“Civil Rights” Morphing Into Anti-White Discrimination And Transgender Rights–Part One

by Al Benson Jr.

Not quite everyone sees the “Civil Rights” movement as the noble crusade to give blacks equal rights as the “news media” has been trying to tell us for decades now. There was and is a lot more involved here than “equal rights” but you are not supposed to realize that. There are cultural differences between the races that never get discussed.

In fact, there was one black man, Albert Burton, who wrote a book about the developing “culture conflict” between whites and blacks. His book, when it was published (1964) bore the rather startling title Whole Nigger or None.  Referring to Burton’s book, the author of The Bondage of the Free, Kent Steffgen, said: “It is Burton’s opinion that gross errors about the characteristics of Negro life have led the North astray from any possible hope of an understanding. As a Negro he holds that the real villain of the ‘rights’ movement is the Northern humanitarian, who has actually brought on the problem by creating a market for it through his almost total ignorance of the colored makeup. To Burton, the Negro is the victim, not the beneficiary, of northern altruism.  He has been bought off for the all-important Negro bloc vote,  bribed into becoming a slum dweller, then blamed for being there…While the Negro desires many of the same things as other people, he sees himself as a consumer, not a producer, and does not believe he should have to work for things the white man thinks he ought to have…Minus all the agitation, the Negro would be content to sit back and take life easy, enjoying the prolonged, idle  hours of welfarism without a care…For this he will go to the polls and vote for the welfare state until eternity.” Now as you all read this, just remember that it was a black man that wrote it, not me or some other white guy. This was his opinion of his own race, or at least most of them. He did differentiate between the folks he described here and the black businessmen who were hustling and trying to make a go of it.

Whatever you may think of his commentary, he does have a point. Quite often you have to live in the South for awhile to grasp it. Northern folks coming down here trying to tell the South how to handle its “race” problems don’t even begin to get it. Let them live down here for five or ten years and see if their attitude is the same then as when they first came.

Now, although I have a major problem with much of the “Civil Rights”: movement, I don’t doubt that there are some sincere people that have got caught up in it. They are not all socialists and Marxists–but a considerable number are–and that’s a major part of the problem. What’s worse is that most of the folks that get caught up in all this do not have the first clue about the history down here. If you really want to begin to  understand the history and what led to most of the problems between the races get Claude Bowers’ book The Tragic Era.  It was written back in 1929 and so most of the current “historians” will pooh-pooh it as being hopelessly out of date. But, in all honesty, some of the current “historians” are Marxists.  I don’t take many of them seriously because I know their agenda–and that is to use “civil rights” as a tool to divide the races and to promote their class struggle program. And you have to admit they have done a great job in the past decades in places like Watts, Detroit, Baltimore and Ferguson. They are continually busy fanning the flames of “racism” to the point where they are almost out of control. Of course they get encouragement from Washington. That’s a given!

And Steffgen noted that, according to Albert Burton, the blacks “natural instincts under these circumstances is to destroy the white class system and bring the white man to heel as and end it itself.  Although such a pursuit is destructive and negative, he will derive infinite pleasure from it by the mere thought that the white man is coming down. His motivation in school, business or social surroundings, therefore, is often not so much to match the white man in achievement, but to compromise him…The desire to debase the white man has become the main driving force behind the entire Civil Rights Movement.” Wonder now why the NAACP is so hot to get your flags and monuments down? For them, “black lives matter” and only black lives! Admittedly, for them, it’s also a theological matter, but it’s also a racial matter.

Think about that for a minute. Any of these anti-white groups have this one objective as a major part of their agenda. I recently took an article from the Internet that was pn http://www.capsweb.org the title of which was “Leftists co-opt MLK, Civil Rights Movement to Push Amnesty.” I somewhat disagree with the premise of the title. Actually they have not “co-opted” the Civil Rights Movement–they have just taken it to a different level.

The article, originally written in 2013 by Matthew Boyle, stated: “While many establishment Republicans sit on the fence deciding which way they are going to go on immigration, the institutional left is out in full force invoking the cause of civil rights to drive an amnesty for illegal aliens agenda.”Boyle duly noted the National Council of LaRaza (the race) and their program of giving citizenship to millions that are here illegally. To their convoluted leftist way of thinking they should all be treated as well or better than American citizens and given all the privileges of citizenship even if they broke the law to get here. No they shouldn’t, I’m sorry. That’s bovine fertilizer. Of course it’s a brand of that sort of fertilizer that is profusely peddled by the current Regime in power. That’s one reason they are all so death against Donald Trump. At this point he doesn’t seem to be buying this particular brand of fertilizer and that’s driving the Establishment up the wall.

To be continued.

10 thoughts on ““Civil Rights” Morphing Into Anti-White Discrimination And Transgender Rights–Part One

  1. None taken, All Northern folks are not Yankees. Being a Yankee is more of a mindset than where you were born and I have known several Confederate-minded folks born and raised in the North.

  2. http://madamescherzo.tumblr.com/image/144352930576

    found @:

    So this was shown at UO today for a class

    White men gave you the university. White men gave you cures for diseases, created the car, the plane, the radio, the telephone, went into space, built skyscrapers, hospitals, created governments that represented their citizens. What have YOU bitter envious wankers ever given to humanity? Besides a long list of grievances, that is.


    view the discussion thread:

      • Too bad the pic didn’t upload, everyone should see the smarmy little ignorant racist idiot running the slide show.
        It is pretty ironic egregious smugness too, this racism against whites. They are pushing at the outer limits of tolerance for such unmitigated bullshit.
        In all of human history, there is nothing as merciless and unstoppable as Western Christian Men. These useless idiots have no clue what they are messing with. We are the most tolerant race and culture the Earth has ever witnessed, we put up with things that other cultures and societies would pillage and rape over, but that is the difference, it is our Christian Judea heritage, roots, and faith, we turn the other cheek, we tolerate others like no other peoples in history, it the legacy and savings grace Jesus sacrificed himself for, it is why we are civilized and productive, industrious and inventive, and we don’t burn down our cities, destroy our nations, undermine our traditions and heritage, nor pogrom our tribes and communities, (though the same absolutely can not be said for those who deem themselves demi-gods running things who wish to rule over us), we go into your country, your villages, your safe places, and we burn them to the ground, and salt the Earth. And once we choose to fight such a scourge and menace, nothing can stop us till we do.
        Western Culture is upstream of “cultural” marxism, that truth is prologue, and a cautionary truth best not ignored.

  3. White people are dumb enough to believe that non-White’s are the same as them. Their universalism will be their downfall.

  4. the equal rights amendment of the us constitution applies to blacks only and is a tool to claim of discrimination that gives blacks preferential treatment ect. over white males

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