Can You Begin To See Where “Civil Rights” Is Taking Us?

by Al Benson Jr.

Decades ago now we were told by some in government and in the “news”media that we needed civil rights for blacks to end segregation in the South and so that blacks could begin to be able to vote. So, after multitudinous marches, demonstrations, sit-ins and other media-driven events blacks finally achieved some of those “civil rights” everyone was told they needed. If, at this point, you are going to ask me if I have a problem sitting next to a black family in a restaurant, I don’t. I have no problem with folks all being treated equally. Problem is, that some folks have gotten to the point where they feel they are entitled to be treated more equally than the rest of us, and, as usual, the ruling Marxist Regime in Washington totally agrees with them.

In fact, let’s be rather blunt.  When it comes to equal treatment in this Kountry anymore, white Southern Christians are at the absolute bottom of the totem pole and everyone else is supposed to denigrate them and their accomplishments with equal abandon as history is erased, reconstituted, and historical memory  is obliterated, to be replaced with–well, you don’t want to know with what. That will spoil your supper.

Several months ago, per request, I did an article that appeared in The Free Magnolia, a newspaper put out by the League of the South. The title of the article was The Marxist Side of Civil Rights. For those who have bothered to do any research on the “Civil Rights Movement” they will realize that it had (and has) a Marxist side. The “news” media just doesn’t bother to tell you about that because they and their bosses feel their agenda is better off if you are not aware of that. If you want some good background on this see if you can find Alan Stang’s old book It’s Very Simple–The True Story of Civil Rights.  should be able to locate it on I found it and there are old, used copies for sale. Mr. Stang was a truly investigative researcher and reporter and he researched where media “angels” had been told never to tread.

In our day we have finally reached the point (probably predetermined years ago) where the cultural Marxists have so absorbed and controlled the Civil Rights Movement that it is little more than a living memorial to their efforts to change our society from its Christian base to one that could only be loved by the Sodomite and Transsexual Movements. In fact the Sodomite, Lesbian and Transgender Movements have become the new civil rights! You have to start beginning to realize  that these people now possess all the “civil rights”  and you don’t really have any anymore. What you now have is the “right” to give in to their demands or face government prosecution (persecution) and that’s the only “right” you have left. If that’s too rich for you, then just take a good look at what’s going on around you. People are losing their jobs and their businesses because they refuse to cater to the whims of these people. So, tell me, where are the “civil rights” of those that do not, for Scriptural reasons, choose to go along with all of this? Such rights no longer exist. Somehow, the vaunted Constitution is not protecting us from all this. But, then, does that really surprise you? In spite of all the “conservative” bloviation Congress spreads out there, they, somehow, always manage to go along with whatever perversion the current administration comes up with.

I recently read an article by a New York Times columnist which said that “Christian churches ‘must be made’ to affirm homosexuality.” So who will be entrusted with that sacred mission? Exactly who is slated to make  Christian churches “affirm homosexuality”? Will the federal government do that?  And if so, exactly where are the “civil rights” of those in those churches that refuse to go along with what Scripture clearly condemns? Exactly who is going to force us? I’d like a detailed answer to this one. The Times article noted: “Bruni quoted furniture tycoon Mitchell Gold, who has used millions to found a liberal pressure group Faith in America, writing that Gold believes Christian churches ‘must be made’ to take homosexuality off the sin list.” Such statements from Gold lead me to inquire just where Mr. Gold is regarding religion.

In all honesty, you know who is going to pursue this agenda–the federal government, and they will pressure their minions in many state capitols to push the same agenda.  They will probably start with “suggestions” to the churches about this in their respective areas, then maybe a little subtle pressure, and finally, if some churches refuse to play this game the feds will seek to remove their 501c3 non-tax status until such time as they decide to comply with the federal program. For those that refuse flat out to do this, well, there is always prison–for violating the “civil rights” of the sexual perversion crowd–because, after all, they have “civil rights” and you don’t! Get used to it, folks, this IS the future–unless a goodly number of Christians and churches wake up and resist–and with what I have seen in churches in the last four decades, I really don’t expect that to happen. Oh, some will resist, to their credit, but not enough, and either jail of the FEMA Camp awaits those that do resist.

This is where the “Civil Rights Movement” has taken you folks. Do you like it? While you’ve been sitting in your churches on Sunday listen to your preacher tell you how close the “rapture” is, that it could happen any minute, or that “revival is just around the corner” (I heard that one thirty years ago, and it seems like it’s a long way to the corner) the “Civil Rights” crowd has been slipping the noose around your necks and you haven’t started to feel it until just recently.  They plan to make sure you feel it more before it’s all over.

It seems like it’s about time for a thorough re-evaluation of the “Civil Rights Movement” and just where it has been taking us.

16 thoughts on “Can You Begin To See Where “Civil Rights” Is Taking Us?

    • I guess you could call them “uncivil” rights. They certainly don’t really work in a civilized society, but then we have been moving rapidly away from being a civilized society into being something most of us hardly recognize anymore. Our current ruler said he would “fundamentally” transform the country–he just didn’t tell us in what direction he planned to do it and most people in their euphoria over having a black president never bothered to ask. Problem is, in spite of all he has done to tear the country down and all he plans on doing before he’s asked to vacate the White House, I get the impression that many of his supporters, in spite of the fact that his actions have economically hurt them, would do the same thing all over again. Their sole criteria for political office is skin color. Nothing else matters.

  1. Civil rights in America is no longer civil and is today Socialist Rights with its “social justice”. We no longer have any individual rights left in the Un-United States of America…

    • “Civil Rights” is dress rehearsal for civil war. It is all one big lie, a ruze that is cultural marxism writ large. And we all been sucked in, fell for it hook line and sinker. Where in all of Christianity and our primal freedoms is there any concept of “civil rights”.
      There is no such things as “civil rights”, there is only the rights of men, and defense of those rights.
      “Civil Rights” is yankeedom’s 21st century gateway social meme to pogrom of the South, another tactic in the long march to emasculate white Christian heritage and culture, rub out our history, and destroy the South. “Civil rights” is Kill The Kulak amerikan style.

      • The other way to understand the reality here is there is no critical difference between ISIS and cultural marxists…and every time I carefully consider the critical reality of what is happening I realize I don’t have enough bullets and a large enough tribe of people who look the truth in the eyes and accept what they see. Though that is slowly changing in positive ways. This next civil war will be very different from the first war of northern tyranny. It will be a partisan’s war, a guerrilla war, the yankee scum will send proxies to do their dirty work, actually they already have. You will know when it begins when those proxies employ violence in the form of false flag violent “civil rights” and “cultural” diversity events.
        Baltimore was a dry run. It will begin in the cities where public monuments to Southern history and heritage have been eliminated, for that all is essentially cultural marxist signaling. There will be other “convenient” circumstances and crisis as means orchestrated events employed, it will basically boil down to time and place and which event or events produces the most suitable optics for the narrative.
        But it is coming if not for providence or other divine intervention, it will be a long hot summer. Most likely it will bloom into a scope and size suitable to coincide with either the Republican convention in June or leading up to the November elections. Either would be icing on the cake for the cultural marxists and their dead elephant allies. There are grass roots existential threats in the wind to these domestic enemies, their timeline is out of kilter now, they are behind the curve so to speak, caught quite flat footed by the rise of The Great Fuck You aka Donald Trump, (pardon my vulgar but succinct use of the term), the dirt people are awakening on many fronts. Much balances on a knifes edge.
        Interesting times we live in.
        Stay away from crowds, keep your powder dry.
        We are the greatest of “Bitter Clingers” our traditions are the greatest threat imaginable. Something that haunts their dreams, whispered in their inner sanctums of hate and hubris.
        Get ready to fight like there will be no South or support those who can in your stead. We will all have to stick together to win our Liberty and preserve our great heritage.

  2. 99% sure Mitchell Gold was not born into a Christian family, nor was his ‘spouse’ Tim Scofield:
    ‘“I’m changing my name,” Mr. Scofield said. “My grandfather’s name was Goldberg. It’s almost like going back to my roots, in a way.’

    • There are always leftist Jews in the woodpile in all the destructive activities intended to destroy Western civilization. Unless and until people at least recognize this simple fact, no recovery will be possible. It is the key issue that must be addressed.

      • WTF is it with this it’s the Jooo’s fault. That is about as ignorant a statement as could be imagined. Only cultural marxists and their useful idiots use that kind of reverse bigotry to disrupt people from reasoned discussion and narrative.
        Jews in the woodpile? I think you are a mental midget in a woodpile. And only proves perfectly what Mr. Benson is trying to convey about the destructive and hateful nature of cultural marxism over Christian Judea values and principles and western culture that constitute liberty. And just what in the name of God, has jews in a woodpile got to do with the marxist waging war on the great South and its traditions and heritage? What, next it will be Lincoln and his henchmen were closet jew’s? Because that is what your basically saying here, jews are under every rock, behind every act of tyranny known to mankind. Are you a fucking idiot or something?
        Truth is it don’t matter who is behind the Fabian’s and Jacobin’s and their long march.
        If I didn’t know any better, your a fucking peeping pervert paid government troll posting to subvert the reasoned and rational discussion of the truth here.
        If I’m wrong about you being a troll, your one serious bigoted individual with not a shred of sense of this great republics heritage and reason employed in its founding and the primal rights of men.
        Shame on you.

  3. We are a subvert nation being robbed and replaced within our own society through leftist multicultural subterfuge and subversion.

      • I am not being subverted or fooled by the pogrom of the cultural marxists, and by God neither should any of you guys. I refuse to adhere to it, be threatened by it, fear it, or agree with it. And neither should any of us.
        The moment any one of us permit ourselves to be swayed or influenced by it, the cultural marxist gain power, as long as we all refuse to submit, the cultural marxist have absolutely no power.
        And besides, just who do they think they are telling me or any of us what we have to think, or act or say or agree with in the first place. They are nothing and nobody.
        Screw them and the horse they rode in on, they can pound sand for all I care. I believe in Christian Judean culture, I have Christian believes and mores, principles and virtue, and it will be a cold day in hell before a bunch of meddling Godless sodomites and heathens tell me what I can and can not do.

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