The Illuminati, Conspiracies, And A Concern About American History

by Al Benson Jr.

Many folks that have read a little history have come across references to the Illuminati at some point. The take some of the folks you read about that address it will depend on where they are coming from and what they have been taught about it, and by who.

There seem to be some basic facts about it that even Wikipedia has picked up. It was founded on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt as a secret society, which means he did not want average folks to be aware of it or whatever influence it might have in their lives. It was the kind of organization that you would hardly share your knowledge about with Aunt Gertrude or Uncle Harry, and so Weishaupt practiced and advocated subterfuge or camouflage.  He said: “A cover is always necessary. In concealment lies a great part of our strength. Hence we must always hide ourselves under the name of another society.”  In other words he advocated the formation of groups with noble-sounding names that seemed to be doing something good while actually doing something completely opposite–sort of along the idea of Communist front groups, or some of these groups today that claim they do what they do to promote “racial healing” when actually what they are doing is the exact opposite.

The hidden agenda of the Illuminati started off with the destruction of the Christian faith. Whatever else they did, this was their main objective. They encouraged the dissolution of the family. They discourage patriotism. They sought to suppress the right of private property, and they sought the destruction of nations in favor of a universal One World Government. If you read The Communist Manifesto you will see just about all these objectives introduced there. And considering that Karl Marx was hired  by a group called the League of the Just (with Illuminati roots) to write “his” manifesto, that should come as no surprise. So Marx wasn’t even the originator. He was just a literary shill hired to put the Illuminati program into readable fashion.

Some historians have claimed that the Illuminati died out in the early 1800s.  Most of what I have read in the past several years would indicate that it is rather the other way around. It has, in fact, flourished under a myriad of different titles and organizations today that promote what it stood (stands) for and which are as thick as ticks on a hound dog. The entire concept of a New World Order, as envisioned by Bush One in a speech several years ago is the spiritual grandchild of the Illuminati.

Could you say that the way all this has worked out and is being worked out would fall under the definition of a conspiracy? Well, I reckon you could.  Just the thought of the word “conspiracy” scares some Christians absolutely witless.  They don’t want to hear about it, talk about it,  or, heaven forbid, DO anything about it. The very idea of existing anti-Christian conspiracies  is something many are terrified of. Do I believe in them? Yes. Do I advocate being scared silly about them? NO! In fact, with a little study and some resultant action on the part of Christians, some of them could be routed. So I don’t  recommend that Christians be scared of conspiracies–I advocate that Christians be ticked off about them because what they are trying to do is to bring our Savior and His Church into disrepute and inaction by their actions. And, in many cases, well-informed Christians willing to stand up and fight back could actually change some of this. Will we? Maybe if some can get to the point where they quit being afraid of offending the devil, we might.  I have often wondered over the years (and continue to do so) if some of the rank passivity and utter complacency of so many Christians today is part of the conspiratorial agenda. They’ve been neutralized and don’t even realize it. What was it the man said–“the brainwashed never wonder”?

Suffice it to say here that our history books have been thoroughly sanitized to an extent you would not believe. When my wife and I started home schooling (long long ago now) we went to several home school conferences to listen to what they had to say and to check out what was available for books. I learned after the situation in Kanawha County, West Virginia in the mid-1970s that you always check out the books. So I checked out the home school history texts first thing. What I found was mostly appalling. A lot of it was little more than public school material with a few Bible verses sprinkled over the top of it–like sugar sprinkled over the top of rotten corn flakes to cover up the taste.

Folks, I learned one thing a long time ago. If we don’t get the history right then we won’t get anything that has happened since right either. Current events will be like a Chinese jig saw puzzle to us because we will have had an incorrect and incomplete historical framework to deal with them through. And this is so terribly widespread that it cannot be by accident. Indeed, others whose material I have read, people who had more knowledge than I ever hope to,  have come up with the same conclusion. Often your kids are taught bad history  because bad history will not, can not, produce good results.

What I have said here is very basic and I hope it may give some folks something to think and pray about, and, Lord willing, I will hope to do more in this area.

7 thoughts on “The Illuminati, Conspiracies, And A Concern About American History

  1. My concern about American History is that most of it is revised false propaganda of Marxist ideologists who have infiltrated and taken over our schools and colleges, textbook writing, American history writing, books, articles, movies and video with a goal of indoctrinating, i.e. “brainwashing” entire generations of American youth with socialist propaganda and lies… That’s why Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont drew so much support from young people. This all started in earnest in the early 1960 and about the same time the era of free drugs and sex started. Until and unless we retake our schools, colleges and national institutions we will soon be a nation with over 50% of the population believing in the false utopian ideal of socialism and will never again win national elections. The once republican form of government guaranteed by our Founders in the U.S. Constitution will be history and the U.S.A. will be just another third world communist dictatorship, but with Islamic law and religion…which is Barack Obama’s objective…

  2. Al,
    You have the same concerns that I have. The left commandeered the teaching of history in this country long ago, it probably started before you and I were born and now it gallops leftward at an astonishing rate. There have been a few good teaching aids put out in recent years to combat this trend, but only a few and it’s hard to combat the left when it mostly controls the public school system, which was their invention to begin with.

  3. One who does not accept the truth of wicked conspiracies is either a idiot or part of the conspiracy. Paul said the mystery of iniquity was at work in his day . That is the conglomeration of the worlds nations united against GOD under Satan’s leadership. The Holy Ghost has combated this action and until he is taken out of the way it will fail. There is a day when it will succeed. Temporarily 2Thes. 2-7. I know we differ on eschatology doctrine Al , but I agree with you about the Illuminati. They are part and parcel with the Masonic movement.

  4. Al you bring up a most salient line of continuation of history unbroken to this day. If you look around these days, secession is in the air. To the marxists Secession is an existential threat, aside from the dirt people having arms and using their consent, second to none. The black supremacists movement doesn’t have to pay for a thing when the cultural marxists will sponsor them to whatever tune is required if it is possible to turn the south into Detroit, Baltimore and South Africa south of the Mason Dixon line. They have waged this cultural genocide across the United States since the opening of Johnson’s “War on Poverty”.

    One aim is the continuation of getting people to go at each others throats: divide and conquer. Part of being a marxist is the art of not getting your hands dirty, you get every sort of useful dupe to do it for you, get them to rip each others throats out, and you rob those of their prosperity who will be the object of your evil to pay for it. It is the politically correct poetry of power to do so. It is your destiny, your class duty, and sit back and revel in your god like intellegentsia wisdom of social engineering acumen, all the while keeping that ever important pinky in the air as you sip your celebratory champagne while you are insulated from the consequences.

    The marxists are still waging the war of Northern Aggression. They have never stopped “Reconstruction”.
    It’s instituting White Flight and White Genocide as another phase of destroying the defiant character and culture of the dirt people of the south. Every symbol, artifact, cultural evidence of that heritage of secession from the Lincoln and his marxist must be eradicated. Not one shred of the spirit of abolition and Constitutional Right of Secession from the North’s tyranny can be permitted to inspire and strengthen the hearts and minds of the dirt people. The NBPP and BLM are instruments in the latest political fashion of that agenda. This is Kill The Kulak’s amerikan style. The Agrarian nature of Southern dirt people is a foundation of freedom and liberty. That Agrarian heritage came from Europe and the great diaspora that leaped over the Allegheny’s into the Frontier to get away from the tyranny of the day. There is one long line of history that connects that past right through to today.

  5. The one problem with many of these conspiracies is that they have been used as an excuse for antisemitism, an ironic and sad diversion from the actual history of the Southern Cause. The Jewish contribution to Confederate efforts (especially in the North itself and occupied Southern territory) was such that Grant showed his true feelings by issuing orders for the arrest and confinement of Jews! There are still some of us that remember such things, and are proud of our ancestors’ loyalty to their States and the Confederacy. These foreign carpetbaggers, whether past or present, need to be exposed for what they are, as enemies of all Mankind — PERIOD.

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