A Different Viewpoint On The South Being Sold Out In Congress

by Al Benson Jr.

The last article on this blog noted that some of our Southern state flags had been removed in Sodom on the Potomac because they supposedly represented slavery and “racism” and because they “offended” certain parts of the populace of the states in question. Again, no thought or consideration was given to those of us that had ancestors that fought under Confederate banners. We are not worthy of consideration. We just pay most of the bills to keep this monstrosity we call a government going. What consideration to we deserve for that? None at all.

Which brings me to the comments of a friend of mine from North Carolina regarding this situation. I must admit he took a little different perspective than I did but, with a little reflection, I can understand where he is coming from. And there may well be other folks out there that feel just like he does. So I am going to pass his remarks along because I think they deserve consideration–given all the talk about secession that we have heard in recent months.

Regarding the flag situation in Washington, Jimmy said: Call me crazy, but I say this is good news. Why should the Alabama flag, or any Southern state flag for that matter, continue to fly where we are NOT represented–even by those we send there? The Marxists who comprise the Politburo on the Potomac serve at the pleasure of the New World Order. Their agenda is about continual forced assimilation, and additional phases of forced Reconstruction. They are proven traitors and as such, all we get from them is betrayal, insult, and torment. I say we bring home all our state flags and any other regional representation from that pinko-poisoned cesspool…  My friend said a little more, but you get his point. There are lots of folks here in the South that have gotten flat-out tired of being treated like Washington’s bastard children because their ancestors had the courage to stand up and secede when the necessity arose–and before I go any further, secession was not treason and the South did not secede so they could keep their slaves! They could’ve done that and remained in the Union. Those that howl about the War being all about slavery and “racism” are either “useful idiots” for the Marxists or they are just plain liars, or they hope you never bother to do any homework to check out all the baloney  they throw, or they might be all three!

Whatever their problems are, they willfully slander every honest and sincere Southern person who had ancestors that fought for the Confederacy. I was born and raised in the North, but I had a Confederate ancestor just like lots of Southern folks (and some folks living in the North) do. The vast majority of our Confederate ancestors never owned a slave, never thought of owning a slave and did not go to fight so their neighbor down the road apiece who had some slaves could keep them. Anyone who knows what the Confederate soldiers put up with, (those that survived) for four horrible years knows that drivel such as that is beyond ludicrous. And the race-baiters know it too–but that line is their bread and butter and they know that if they push it hard enough long enough the “civil rights” money tree might come into sight a little ways off and the financial “year of jubilee” might be at hand–so they keep on pushing! That it’s all a pack of lies makes no difference–they’ve got their hands out for that reparations money, baby. These people are nothing more than modern carpetbaggers, trying to grab all they can while they can and if they can smear our ancestors in the process that’s the frosting on the cake for them!

Maybe Jimmy has a point. Maybe we in the South should bring our flags back home because they and us sure don’t get honest representation in Washington. All we get from Washington is a finger-pointing “president” who condescendingly tells us we need to have a “conversation” about race. Problem is, for him, it’s always a one-way conversation with him doing all the talking and us sitting on our “stools of everlasting repentance” with our heads bowed dutifully taking his verbal tongue-lashing and inhaling all the Marxist rhetoric he throws in our faces. Some of us are getting a little tired of that, too.

So maybe we shouldn’t worry about them taking our flags down in Washington, as long as they send them back to us. Maybe we should start concentrating on what they plan to do with our flags right here in our respective states and be prepared to deal with that. If the present trend continues this year you have to know the ethnic cleaning campaign to remove all Southern and Confederate flags, symbols and monuments will be ratcheted up. They definitely plan on doing a hatchet job on the state flag in Mississippi this year so that fact needs to be dealt with right here, in Mississippi, not in Washington where you are guaranteed to be sold out, even by some you elected to office. What Mississippi folks have now got to concentrate on is the people in their own state government that will sell them out if given half a chance, and I’m sure the same holds true for other states down here.

With their leftist ethnic cleansing campaign they have brought the fight right here to us. We need to pick up the cudgel and fight back!

10 thoughts on “A Different Viewpoint On The South Being Sold Out In Congress

  1. ‘ If the present trend continues this year you have to know the ethnic cleaning campaign to remove all Southern and Confederate flags, symbols and monuments will be ratcheted up.’

    And if the campaign to cleanse symbols is effective. what’s their next step?

  2. Off topic, but on a related subject, I was reading this article about the Constitution and how it reserved to the states the right to decide when the fedgov was needed to put down a domestic insurrection while also preventing the federal government from exercising any imminent domain:

    ‘That the two constitutional provisions here cited give to the states powers to limit or restrain the use of force by the federal government (including the President) upon their soil is incontrovertible. Yet few Americans today are aware of either of these constitutional powers that were so explicitly and deliberately granted to the states by the Framers. They have been ignored and fallen into disuse.’
    A right which was overturned in 1875 ruling Kohl v United States where it was decided by the Supreme Court that the fed should have imminent domain and the States be damned- I’m paraphrasing, of course. This makes you wonder at Lincoln”s legal basis for using force on Southern States without their legislatures requesting federal assistance.

    The article goes on to point out:

    ‘To maintain or restore free government, it is not sufficient merely to point to this or that constitutional provision or this or that quotation from the Framers or the Federalist papers. It is necessary to keep alive or revive the spirit that animates the Constitution and without which the Constitution becomes an empty shell or the plaything of people looking to expand their power.

    To restore American constitutionalism would require, first of all, a reinvigoration of the traditional culture of humility and vigilance against the lower potentialities of human nature. These are its necessary prerequisites. We must recognize that the Framers did not invent the Constitution out of whole cloth or create it in a cultural vacuum. Rather, the checks and balances codified in our federal and state constitutions were the product of customary law and constitutional arrangements that had developed over the centuries in England, beginning in the Middle Ages.’

    We are as much to blame for our predicament as our government.


  3. Sounds like you are saying “We have met the enemy and he is us.” I can’t disagree with such an assessment. Somewhere along the line, whether in our churches or wherever, we have gotten soft, lazy, and complacent. We are no longer willing to stand up for any real conviction, hence whoever comes along with an easy solution for any problem, whether it’s the right solution or not, will be embraced along with his solution so we can go back to our beds of ease. Our public education system, if such it can be called, has been a big contributor to this and unless we begin to reverse direction (repent) nothing is going to change except to get worse.

  4. I have noticed of late that there are not as many US flags flying in my area as in the past. I use to count 37 in the 7 miles from my house to the closest store, now I count 10. I have long believed that when Southerners stopped flying the US flag it would signal a change of mind for us. I hope that is true.

  5. Those scalawags in Mississippi may re-design their flag to appease the civil rights mob; but, it will be the job of the professionally outraged to eventually denounce whatever design they adopt. They attack what’s there because it’s there. These wolves in sheeps clothing cannot be bought off.

    Those who hold positions of authority have a choice; they can learn this the easy way or the hard way.

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