Not Much Freedom of Speech Here Folks

by Al Benson Jr.

It seems that the article I posted yesterday as a warning to the Church was politically incorrect enough to tick someone off. Actually I thought it was rather mild compared to all that I could have said, but it was too much for someone.

When I went to get into my blog spot this morning I got a message that said “A script might be busy” and it went on from there, but the result was that I could not click into my blog to check my statistics for yesterday no matter what I did. I checked my debugging thing which was like reading Greek to me, but at the bottom of the Greek was a message that said “This site has been black boxed” and it went on to say that trying to click into the site on the regular icons was useless. It was indeed. I tried for several minutes with a bit of mild frustration and got nowhere.

I finally did find a way in or I wouldn’t be typing this out but it sure isn’t everything I could have hoped for and I am wondering how many of you all will get this. This isn’t the first time my blog has been “paid attention” to in one manner or another but this is a new wrinkle. I guess someone figured if the other methods they employed didn’t work they’d give this one a shot.

I find it interesting that those who howl the loudest about “free speech” are the ones that want to shut it down for everyone else but those on the left. Their version of “free speech” is much like the Communists’ version of “peace”–absence of resistance to everything they say and do. I don’t know if this latest “problem” is something like that or not but let’s just say it wouldn’t surprise me.


5 thoughts on “Not Much Freedom of Speech Here Folks

  1. Al, you may have a mole agent provocateur in your trust with access to your WP account who is betraying you. Or somebody is ghost hacking through your computer, they get in through something that you downloaded you where tricked into thinking it was clean. A jpeg, or an attachment or file. Consider carefully both. Might be trolls in the IT Dept of the service provider and or server you use also, they set up backdoors and help monitor targets. These methods of attacking your blog, and the problems your having happened to me on WP.
    They are despicable creatures, cowards, scum of the Earth, they hide behind the disruptive activities and work with the blessings of, state actors. Lot of them working and monitoring the commentary of alternative media blogs. Looks like from reading comments on this blog you have a couple who troll your comment section. It is a well established organization well staffed. You can spot them pretty easy, in fact there are a number of them who have multiple avatars, their style is recognizable even when they use different alias’s. You can bet between your’s, and my, Copperhead tendencies, we are monitored and watched on someones list.
    The Truth is existential to these fuckers. But they are nothing without statist cultural marxist support, they are nothing in any case. Psychopaths, truly sick individuals, the totalitarians among us. No matter what, it requires a fellow human being to do these kind of evil things, that is the truly nasty and hateful part.

  2. We do not live in a free country, not even kind of. The controllers don’t want us to have peace or anything enjoyable the are unhappy sick people, as Jim above has said. The wisdom you give out in your blog has to frighten the evil ones since they are so pathetic they thing they are morally higher than us; “riff raff:” But we know the future and the promise, and you have stood in the gap for good. I just have to develop some sort of compassion for our enemies and not gloat when they are gone. Frustrating but good to know we drive them crazy or crazier. Like garlic.

  3. Its probably just a combination of terms you used such as ‘Israel’, ‘End Times’, ‘demonic’ that tripped some monitoring program. Everybody say, ‘hey!’ to the NSA!

    • No, if you aren’t accepting how totalitarian the state has become, your living in a dream world or at best whistling past the gravestone of the US Constitution my friend. A tyranny that can wage war of aggression on the South and commit genocide on its own people, is long and far past worrying about the consequences of violating Al’s, or our 1st , 2nd, 4th and 5th liberties. Dollars to donuts, Al ends up on a no fly list, or as they did to Mike Vanderboegh, the citizen journalist who exposed Hillary Clinton’s gun running scheme Operation Fast and Furious, his laptop, phone, and luggage would be ripped apart and handed back to him a week later in little pieces, delayed so he missed his flights, and all his mail opened, picked up by the FBI, and sent unattributed letters he was going to be taking a dirt nap soon.
      And just to be frank with you, resistance to tyranny is never futile.

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