Is Orlando Yet Another False Flag?(Well there is a slight possibility)

by Al Benson Jr.

Whether its the theater in Aurora, Colorado or the public school in Connecticut or the church shooting in Charleston, most of these events seem to take on a similar hue and this latest one in Orlando seems to fit right in with the rest in the main.

The major difference here is that you’ve got a Muslim extremist, born in New York, who is a registered Democrat and he’s out there gunning down sodomites, who are among the Democrats’ best friends and supporters. But then, there are stories out there about him being a sodomite himself and being a regular at sodomite bars. There was an article about that on  for June 14th.

There was yet another article from Activist Post  by Brandon Turbeville which appeared on  also for June  14th which gave some credence to the false flag theory. Mr. Turbeville noted: “The FBI knew about the shooter and investigated him prior to the attack. The shooter had a connection to a known ISIS recruiter. The shooter’s father was a former ‘Afghan presidential candidate’ who supported the Taliban. The FBI’s history in creating terrorism.” Mr. Turbeville seems to feel that often our own government agencies have a hand in creating terrorism. Would that really surprise anyone? Whatever happens with this you have to know that there has to be some damage control exercised.

This guy, Mateen, got all his guns legally. He jumped through all the legal hoops he had to in order to get them. He passed all the background checks, the whole nine yards, and none of that picked up any problems. So what does that tell you?  All these background checks don’t really work, anymore than the supposed “vetting” of all these immigrants, illegal and otherwise swarming into the country in droves works. It’s all a useless trail of federal paper that leads straight to the federal commode.

However it does give our beloved ruler another opportunity to push his gun control/confiscation agenda–and unless more shooting incidents can be “spontaneously introduced” in the next few months he won’t have many chances left.

He got up there to comment on this and looked like he was giving the retarded fourth grade class one of his most outstanding lectures. He talked about how this country, not Islamic terrorism, is to blame for it all. Of course most of us realize by now that, in his eyes, white America is to blame for all the ills of the entire world, and if you haven’t heard him say that in so many words then you haven’t really been paying attention because he’s been saying it in his “around the barn” method for almost eight years now. This is the man who cannot even bring himself to utter the words “Islamic terrorist” and so he flat out refuses to do it. Has anyone ever stopped to think that just possibly, in his convoluted thinking, there is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist–there are only white, Christian, American terrorists–and they are terrorists because they refuse to play his game of blaming America for all the ills of the world?

And he closed out his comments by saying that Americans need to be more tolerant  of sexual behavior that is condemned by Scripture. Well, he didn’t say it quite that way, but that’s what he meant. But the Islamic extremism that killed those sodomites was Muslin prejudice, at least the prejudice of one Muslim, and not the prejudice of the average American, who our ruler blames for everything from Malaria to the blind staggers! This blame game, after all, is only to be played on Christian Americans and not Muslim extremists, who, in our ruler’s eyes are all exempt from everything except Sharia law.

Again, we have the case of another dead shooter. Seems that most of these shooters in these sticky situations end up dead. As has been before stated “dead men tell no tales.” Maybe if this club hadn’t been a gun-free zone a few less lives might have been lost.

One of the very few shooters that hasn’t been killed in recent years is this “useful idiot” kid in Charleston, South Carolina last year who shot those black folks in their church. They got him alive. Ever since then I have wondered what amazing statements he will make if they ever put him on a witness stand. If he was going to be of no future use to the cultural Marxists both in government and out he’d be dead by now. So as sure as the turning of the earth they are going to use him for something, and I am afraid it’s going to be the coup de grace that they feel will kill  Southern and Confederate heritage for good. Stay tuned–and keep your Confederate flags up!

In an article on  comments by Alex Jones of  were noted in a brief  video Mr. Jones did. The article noted: “Alex Jones, the founder of cut a quick YouTube video in the wake of the Orlando LGBT nightclub shootings that left 50 dead and 53 injured, suggesting that the root of the massacre went much deeper than radical Islamism–that the government was using radical Islamists to achieve a larger goal of control and power.  He said, in the brief video: ‘The attacks on Orlando were a false flag terror attack’.” In other words, this is the same old “pressure from above and pressure from below” tactic the Communists have used for decades.

Now I don’t always agree with everything Alex Jones says (neither do I totally disagree with him) but in this instance, I think he might be on to something. This one fits the classic pattern of so many false flag attacks we have seen in recent years, and the cultural Marxists in government, from the White House on down, always use these events to further  their political agenda, which is less liberty for us and more power for them.

As a man once said, “Think about it.”


6 thoughts on “Is Orlando Yet Another False Flag?(Well there is a slight possibility)

  1. Wake up America!

    What Obama, Hillary and their socialist co-conspirators are saying about mass murders is nothing more than a fog of camouflage to divert attention from their real objective…the disarming of American so that anti-freedom operatives like Obama, Hillary and their con-conspirator anarchists can overthrow the American people, our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence and install a communist style dictatorship models on the old failed Soviet Union one-party autocratic government…

    Please cut through the anarchist fog and focus on what is really going on behind the fog in American…

    For once let’s tell the American people and the world the truth!!!

    Al Barrs
    True American History Researcher and Writer…

  2. The question, or is there any question, what isn’t a false flag event Al?
    I firmly am of a mind and virtue it is all about guns, who has guns, who doesn’t have guns, who rules by the gun and who is ruled by the gun. Everything else is bullshit. Guns are the link in everything. Follow the money, and you find who wants to rule by the gun, and that tells you who and what they want to rule by the gun, and who they deem are not to be permitted to possess a gun. Ah, excuse me, that fact I own property, the first thing, is not up to anyone to decide but me. The fact that property is a gun, only makes the first thing unquestionably legitimate.
    Very very difficult to rule a country with impunity when comprised of a large majority who are people armed to the teeth exactly because those in power aim to disarm them. It is not rocket science or some mysterious conspiracy.
    Just ask Geronimo and Patrick Henry.
    Justice Scalia was eliminated because he stood in the way of judicial political perversion of the 2nd Amendment. They murdered that man at a hunting lodge as a fuck you to every gun owner in America.
    Like everything about liberty and primal rights, the 2nd Amendment and all of the Amendments along with the BOR’s, do not and did not grant us or not those fundamental freedoms. They are great ideas to read, but they really do not have much to do, as things are proving, with my rights to begin with. And that is one reason why I have a gun, and another reason why I will not give my gun up. Without that gun I am as good as a slave or taking a dirt nap because I could not defend my self and my liberty. That is that first thing. Everything else is pure fucking bullshit.

  3. The people that voted for this man (twice) have a lot to answer for as to why the country is going down the tubes. Trouble is, if given the chance, most of them would do it a third time, which shows that as bad as things have gotten they have learned nothing!

    • Yes, the totalitarians among us, members of the human extinction movement. Marxists in sheep’s clothing. They vote like a hive for genocidal megalomaniacs, the more blood thirsty the better. They squander the action of choice for shackles of fear. Life really is about choice if it is one thing. They sell their dignity for comfort. They are manifest in dodging responsibility, the state will protect them.
      Self determination, self sufficiency, independence of mind, thought, perspective, faith. Reason. It is to be feared like nothing else. Reason is what created the West. Reason is to be ultimately responsible for ones self and nothing less.
      Cultural marxist’, Fabianism, is about group think, the collective, the hive. “Diversity”, “Multi Culturalism”, empowerment not of the individual, hence slavish restraint of rising ones bar, but blind submittence to the group or class or race, those social euphemisms, as in “social Justice”, is to create the rationalization of denying their individual diversity, their culture, and in doing so individuals no longer think and act for themselves, they become useful dupes, their souls are ruled, they can see nothing past the warm fetid embrace of the herd and hive. It is to be a willing slave. It is insidious, it is ignorance and the rule of the lowest common denominator writ large, it is the dynamics of the human extinction movement. We even have a president who is one of the collective.
      And they hate and fear any person and our culture where people have the courage to self determine, of their convictions, who let not fear, but opportunity and venture guide them, and learn from mistakes naturally made along the journey, in spite of, who embrace the equation of risk and reward regardless of, the status quo, or insipid conventions of group conformity of and in worship of the human extinction movement. They don’t have a culture war, they are waging war on culture outside the collective. It is bigotry on scales of magnitude, it is the true racism, it is people who psychopathically bullshit themselves and each other, and bath in a wallow of hubris. Left to their actions unimpeded eventually this statism leads to pogrom and genocide, for their is no other end game, that is the end game. They are a cult of crybabies and arrogant meddlers, nothing is good enough, nothing satiates that addiction to self delusion, and the deeper the cult goes, the bigger the required fix to satisfy the dis-satisfaction of the souls they sold in their faustian bargain to cultural marxism.
      We witnessed it in the war of northern aggression, history is circular, yet it isn’t, in the sense this time around it is evolved into something inherent in its makeup, and the movement will use it’s own as cannon fodder, as it is a movement of collective suicide, culturally, physically.

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