything the pendulum has begun it’s arc in the other direction.
    Liberty can not be destroyed. Long as one person holds it dear in their heart and mind, where faith and providence is root and branch of freedom, it is indomitable.
    And that is why I think these vermin strive so to destroy it. That indomitable spirit of liberty is abhorrent to such evil.

  2. That and the fact that true liberty comes from Jesus Christ first and foremost. Without the Lord there would be no liberty and no desire for it. God is the God of history and He will have the final say–so you are right, liberty will not die. Problem today is so many have been mis-educated by our govt. school system that they can’t tell liberty from license.

    • Well there you go Mr. Benson. Jesus Christ is the greatest revolutionary who has walked this God’s green Earth. The ultimate insurgent and legitimate representative of primal God given liberty.

      Thinking about it, I asked myself one day as the meaning and providence of liberty began to dawn on me, how could I believe in such a beautiful thing as liberty without believing in something greater than myself. How could this gift of being free come to me, how could I be worthy of such a thing, honor and cherish my liberty, if unless it began in my heart of hearts, in my spirit, unless I understood it originates in the ghost of the Holy Spirit?

      I’ll say this too, the only possible way the spirit of freedom dies is if I die, and even then, that spirit only becomes more powerful, because it will then have meant something in the most ultimate way possible, as it did for the greatest revolutionary who ever walked among mortal men.

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