And You Thought They Only Vandalized Confederate Monuments and Graves (so you didn’t say anything)

by Al Benson Jr.

You can tell that the history destroyers had a busy couple weeks during the end of May, and it didn’t all happen in Dixie.

I read three separate articles yesterday (June 1st) about vandalism in cemeteries–all in the North. In Dixie we have grown used to this sort of thing. There are ugly people down here that, in some twisted way,  seem to think they are doing humanity a service if they vandalize and destroy anything they remotely perceive as being “Confederate.” They remind me of those that Jesus spoke of in Scripture when he talked about those that would kill Christians and think they were doing God a service. Such is their “contribution” to humanity–it’s all they really know how to do. Should they somehow end up holding an intelligent position on anything they really can’t debate it with any genuine opposition, so they destroy what they hate because they can’t legitimately defend what they love–which in many cases, is indefensible.

As it turns out, the North also has some of these history destroyers. The three articles I read dealt with vandalism in cemeteries in Massachusetts, New York, and Michigan–not exactly the heart of Dixie! In Hartwick, New York they damaged lights and more the 50 headstones, many of them more than a century old.

In Uxbridge, Massachusetts police are looking for vandals that damaged headstones in a town cemetery.  Many were toppled and others broken into pieces. The police think they may have a photo of the two involved, probably young males, both with darker hair.

And in Michigan, in Flat Rock, south of Detroit, there were headstones broken in a cemetery that was the original burial site of a Revolutionary War soldier and his family, but other family descendants who fought in other wars are also buried there. I did see a photo of this one and some of those broken headstones are old ones and they don’t look like they were easy to break. Someone went to a lot of effort to create this destruction.

So you have to wonder, what sort of hatred motivates people to this sort of wanton destruction? Do they hate history, any history at all, and those remembrances of it?  In the South that’s usually the way it is. The history destroyers hate our history, faith, and culture, all of which they would dearly love to change and obliterate so they can replace it with their version of “history” which is really a perversion of what actually happened. The Marxist class struggle agenda has been played like a fiddle here in the South, thanks to much of what has passed for “history” in institutions of public “learning.” Blacks have been taught to hate everything white (except white Marxists), via the  “Civil Rights” Movement and their own leadership has betrayed them by selling out to the white Marxists for whatever they could get. Rather then helping their people to get a leg up economically and learn skills that would help them prosper in the world, they have concentrated their efforts on denigrating and destroying anything white or, Heaven forbid, Confederate.  Lots easier to destroy than it is to build and it gets better headlines from the “news” media too.

I’m sure lots of white folks in the North whose historical knowledge is zilch have looked at what has happened down here with the attempted destruction of our culture and said “Well, serves those redneck racists right.” Only problem is that they are starting to get some of the same treatment up there and they’re not real happy about that. All these cemetery vandalism accounts I’ve mentioned took place during the latter half of the month of May this year. You almost begin to wonder if they put something in the water up there along with the fluoride. What happened during the last half of May that turned these history destroyers loose? I think you are going to start to see more of this in the North, just like you are going to see more of it here in the South as the year moves on. The cultural Marxist ethnic cleansing agenda is far, far from over, and anyone that took his Confederate flag down last year because he thought it was all over when the cold weather came should maybe consider putting it back up again. Maybe some of the patriotic folks in the North should start trying to find some pre-War Between the States flags and start flying them to commemorate their history. It is a given that if our history and heritage in the South is to be under attack, then they day will come, soon or late, when the same thing will happen up North. It’s already beginning if you take the trouble to look.

The day may even come when Northern patriots, with their heritage under siege, would like to get some assistance from the folks in the South in defending their pre-War history. We in the South would have appreciated some understanding and assistance from Northern folks last year, but we’ve learned to do mostly without. And here again, I’m not talking about the good Northern folks who do have some appreciation for the South and what it stood for (not slavery, you had that in the North, too. You just got rid of it a little earlier than we did).

Before all this history and culture destruction is done all areas of the country will be under cultural Marxist siege, the intent of which is to totally destroy our history, faith, and heritage as both Northerners and Confederates.  They want it all gone and the day is coming when they will savage Revolutionary War monuments and flags every bit as much as they are not doing to Confederate flags and monuments.  All of us are, or will be, under attack from the cultural Marxists because the destruction of our culture is a main part of their agenda, be it done from New York, Washington, or Atlanta. We are in a culture war and we had better wake up to that fact! The history destroyers are out to cut all our historic and cultural throats and we had better wake up and start learning how to deflect the knife.


7 thoughts on “And You Thought They Only Vandalized Confederate Monuments and Graves (so you didn’t say anything)

  1. Actually this practice didn’t start recently. This began back before The War of 1865! States in the North began purging its history books and newspapers of the fact that all colonies and states in the U.S.A. had slavery…including northern states! There were many “black cemeteries” in northern states but the white residents in an attempt to deny they were slave states and the fact that none of them emancipated any of their slaves but put them aboard Northeastern U.S. Slave Trader vessels and shipped them down to Caribbean Nations, South and Central America and sold them for huge profits. Black cemeteries were concrete evidence of the black slave trade and ownership in northern states. To cover up that fact northern residents removed evidence of the existence of black cemeteries by destroying headstones, most of which were wooden and building over the cemetery sites. This was accidentally uncovered when property owners began to build roads and new buildings with basements.

    In most of the South this was not the case. In the cemetery where many of my ancestors were buried there is a black cemetery right across the little two-track road that runs down through the cemetery in south Georgia. White church members have placed PVC pipe crosses on all of the graves that they could validate or locate.

    Al Barrs
    True American History Researcher

  2. That’s the great thing about cultural marxism and its adherents, they are equal opportunity destroyers, of everything. Notice any parallel’s here with the musloids? Both depend on using fear as a tool, employ the extortionary power of threat of and use of violence, it is totalitarianism 101, deny them the means of self defense and self determination, make people afraid, then go after those who do not fear such things, because they stick out like a sore thumb and make a dandy example of to keep those afraid in line.
    They are into diversity all right, they diversify out into every aspect of Western civilization and try to destroy it.
    And all those damn Yankee’s, with their fingers in the wind, they are going to be reaping it. This is the aggressive and violent indications of ultimate consequences of their actions. Social engineering never works, there is no utopia, no free rides, no such thing as free shit, every system of tyranny turns in on itself when it reaches the climax of it’s consequences.
    Keep in mind, a ruling order out of chaos is the end game here. Always chaos, the more the merrier. D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y, they diversify out into every facet of the sphere of our lives and culture and rip it up by the roots. These are acts of manufactured chaos also. There is nothing grass roots or spontaneous about it. These events are calculated, and fully funded, by very shrewd and cunning members of the human extinction movement to create a myriad of results carefully cherry picked and utilized in an ever increasing chaotic false flag events. It is disruption as a method, crisis as a means. Remember no good crisis goes to waste. When you create turmoil and bedlam across a culture, you are presented with an array of convenient consequences in real time, and you can nudge and herd people and their behavior in directions that set them up for more in an escalating gradient.
    And the lefttard sycophants and useful/willing dupes of the masses thought they would remain untouched in their enclaves of diversity and equal civil rights.
    How civil are those rights looking now?
    The only civil right is the primal right of self defense of ones liberty from criminals, of all types, and cultural marxists. What else is there to defend ones self and liberty from? The only threats a people of Christain Judea values and their culture face is a criminal tyrannical state, 1862, remember, and cultural marxism, and if you give it a proper think, there is not any difference.
    The ironic thing here, after all this time, there is no difference between 1862 and now. The South was right, it was always right. Secession from and Abolition of The State, is properly the only recourse. It is not only the culture, mores, traditions, and virtue of the Southern Patriot the cultural marxists detest, it is that Southern Patriotism and it’s secession from the marxist sonofabitches is the greatest threat to marxist rule. The war of northern aggression is a profound reminder of why the South was legitimate in it’s cause of secession and liberty. It must be destroyed, every vestige of defense from and resistance to tyranny must be eradicated.
    Destruction of the graves and tombs of natural born warriors of all wars is an act out of desperation, an act that indicates the cultural marxists are very worried the dirt people are starting to resist and act in defiance of them and their tyranny. They are afraid of this like nothing else, it haunts their dreams, they whisper about these defiant ones in their inner sanctums, it haunts their waking hours constantly, you see it, the strident and arrogant tines, the self righteous denigration of those who refuse to bend a knee. There are a whole collection of political prisoners rounded up from Burns Oregon and the Bundy Ranch, the ranchers and their compatriots who dared defy the bastards, wasting away in a federal gulag accapellego without trip, Habeus Corpus has been suspended in entirety, secret, Secret grand juries, staffed with “law enforcement” personal posing as impartial jurists, 9 dead and hundreds charged on specious fabrications, the Bikers of Waco Texas who were literally ambushed, a targeted hit to send a message to the 2 millions Bikers, who you never heard of riding on Washington DC in 2013, 2 million! And those are who were counted on the interstates. Those warriors in those graves, and their decedents, people who got it in them to fight back, and those who will support their warriors, they are the indomitable spirits among us, they are that tiny plurality that possesses indomitable will, they are really the most legitimate people dead or alive. They own equal rights, the equal right of all men to fight against tyranny, to defend the rights of men.
    They are the “I Won’t!” people, and their “I Won’t!” is the most powerful weapon ever devised.

  3. I am a life member of the SCV and a member of Zebulon Baird Vance, Camp 15, Asheville, NC.
    I have never been shy of expressing my support for the organization and why we exist. Hence, among other expressions, I have an NC SCV license plate and numerous Confederate theme stickers on my truck. This caught the attention of several colored men (late teens/early twenties) while I was in the grocery store. Upon returning to my truck, I noticed their attention toward me and I smelled a rat (actually, 3 or 4 of them). I instinctively checked for obvious cuts in my brake fluid line. Finding none, I got in to leave, but still had an uneasy feeling. So, befor descending the hill toward a very busy intersection, I “stood” on the brake toddle. Good thing I did, they had punctured the solid line leading to the rear just enough to hold untill I was underway.
    The thugs laughed their asses off. I could have been killed an so could several others at the intersection. I reported it to the Asheville police. They were not interested enough to even get the report right. I got a copy of it, and it is pathetic. I consider it a “hate crime”, but it seems that lable is reserved to pander to the Negroes.

    George H. Cooper

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