“Civil Rights” Morphs Into Anti-White Discrimination And “Transgender” Rights–Part Two

by Al Benson Jr.

As previously stated the “Civil Rights Movement” was mostly not the noble crusade it has been painted as by a compliant “news” media. If anything it was an exercise in class struggle and a vehicle to feather certain political nests over on the far left. In his book It’s Very Simple–The True Story of Civil Rights author and investigative reporter Alan Stang noted, on page 97, that: “…There are in the United States two kinds of ‘Negro Leaders’: the violents and the ”. non-violents. The violents want to destroy the United States and set up their own nation on part of it. All the non-violents want is integration. Americans of all colors are going to get one or the other, they are told,  so they’d better take the integration. If they don’t, they’ll get the self-determination, and that’s bound to be unpleasant. In other words, if the violents make a riot, and the non-violent Rev. Galamison doesn’t get what he wants,  the violents will probably make a bigger riot. If you wanted to define it in one word you’d pick the word ‘entortion’.” That’s what a lot of the “Civil Rights” Movement was built on. This is not new. The same principle was used in the labor union movement. So most people, in an attempt to do the right and peaceful thing, picked integration. Has that choice solved the race problem?  Hardly! It wasn’t intended to. So we got the integration and the riots right along with it–and now blatant anti-white discrimination and the perverted “transgender” movement have become new “civil rights.”

So exactly what are the “civil rights” of the white majority? Why they have the “civil right” to put up with all this, and to pay for all the cleanup from all the riots they got along with the “peaceful” integration!

Opportunistic liberal (socialist) white politicians played the “Civil Rights” game for all it was worth, and now black “Civil Rights” pimps are playing the same game. Roger Stone, in his book The Man Who Killed Kennedy–the Case Against LBJ  noted, on page 8 that: “The Kennedy civil rights record is also a myth. JFK mined for black votes in 1960. His bold call to Dr. King’s wife when King was jailed in Selma…brought the important endorsement of Dr. Martin Luther King Sr. and a major swing of black voters against Nixon…Yet JFK would drag his feet on civil rights…The open housing and voting rights acts promised by JFK were late in coming and stalled in Congress when he was killed.” And LBJ was not averse to playing the “Civil Rights” game for his own advantage.  On page 33 of Mr. Stone’s book he observes: “Kessler shared some of LBJ’s jaw-dropping racial slurs in a book called Inside the White House.  An Air Force One crew member stated that the President had his own opinions about the Civil Rights Movement ones that were the complete opposite of his public actions to make America a ‘Great Society,’ and he blatantly shared them with anyone within earshot…In a meeting aboard Air Force One, shortly after signing the Civil Rights Act, he was pleased to promise two governors: ‘I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years’.” So it seems that black leaders were willing to use white liberal (socialist) politicians to get what they wanted and the white liberals were doing the same thing to them to further their own ends. Everybody used everybody. When you stop and think about it, this kind of reduces the “nobility” of the “Civil Rights” Movement to something slightly less than altruistic.

Now however people in the 1960s used the Civil Rights Movement for class struggle and for their own advantages, you have to admit that this movement, as it is interpreted in our day, has come a long long way, baby. Now it’s being used as the   reason to promote all manner of sexual perversion from sodomy to “transgender” rights.

When the State of North Carolina passed a common sense statute to keep “transgender” men out of women’s public restrooms it received a stinging rebuke from our current Marxist-in-Chief and his :”Just Us Department” as presently administered by Comrade Holder’s successor, Commissar Lynch. A World Net Daily  article for 5/5/16 stated: “In North Carolina, lawmakers adopted a law in March requiring people to use gender-designated public facilities that correspond to the gender listed on their driver’s license. The aim was to protect women from being confronted by a naked man. But the U.S. Department of Justice this week threatened the state with financial penalties, claiming the law violates the 1964 Civil Rights Act. That argument presumes Congress, in 1964, wanted men to be allowed to use womens’ restrooms and locker rooms and vice versa, which is ridiculous, contends Kellie Fiedorek, a legal counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, which specializes in civil and religious rights.” But all that doesn’t matter. Our current ruler is absolutely fixated on making sure “transgender” men get to use women’s bathrooms and the only thing that seems to concern him more is that he has not yet been able to find a way to disarm honest citizens and gut the Second Amendment. But don’t worry, he’s working on that one, too. In case you might, in your wildest fantasy, be tempted to ask about the “civil rights” of honest gun owners, please don’t bother. Their “civil rights” in the area of the Second Amendment will be abridged as soon as he can manage to find some way to do  it that sounds even quasi-legal.

And his co-dependent that heads up the :”Just Us Department” is working overtime to push whatever he says and to threaten those that do not agree. You have to understand that those who disagree with the edicts of the federal government, legal or not, their “civil rights” are automatically suspect, and if Commissar Lynch can find a way to suspend them she will. The one “civil right” you have is to comply with everything the federal government expects of you. Anything beyond that is “open to negotiation” depending on how compliant you are willing to be.

So just stay tuned, folks.  You will be surprised what the 1964 Civil Rights Act allows before you are done. And while those that rammed it through would probably be surprised at where it has gone and how it is now being used, I’m sure most of them would not disagree. They would probably, from their seats in the hottest of all possible places in hell, say, “Why didn’t we think of that?”

20 thoughts on ““Civil Rights” Morphs Into Anti-White Discrimination And “Transgender” Rights–Part Two

  1. The violent vs non-violent negro leaders reminds me a little of muslims: the violent ones commit acts of terrorism because we’re ‘anti-islamic’ we are told by the ‘moderates’.

  2. Islamist invasion is a proxy of the cultural marxists. Essentially it is a mercenary force. Like black tantrums don’t matter, a race war proxy.
    Sooner or later we are going to have a fight over this, it will be the Gates of Vienna everywhere, little pockets of crusades everywhere, we are in for it, it is the war of northern aggression redux, nobody is coming to the rescue except what we ourselves are capable of rescuing and redressing, it will be up to one guy here, a small group there, a nuclear family and friends, this tribe, and that village, pockets of resistance and reformation, people will come to know what God’s savings grace is again, intimately so, many won’t make it, but out of that will be forged a renewed spirit and indomitable will and sense of place and time. And those who forget that history is circular, those who ignore the past will take the dirt nap. Those who made the faustian bargain are really in for it.
    There is not much for stopping things now, we are all like the pig, committed.
    Yet somehow i can not help but believe nothing is so bad in this that it isn’t good for some really great things. I think two events in time, the time of the compact of confederation, and the profound legitimacy of the act of southern secession from northern tyranny, they represent momentous events in time, events which are larger than history, because they are true singularities of paradigm movements of people towards genuine unfettered liberty such as never witnessed. And that somehow there is a legacy in that all, that can not only never be extinguished, that to the great contrary, legacy which is evolving, which has an evolutionary truth to it, and that the tribulations and trials faced now are the growing pains of liberty and freedom, that somehow, because of divine providence, because of the provincial and agrarian nature of liberty that courses through our blood, because we are blessed with being born into liberty, no matter what we all face for evils, and from ourselves, we come out the other side better, larger, wiser for it. Those who fought tooth and nail for the rights of men, that liberty was only half realized, it was and has always been up to us to take that legacy and nurture it proper. It was never going to be easy, we where going to make some serious mistakes, face almost insurmountable setbacks and obstacles, but never in the grand scope of God’s great providence would liberty ever be extinguished, indeed, the opposite is the truth.

  3. Talk about revising history here is well written essay on the subject of how the cultural marxist operate:

    White Slavery Denial
    by Jim Goad
    May 16, 2016

    “The currently approved conceptual framework for American race relations dictates that whites—all of them, simply by dint of being white—are oppressors. Any deviation from this rigid script, no matter how deeply rooted in fact, must be immediately annihilated like a blood-engorged tick.

    We are taught that black academic and financial underperformance—as well as black over-performance in crime—are the direct result of slavery’s horrid legacy. There are to be no other possible explanations. To note the hugely embarrassing fact that American blacks live far longer and under vastly superior economic conditions in America than they do in any majority-black nation on Earth may be factual, but it is RACIST because it undermines the ironclad Guilt Narrative that must never be questioned…”

    • On white slavery, in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped, the protagonist David Balfour (Scottish and therefore white), is kidnapped to be sold into slavery in the colonies in 1751.

      • The Tories and Fabian’s, and their continental colonial loyalists, you can see where the cultural marxists originated from. They literally where not just helpless, but completely ineffective against the patriots, if it wasn’t for King Georges army and navy, there would have been no need for revolution in the colonies and no Fabians, no cultural marxists today. It’s all total bullshit without a violent police state that uses force to impose the administrative tyranny and idiocy of cultural marxism.
        Without force and threat of and use of violence as ultimate back up for imposing cultural marxism, it is meaningless idiocy that carries no weight or legitimacy. It is in any case in all truth.
        Cultural marxists are literally the worlds greatest crybabies.
        Look at them, talk about a bunch of spoilt brat worthless excuses for human beings. Enough to make you laugh so hard you puke.
        There is in no uncertain terms any way these imbeciles and useful idiots would would have got where they are today without the grace and tolerance of this nation of dirt people. No Way.
        They have had it easy, the sonofabitches running things have it it easy, the red diaper nincompoops and self appointed potentates, the crooks thieves liars, trough feeders and mandarin’s who constitute the crony corrupt capitalism that poses for government, the fucking lyon’ ass media, never had it so easy.
        You know what Al, their time is up. All of them, their days are numbered.

  4. One of the leaders of the Black Lies Matter movement was arrested on 7 counts of human trafficking and prostitution charges.
    I understand, now I could be wrong mind you Al, being I’m a Christian White man, and privileged don’t you know, being a pimp selling teenage girls for sex is slavery by any other name.

    BlackLiesMatter – Activist Group Leader Arrested For Sex Trafficking, Blames “Conservative Trolls”


    “…Wade, No. 40 on The Root’s 100 most influential black activists, was also invited Tuesday by the White House to a movie screening with other Black Lives Matter activists…”

  5. Somehow I am not surprised. This is the kind of company our Marxist-in-Chief has kept all his life. I read a book by Stanley Kurtz, I think it was, called “Radical-in-Chief which went into Obama’s background starting with his college days. It really gives you a prolific glimpse of life on the radical left. You might still find it in a used book store. I picked up a copy for five bucks in the used book section at the Books A Million in Monroe.

    • Al, before the commie was installed, I wrote about his history and past associations going back to before he was born, I had my intuitions and my suspicions, the same suspects and actors keep showing up, and behind them is a trail of blood, dead bodies, false narratives, and oh so convenient crisis’ as a means. I carefully began to connect lots of dots and timelines on his present regime of red diaper baby associate’s, their origins and decendents, and the cabal of insiders pre-position within the federal government and particular states attorney general’s offices. They been at it a long time. This government is infested with these vermin. A scourge of biblical proportions.
      I was a citizen journalist, the first to researched and publish revelations and the conspiracy contained in the East Anglia document dump involving the global warming scam. I wrote about my suspicions and empirical evidence regarding Malcolm X as the genetic progenitor of the usurper, how everything pointed towards that, times, places, people, events. One day, the day my editor was going over my work on this, I get this email, no sender address, no http tags, no nothing, just “Mossad” in the context box. It contained a PDF document of a Isreali Mossad report on obama, and Malcolm X’s associations with Chevez, Castro, Frank Marshal Davis, the family tree and commie associations of the Dunham’s. Surrounding a timeline took place in Hawaii just prior to the Cuban revolution. But what was even more interesting, the email just disappeared when I went to copy it and send a forward of it to my editor. That was when things started to get real crazy.
      It should come to you as no surprise it all for all the reasons, caught the attention of elements within the cultural marxist regime. The newspaper I was writing for became the target of agent provocateurs under cover as fellow writers, a smear campaign was started, I was a neo Nazi, a skinhead, friends and loved ones began to notice strange things happening with their cell phones and computers, our computer server system at the paper was hacked into, we would change servers, and the next day or so we where denied service, server company’s in the US where threatened with federal regulatory threats and denial of licensing if they served our news website, we had to go to Great Britton to get a server company to host us, the FBI became involved because of the seriousness of the computer crimes waged against us and Hughes Net North America, because the hackers ghosted through my and a fellow journalists computers to gain real time access to our WordPress writing system. The FBI was in short order ordered to drop the case in entirety. It was disclosed to us by certain individuals the hackers IP’s where traced back to the executive wing of the white house. There where trolls in Hughesnet’s IT department who where involved in hacking and disruption. All this hacker crap began literally the day the usurper was “sworn in” as dictator. They where watching us for awhile and set up to do the deeds before the “inauguration”. There where many other things which took place also, of particular note, thugs in federal government tagged vehicles, I reasonably intuited where actors from obama’s organizing for amerika, where sent to my house to intimidate me. They boldly trespassed on my land in broad daylight like they owned my property. It was quite the event what it was. I let them know graphically, in no uncertain terms, their longevity was measured in seconds, and if I ever saw any of them slinking and skulking around in my area ever again it was on like donkey kong and they would all to a thug be having an intimate conversation with their makers. Sheryl Atkinson doesn’t know the first of what is going down with the peeping fucking perverts in the federal government, let me tell you.
      These fuckers don’t scare me one bit, and you all reading this, neither should you fear them. The whole premise of their “power” is based on bullying and threatening anyone and everyone who lives by the truth and virtue. They are far more afraid of people like me, or you Al, and everyone who stands their ground, than any threat to their power. It is why they are waging open war against the South and the dirt people who reside in liberty.
      To me, everything else is major fucking bullshit. These people are scum. Criminals. Period. They have organized a crime syndicate, no different than the musloids. It is shakedown and extortion operations. Ideology? Religion? Equality? Civil Rights? Social Justice. Give me a fuckin’ break. The US government is run by the greatest organized crime syndicate in human history. Everything they do know involves surviving that illegitimacy to retain power. Follow the money, got nothing to do with politics, that is just a handy fig leaf. They are a gang of sociopaths, psychopaths, thieves, hooligan’s, perverts and sycophants plain and simple. And deserve to be treated as exactly that.
      And right now, we are seeing under that fig leaf of illegitimacy, it is becoming a crisis of legitimacy. And the cracks in the facade are beginning to show in living color what has been hiding in plain sight. Secession not only of a culture and its geographic area, but foremost secession from this tyranny, is of and by the hearts and minds of people of the South, even the possibility the idea of it becoming a grass roots preference is so dangerous it is an existential threat to their power. Nothing on God’s green Earth is more dangerous, not Ayatollah nuclear tipped missiles, not Chinese hegemony, not Russian defiance to Pax america and its right wing faction of cultural marxism and its handmaidens in the military industrial/bankster oligarchy, nothing scares these fuckers like the cultural heritage and Christian based faith and heritage, the history and morals of people of the South and the dirt people across this Republic.
      Up their arses!

  6. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was anti-white from the very start. Here is a list of those damm Yankees that wrote the act. Emanuel Celler, Robert Kennedy, Burke Marshall, Nicholas Katzenbach, Harold Greene, Mike Mansfield, Hurbert Humphery. They are all dead now, These are the main men that helped destroyed the South. I suspect their little spot in Hell is pretty Hot, I hope. I just read a short piece about the North, It was written by the Mobile (Where I was born) Evening Paper they described the North as a Monstrous mass of moral disease. Nothing has changed.

  7. Those men who wrote the 64 Civil Rights Act, wanted to achieve one goal: Change the Christian South into a godless nation.
    R J Rushdoony described the process as Moral Disarmament. He said it always precedes the economic, political, and military disarmament dismemberment of a people. It makes us sympathetic with evil in order to make us hostile to good. The next step is to call the good evil. It is the prelude to collapse and ruin, to captivity and slavery. How far along to you think we are in their plan?

  8. Always enjoyed reading Rushdoony. He seemed to get a lot that other Christian commentators just missed. I appreciated his insight. He gave you something to think about. At the risk of sounding “negative” which is a no-no for Christians nowadays under any circumstances, I think we are at the “dismemberment of a people” stage, which most Christians do not want to deal with and would rather not even be aware of.

  9. Al, you could be right at where we are. I have read a lot of his writing and listened to many of his tapes . I have the great fortune to know someone who was a friend to Rush he preaches the same gospel. We need that gospel now.

  10. It would sure be a major improvement over much of what we get today. I had the opportunity a couple times to hear him speak in person at conferences held at a church we attended in Illinois several years back.

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