The Battle Flag and the Gutless Wonders We Elect to Office

by Al Benson Jr.

Another big flap over the Battle Flag. We have a repeat performance like so many that have gone on before. A white youngster kills a bunch of black folks in a church in Charleston, South Carolina and is photographed on the Internet with a Confederate flag in his hand and we are off to the races once again. This so much resembles some of the false flag events that have taken place over the past couple years that I really have to wonder. In this case the Marxist crowd gets to campaign against two of their adversaries, the Confederate flag and guns.

I looked at the picture of this kid on the Internet with the flag in his hand. Pardon me for saying so, but he really looked whacked out. He held the flag like someone had just shoved it into his hand and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. It was a tremendous photo op for the left.

And now, in typical Yankee/Marxist “reasoning” its the fault of that nasty Confederate flag that he did what he did. If we are to believe the “news” media it was the flag that caused him to go out and kill those black folks, therefore the flag must come down immediately if not sooner  (yesterday would have been better) and on and on it goes. The folks that follow this stuff know the drill by now. Another shooting done in a gun-free zone where it was already against the law to have a firearm, and still our Marxist-in-Chief calls for more gun control. One difference was that they got this kid alive where most shooters have turned up dead in the past few years. They may have propaganda plans for him.

Now no one in their right mind condones this sort of thing, but, as usual, the media is tugging at people’s emotional heart strings to get the desired reaction. To show how much emotional manipulation is going on with this, I saw a photo of a lady carrying a sign that said “My great great grandfather fought for the Confederacy but the flag needs to come down.” The results of 150 years of government school indoctrination!

What surprised me, and it shouldn’t have, I guess, was how just about all the politicians in both of our major socialist parties lined up to denounce the flag, from the governor of South Carolina right on down the line. They couldn’t get in line fast enough to say a bad word about the Confederate flag. And I fully expect, before we are done, that just about all the presidential candidates in both socialist parties will jump on board, fighting over who will be first in line to shout for the flag to come down.

It shouldn’t have surprised me that all these politicians (no statesmen here) were really just hollow shells, gutless wonders,  who are here to collect the votes that will help them to feed at the public trough, but when a really serious issue comes along, their honor and integrity melt fast than hot butter in July. They parrot the line their handlers have made up for them about the flag only representing “racism” and slavery and they honestly expect people to embrace this garbage because they have. And many will. But anyone who takes the time and effort to look at and study these rank political types will eventually realize that they are all hat and no cattle, that they are quite selective in their condemnation, and that, above all, as I said earlier, they are only out for the votes–no matter what they have to say or do to get them.

Therefore, it shouldn’t really surprise us that the Republicans are lining up to defame the flag. After all, that’s only  a repeat performance of what they did in the 1860s, in case anyone has forgotten. “Lincoln’s Marxists” are still alive and well in Washington and most of our state capitals, North and South. They never really crawled back under their collectivist rocks, they only pretended to.

And Now I have been informed that the Marxist crowd is planning the same game for the Mississippi state flag. Sixty-four percent of the folks in Mississippi voted to keep their present state flag several years ago, but now, some of the Republican leadership there have decided that the state flag will have to go. So you folks in Mississippi had best start to get ready for what’s going on now in South Carolina, because you are going to get it in one form or another soon. The Marxist crowd in South Carolina is close enough to victory that they can smell Southern blood–and they want more!

As hard as it has been over the years (one Southerner said getting Southern folks to work together was like herding cats) the various Confederate and Southern heritage groups will, quite possibly, have to learn to work together on this issue. Various left-wing groups hate each other’s guts and yet they do manage to work together on issues critical to the leftist agenda. Maybe we should take a lesson from that. I would think that the planned cultural genocide campaign against us that is looming just over the horizon is important enough to the preservation of our future in the South that we should be willing to help one another out, at least on this one issue. Cultural genocide will kill all of our groups and our culture in general.

So just maybe we ought to consider helping one another out as we are able in this instance, because we will receive no help whatever from those gutless wonders we have put into office. They have now become the “useful idiots” of the political left.

5 thoughts on “The Battle Flag and the Gutless Wonders We Elect to Office

  1. I have to agree with you 100%. Even though I am not a southern but born in the soviet state of California I have learned a lot from the many books that I have read by Thomas Dilorenzo, Al Benson and Walter Kennedy to bring me to a closer understanding, not only what the war for southern independence was all about, but a closer understanding of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. I might add that even though the south seceded physically it was the Yankee north that seceded from the principles set forth in the Constitution by our founding fathers.
    God speed

  2. I wasn’t born in the South either, I was born in New England. Our geographical location of birth has nothing to do with the truth.

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