Whether the Cultural Marxists Destroy Your Culture Or Not Just May Be Up To You

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently a good friend of mine in New England sent me a copy of a new book just out, written by Arthur R. Thompson, present CEO of the John Birch Society. I am still working my way through the introduction after skimming several pages here and there throughout the book.

While I think there might be a couple of areas Mr. Thompson and I might disagree about, over all, this looks to me like a book worth reading and as I go, I will probably end up doing an article or two on what he brings out.

What immediately struck me when I got the book was the title, To The Victors Go The Myths and Monuments. In light of the cultural Marxist assault on our faith, flags,  monuments and history here in the South over the past several years, especially in the last year or so, the title of the book sounded almost prophetic.

Over the years we’ve all heard the old remark that “the winners get to write the history books” and that’s true. No argument there. Problem is, that’s not as far as it goes. Not only do the winners get to write and promote their narrative of what happened, if they are vindictive enough (and the Yankee/Marxist IS a vindictive animal) they will try to change your whole culture, mindset, worldview, and not only yours, but also your children’s. If they are successful in erasing your unique culture from the minds and consciousness of your children, then your children, in a very real sense, become “their” children because they have conditioned them in regard to how they should think and reason. So most people in this situation end up losing more than they think.

The heinous onslaught against literally everything Confederate or Southern that started back in June of 2015 shocked so many Southern folks that they literally sat benumbed as it occurred, not sure what to make of it or do about it. The cultural Marxists had a field day before most Southern folks woke up. When some did awaken, they started to push back, and, all things considered, did a pretty good job for awhile. There were Confederate flag rallies and Confederate flag caravans on some major highways in the South, and Confederate flags went up all over the place. More in my area than ever I’d seen before and I have to admit they sure were pretty to look at.

However, the cultural Marxists, being if nothing else, keen students of human nature, anticipated all this. They realized that, after a certain point, their agenda would get pushback, and when it got to that point they stopped, sat down, and took a breather for the rest of the year. They knew what they were going to do. Their opposition mostly didn’t have a clue, so when the cultural Marxists backed off so did their opposition. The flags came down,  the caravans ceased, the rallies ceased, and lots of Southern folks, thinking they’d won a victory of sorts, went home and rested on their laurels. The cultural Marxists had only stopped to take a breather, not to quit. The average Southerner where he was involved at all,  went home, turned on the television and went back to sleep.

Guess what? This Spring it started all over again and if you are prone to watch the “news” on television or in what we laughingly refer to as the “newspapers” you can see, if you are perceptive at all, that this year is going to be a repeat performance of last year–only worse! The cultural Marxists she shifting into high gear again and most of the rest of us have yet to bestir ourselves. Always takes longer to get up and going on the second go-round. Takes longer to get psyched up to do it all over again, and some just never quite seem to make it. So the boob tube and the reality shows claim yet more cultural victims!

Much of this ran through my mind when I saw the title of Mr. Thompson’s new book. It was like I could hear the cultural Marxists telling us all “We’ve got you on the run now, and we WILL take down your flags, your monuments, rewrite your history, change your place names and street names, and when we get through, you won’t recognize anything anymore. Your culture and the memory of it will be erased and you will have no future because you  have allowed us to rewrite your past.”

So we need to ask ourselves–is this the legacy we want to leave our grandchildren? Only we can answer that question–and how we answer it will determine how much of what the Lord has given us we are willing to fight to preserve. So think about it. Pray about it–and do what the Lord would have you to do. And then get out and DO it!

4 thoughts on “Whether the Cultural Marxists Destroy Your Culture Or Not Just May Be Up To You

  1. I agree with Al, and would like to say that this Marxist revisionist ideology began in earnest shortly after Abraham Lincoln’s death along with the unnecessary deaths of another 630,000 young Americans who he declared “civil war” against in 1861.

    Since then the Marxist (Communist) ideological movement has been variously termed “liberal”, “far-left”, “progressive”, “socialism”, “Marxism” and “Communism”, not there is the “Communist Democracy” and “New Communism” movements. Funny how the chickens not only come home to roost but come full circle to where they started…

    Our problem is with America’s history, which has been so distorted by Marxist revisionists since 1865 and Marxist who infiltrated and took over our education systems and institutions and other national institutions who have perverted our nation’s true history by revising every important issue by brainwashing (indoctrinating) consecutive generations of our American children, beginning in earnest but even prior to 1960, to the point that almost 50% of U.S. citizens now believe and defend socialism/communism without question or knowledge of the true history of America or Marxism or Socialism/Communism.

    I have studied, researched and written using period document sources since I was 18 years old and I am now 77 years old and I can tell you the Marxist revised textbooks, 99% of the American history books, movies, articles and videos are disgustingly false Marxist propaganda.

    And I say to you fellow Americans, do not take my word for it. Do your own research of period documents, newspapers, speeches and letters and you too will come to understand why American continues to repeat history…because most Americans don’t know the true history of the United States or its former leaders…

    See True American History sections of my website: http://albarrs(dot)wix(dot)com/usandfamilyhistory

  2. Good observation brother Al. After more than a half century of Marxist infiltration of American Academia, most of our young people have been poisoned with the big lie of White Guilt. By default it is assumed that my Grandfather who I knew well, my Great Grandfather and Great uncles and Aunts were all racists. Why? Because they loved the”Southland” and defended it from the invasion from the Marxist inspired Federals. I am unaffected by racist accusations because I know better. Those who are blind to the truths of history are genuine “useful idiots.”

  3. One more reason why people should know their true history, which you will almost never get in public schools. Those who know the true history are much harder to manipulate because they tend to argue when they are lied to. Much easier for the cultural Marxists to operate if they have a gullible audience.

  4. It all begins with each of us, it has always been up each of us.
    That is the root and crux of our freedom and liberty.
    Nothing else, nothing more.
    It is not complicated or a mystery.
    It is the truth.

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