Why I Can’t Vote For Ted Cruz–part one

by Al Benson Jr.

I expect this column will make lots of sincere folks mad at me and I debated whether or not I should write it and finally felt that I had to. I hope some of the good folks whose first reaction may be anger will step back and think about what I’ve said with some sober reflection.

Over the past months I’ve watched the presidential candidates from both parties scream, shout, posture, and generally do whatever they seem to think it will take to get elected. I’ve watched some of the “conservative” websites on the Internet and have concluded that many of them are little more than political shills for certain candidates. The political process in this country is a charade, geared to fool the gullible public into thinking they really have a say in what their government does and the direction it goes in. It’s what the Bible refers to as a “cunningly devised fable.”

Maybe a year and a half or so ago I did an article for this blog that still gets more views than anything I have done since–one on why “Hillary the unindicted”  will end up being the next president.  Unless someone in the top echelons of the Establishment gets ticked at Hillary for some reason and she ends up getting indicted, I’m not ready to change my mind of that. I’d dearly love to be wrong. The prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency does not thrill me. But let’s wait and see.

Recently a sincere Christian gentleman stopped to talk with me and was curious about where I stood on the Republican candidates involved in this year’s presidential dog and pony show.  I told him that I had been watching Trump and leaned somewhat toward him for the simple reason that almost everyone of consequence, both left and right, seemed to hate his guts. Trump makes them all mad. He has this disconcerting habit of saying things that need to be said and that strikes a chord with the American people who have begun to realize that the politicians and the government have been shafting them for generations now.  Though some outfits are now in the process of trying to tell us how much the public disapproves of Trump, and you can skew your polls however you want, but that’s not what I’ve seen so far.

At any rate, this man wondered if I had considered Ted Cruz as a votable possibility and he told me someone, I can’t recall now, in his family, had heard Cruz was a committed Christian, that his father was an evangelist. I don’t for a minute doubt his sincerity.

But I’ve watched presidential races since the late 1960s and all the aspirants for the office of president have claimed Christian credentials–mainly because they want the votes of Christians who don’t have the first clue about how the political process in this country works, and who, quite frankly, are not interested in learning. All most of them want is a “feel good” candidate who claims he is a Christian and waves his Bible around so they can feel like they voted for a Christian. Even the current occupant of the White (Red) House claimed at one point that he was a “committed Christian” and I wonder, in view of his performance in office, how many still buy that bit of bovine fertilizer. Way too many, I’m afraid. There is a world of difference in spouting about your Christian faith on the campaign trail and then governing like one if you get elected and I haven’t seen a president in all the years I can remember back to Roosevelt, that remotely tried to act like a Christian once he got in office. Oh, they will use the gullible Christians to get themselves elected so they can then govern exactly like the One World Government pagans that most of them really are. Of course, in this context, most of us also realize that the president doesn’t really “govern” much of anything. What he really does is to work to forward the ungodly agendas of those who wanted him in office for just that reason–to move their agendas forward regardless of the will of the American people.

One Christian pastor that I do follow quite regularly is Chuck Baldwin from Montana. I’ve watched him over the years and he does seem to have a lot more on the ball than most Christian preachers when it comes to the political arena. Most Christian pastors have been brainwashed into ignoring politics like the plague. They know nothing and want to know nothing. And that’s part of the reason we have so many scumbags in government–willful Christian ignorance.

Anyway, Pastor Baldwin had some interesting and revelatory commentary about Ted Cruz in a March 10th column on NewsWithViews.com  Pastor Baldwin observed that: “In current politics, presidential candidate Ted Cruz has taken up where G. W. Bush left off. He is pushing the ‘war for Israel’ button HARD.  And don’t forget that both Ted and his wife, Heidi, are ardent disciples of G. W. Bush–and Heidi was also a long-standing member of the quintessential neocon organization the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Ted’s preacher father is an outspoken leader in ‘Greater Israel’ prophecy circles.  He (Ted’s dad) goes to churches all over America preaching the idea that God has called Ted to ‘save Israel’ and usher in the Second Coming of Christ.”

So here we have a presidential candidate whose wife has been a CFR member, among other things, and whose father thinks he should be president so he can “save Israel” and by so doing usher in the Second Coming. I submit that it’s not up to any human being to help speed up the Second Coming.  That event is in the Lord’s hands and He will decide when, not any of us.

To be continued.

11 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Vote For Ted Cruz–part one

  1. My sentiments exactly Sir. I read Pastor Baldwin’s article too. I never thought I would vote for a Yankee, and especially a New York Yankee for President, but that I did. My state went almost unanimously for Trump and I believe he is the best choice.

    I doubt he will do a thing about Confederate haters, but he sure beats Hilarious or anyone democrat.

    • I feel the same way about New York Yankees. I don’t even like the name of the baseball team, but this guy is saying what no one else has the guts to say and he’s beholden to no one for contributions so he can say it.

  2. As a single issue voter, Trump is my only choice since he’s the only one who might slow down immigration. I would actually prefer the Hildebeast to Cruz simply because it will further ‘radicalize the right’.

    You said: ‘[Trump] has this disconcerting habit of saying things that need to be said and that strikes a chord with the American people who have begun to realize that the politicians and the government have been shafting them for generations now. ‘

    Today I saw a Trump bumper sticker on a new BMW and, later, a tacky ‘Trump’ sign painted in red, white and blue outside a mobile home. He really does seem to have appeal across classes.

    You said, ‘ Oh, they will use the gullible Christians to get themselves elected ‘

    Seems like the Bible has something to say about about discernment… Ah, who reads that ol’ book anymore! 🙂

    A big problem with democracy is it creates a professional class of politicians who’s career is getting elected and then repeatedly re-elected; morals, integrity and results are optional. This dishonest culture repels men who would be real statesmen. Not coincidentally, ‘statesman’ isn’t a word you hear very often anymore.

    Another big problem with democracy, especially a democracy with universal suffrage, is half the population has a below average IQ.

    • ‘ He (Ted’s dad) goes to churches all over America preaching the idea that God has called Ted to ‘save Israel’ ‘

      Most candidates from both parties sound like they’re running for Israeli office. AIPAC sickens me; I know other countries work to influence our politics, but AIPAC is openly lobbying on behalf of a foreign nation (even if legally they’re ‘not’) and every candidate has to kiss their ring in order to have a shot at office.

      Dual citizenship bothers me, too.

      • AIPAC is bad news for this country. Have always been concerned that when Israel has problems with her neighbors somehow it is the US that has to go in and take the brunt of what happens. I think this is the cause of most of our problems in the Middle East. We need to get our noses out and Christians need to realize this.

      • I don’t know exactly when the borderline jew worship started, but St John Chrysostom was calling it our c4th century. And the idea that we need to do something to usher in the End Times is equally disturbing. Faith is in bad shape right now.

        “We have very little faith in the Lord, very little trust. If we trusted the Lord as much as we trust a friend when we ask him to do something for us, neither we as individuals nor our whole country would suffer so much.”

        + Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

  3. Ironically the establishment Democrat candidates have used the Black and Hispanic minorities to win elections and then forget about them for many generations, and many more elections, now we see the establishment Republican candidates using the Christians to win elections… One wonders if this will become a trend with Republican candidates and if they will forget about their promises after they are elected?

    Ted Cruz has shaken his bible continually while lying constantly about other candidates, particularly lying about and playing dirty trick on his only real competition–Donald J. Trump.

    I have hated two kinds of people all my life; those who steal and those who lie!

    Cruz falls into the liar class with Hillary, Obama, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, karl Rove and other elite Republican operatives who make a career out of keeping control of the RNC, just to name a few. The Establishment Republican Party Czars have finally come out into the open and will do anything, even what Democrats have been doing to win elections for generations!

    For example, Cruz’s most recent claim that Trump disparaged his wife by showing her picture is a boldface lie. It turns out that it was a PAC that supports Cruz that dug up Trump’s wife’s modeling photo and publicized it first! There is no evidence Trump did that, maybe someone who supports Trump may have, but it wasn’t Trump or his aids. Same with the National Enquirer article about Cruz, Trump knew nothing about the article and says he has not even seen it. Cruz thinks he can just walk on all the other candidates to the Whitehouse just like a Democrat…

    So now Cruz is blaming Trump for controlling his own PAC…ironic right?

    We have already voted for Trump down here in Florida…and we will vote for him in the general election if the Republican establishment doesn’t steal the nomination from him, and if they do we will just stay at home and let Hillary become President and drive us further into communism and debt…

  4. That is very well said Al. All of it.
    I think you gave it a serious think before committing to writing it. And that speaks volumes to the veracity of your perspective.
    Great job!
    Looking forward to the next chapter.
    Looks like you are prophetic also. Reckon that is the mark of the use of reason and intelligence.

    • I’m no more prophetic than lots of other folks. All I do is take what others pass along to me, sift through it to see what makes sense and what doesn’t given our present political climate in this country and add my thoughts to it.

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