A Forty-Eighter Advises Lincoln About When To Call Congress Into Session After The Fort Sumter Situation

by Al Benson Jr.

Several years ago I read an interesting little book by historian Webb Garrison called Lincoln’s Little War–How his carefully crafted plans went astray.

According to the Internet it is still available at Barnes and Noble and you can check it out at http://www.barnesandnoble.com  The brief commentary on the Barnes & Noble page says, in part, “This intriguing book by historian Webb Garrison explores how Lincoln’s plans for a small police action soon escalated into the bloodiest war in American history, and how Lincoln sought to absolve himself of any responsibility.” That seems to be a pretty accurate statement, and another author, Frank van der Linden, back in 1998, said basically the same thing in his book Lincoln–The Road to War. I think van der Linden made one error overall.  He seemed to feel the whole issue of the war and between the states, was one of slavery, so he majored on that one aspect. But in his writing as a whole has has come up with a lot of information you don’t usually get from the cultural Marxist “historians” in our day.

In Virginia, before she seceded, van der Linden noted there was a “peace convention” which was devised to try to “patch up the Union” before things went too far and most Virginians, before secession, were willing to wait and see what the outcome of that would be.  They didn’t really wish to secede, but…”they would not be submissionists–a dirty word in the South, meaning those who would submit to anything Lincoln might do. They certainly would  ‘coerce’ another Southern state or send soldiers to fight against their neighbors. That was unthinkable. Lincoln failed to understand the Southerners emotions.” He felt that because, at that point, Virginians were willing to abide in the Union, that they always would, no matter what he did, and he thought of the secessionists as a “little band of troublemakers. His blindness to the masses’ instinctive aversion to any federal coercion  caused him to follow a totally mistaken policy of firmly opposing compromise.” In other words he had the typical Yankee/Marxist worldview–“do it MY way–or else!”

It was noted by van der Linden that after the firing on Fort Sumter, “Lincoln’s aim all along, had been to paint the secessionists as ‘the aggressors’ and present himself as the apostle of peace…Lincoln also knew that those unarmed supply vessels, which he had sent to Charleston, were escorted by warships under orders to fire in case of attack…Lincoln expected a war to result from his scenario, and it did. ‘The plan succeeded,’ he told his Illinois friend, Orville Browning. ‘They attacked Sumter–it fell, and thus  did more service than it otherwise could.” And then he pulled a typical Obamaesque move–he called for the governors of the various states to provide 75,000 militia to enforce the federal laws.  And van der Linden stated: ” As the slim legal basis for his policy,  Lincoln relied upon a 1795 law he interpreted as giving him this authority, which amounted to summoning a ‘posse comitatus’ of record size–seventy-five thousand men–to enforce the federal laws.” So it would seem that, in April, when Sumter fell, he didn’t actually declare war (although in effect he did) and he planned to have the militia ready in Washington to “enforce the federal laws.” When he called Congress into special session, because only they can declare war,  he waited until the Fourth of July for Congress’ opening date.  So why didn’t he do this in April when the crisis was supposedly on the country and the folks in Washington were supposedly waiting for the “rebels” to batter down the gates? On page 280 of his book van der Linden tells us. “Carl Schurz, the brilliant young German devoted to the Republican cause, provided the answer in a letter to Lincoln in early April: ‘Some time ago you told me you did not want to call an extra session of Congress for fear of reopening the compromise agitation.’ Schurz suggested that, after a show of force to defend the forts, Lincoln should call Congress back and then, ‘the enthusiasm of the masses will be great and overwhelming and Congress will be obliged to give you any legislation you ask for.’…Lincoln heeded Schurz’s political advice;…”

So here we have a situation where one of the key Forty-Eighter socialists that Donnie Kennedy and I have written about in our book Lincoln’s Marxists is giving the president of the United States advice, which he followed, about when to call Congress back into session so they will be apt to give him what he wants–a war on the South that will end up destroying  their culture, their faith, their history, and then “reconstructing” all these on a whole new basis. Anyone who thinks these socialists and Marxists had no real effect on the federal government and its policies just hasn’t bothered connecting the dots from them until now.

Folks, please, start doing the  homework and learning some real history instead of just swallowing the bilge  they taught you in school, because most of what they taught you in school was intended to keep you fat, dumb and ignorant.  If you don’t understand what your past was all about then you have no guideline whatever to help you work toward a better future for your children and grandchildren. One of the great unwritten chapters in the history of this country is the influence the socialists and Marxists had in this country from the years just before the War of Northern Aggression up to an including how. Their influence is much stronger here now because of what they began back then–and most people don’t have a clue.

Why do you suppose you have the Marxist aberation in the White House that this country is presently saddled with?  Think there’s no connection between now and then? I realize it might take time away from the Reality Shows, and that’s a rough go for most folks nowadays, but you all had better start finding out what the cultural Marxists have been up to in this country since 1848 and shortly thereafter–and then start comparing it with what you seen going on nowadays. Then ask the Lord’s guidance as to what you can do about it.

2 thoughts on “A Forty-Eighter Advises Lincoln About When To Call Congress Into Session After The Fort Sumter Situation

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  2. Hell, those sonofabitches started before 1848. I was raised next town over from a place called Fabyan, it is where they been holding that abomination called Brettonwoods since Wilson was the aberration in the white house. Those Fabian’s are so fucking arrogant they named two mountains Big and Little Mt. Deception, and a creek too, Deception Brook.

    The inbred decendents of these psychopaths are scattered all over NewHampshire, miserable trust fund brats living off deep old Brahman family money, many of these families bugged out up there during the war of 1812 some still living on very old 1000 acre compounds, some are Kings grants. None of them work for a living, they look down on everyone, think their shit don’t stink, and act like they rule the world. Really hideous people. I see the roots of cultural marxism in them, they stink of it.

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