Lying Leftist “News” Media Trashes Anything Confederate or Southern

By Al Benson Jr.

Recently a friend lent me an informative book called Death by Journalism? written by Jerry Bledsoe. This is not a new book. It was published back in 2002 but as we were in the process of getting ready to move to Louisiana at that time, I never got to see it.

Reading it now, even though I am familiar with some of what it dealt with is still a shock. It displays the almost utter moral depravity of what we continue to call the news media. We should long ago have dropped that euphemism and realized that real news is the last thing those people are all about. It was informative to watch how the “news” media people in this book operated, in that I have seen them do the exact same thing in other areas. To label them the “prostitute press” would either be a compliment to them or an insult to prostitutes.

The book is about some folks in an SCV camp in North Carolina that sought to present the truth about the War of Northern Aggression to an adult  class at the Archdale satellite of Randolph Community College. The class was called “North Carolina History: Our Role  in the War for Southern Independence.” It cost $40 to sign up for the class, which amount paid for the entire course. It was not mandatory; it cost the college and the taxpayers nothing and it was not presented for the students at the college.

The man who started the class, Jack Perdue, said of the SCV: “We are a heritage organization. We are not a hate group and will not knowingly accept members who belong to hate groups. Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans served honorably in Confederate service and their descendents are welcome in the SCV.” And then he said something that most people today choose to forget. He said “It is important that we try to look at this subject from the viewpoint of the eighteen-sixties and not from the dawn of the twenty-first century.  It’s easy to say with twenty-twenty hindsight  that a lot of what went on back then was wrong. But you need to look at what went on back then from the times back then and not judge what people did in the eighteen hundreds by the way we live now…” Yet when it came to the “news” media, they totally ignored that admonition—as expected. After all they had an agenda—the cultural destruction of Southern heritage and culture—and nothing, but nothing, could be allowed to get in the way of that, least of all the truth!

Once the class started it was not long before it was visited by a hostile reporter. I’m not sure I even want to dignify him by giving his name. He wrote a series of horrible articles about the class but hadn’t bothered to attend the class sessions. So you wonder where he got his information. He wrote in his articles that the class taught that slaves in North Carolina were happy and content with their lot—only problem is, that was not what went on during the class sessions. Nothing like that was ever said in the class sessions, which were all taped, but that little problem didn’t bother the reporter—he just fabricated the dialogue he wished had taken place in the class and reported it in his articles as fact. The people who put on the class sessions tried to explain to him what it was all about. He wasn’t interested. He couldn’t have cared less.  Again, truth could not be allowed to get in the way of the leftist agenda.

When he talked with someone in the class and asked them questions, the fact that he had a preconceived agenda was openly apparent.  The lady he talked with said: “I knew right from the first question that the man was trying to create a controversy, it was the way he asked it.  I knew he was fishing for something, anything he could find to create what he wanted.” Another person he questioned noted that: “Every question had to do with slavery, it was the only issue of the Civil War he wanted to talk about…Nothing we tried to say to him seemed to make any impression. We were trying to tell him how much we’d learned about the role of North Carolina in the war.  It was like he would briefly listen to what we were saying, then go right back to the same thing. I didn’t feel he was there to find out what the class was about. He had some kind of agenda. He certainly didn’t want the information I was trying to convey to him.” You are right. He didn’t. He had no interest in that. He had no intention of conveying any truth about the class to anyone who read his diatribes.

And what was worse, his editor back at the paper he worked for defended all his inaccuracies as truth and the paper as a whole defended all this. They never retreated from that position. Much like the global warming crowd today, when they are presented with the truth of how they have fudged the figures to come up with their preconceived conclusions they pay no attention. They just continue on with their charade (agenda).

This “reporter” if you can even call him that, operated much like other leftist luminaries I have seen in the media. Several years ago now, my wife and I attended a Confederate Alliance Conference, sponsored by the Confederate Society of America, in Charleston, South Carolina. After the first day of speeches a couple people from the local “news” media ambled in and started to talk to the man who had organized the conference. As expected, they quickly brought up the race issue (nothing like playing the race card early). The man they were interviewing told them explicitly that race had nothing to do with what we were there for; that  people like the KKK and skinheads were not welcome at our conference and that we wanted nothing to do with that sort of thing. They asked him a couple more questions and then came back to the race issue. He told them again that race was not an issue there. Again they backed off and a couple questions later they tried to introduce it yet again. They couldn’t afford to leave the race issue alone because they were not really there to write about what had actually transpired—they were there to make everybody look like a group of closet Klansmen. That was their agenda, their only agenda. When they couldn’t come up with anything in that area they issued a story that was chock full of innuendo—but no real facts.

On page 231 of the book Mr. Bledsoe pointed out that the newspaper, the News and Record was not interested in fairness or truth. The SCV was the intended victim of what I and others call Cultural Genocide, presented under the false cover of “fighting racism.” The editors had to approve all this tripe and they did.

Another lady in the class said of the “news” media “They wouldn’t listen no matter what you said. They didn’t want to hear the truth. They were going to make it the way they wanted it and that was that.” You’ve got that right lady. Like good little Marxists, the news media today has an agenda and that is what they will present—no matter what, particularly when it comes to Confederate or Southern heritage and culture.

Southern Christian culture is slated for destruction by those people. It’s about time their intended victims woke up and read the handwriting on the wall—which you can believe—as long as someone in the “news” media didn’t write it!


6 thoughts on “Lying Leftist “News” Media Trashes Anything Confederate or Southern

  1. That’s the problem, It costs money and the opposition always has more of it than we do. Besides even if it ever went to court the media would totally ignore whatever happened if it was in our favor.

    • You can’t actually win in court, but the point is to, uh, ‘raise awareness’ and show people that you, in fact, can’t get a fair trial on some issues. It would cost much and return little, but what else have we got?

      On a related note, I bet GoFundMe and similar sites wouldn’t allow it.

  2. I feel the same way about terms like “reconstruction” and “racist” which is why I put them in quotes–to let folks know it’s not my personal terminology, but in fact, belongs to the politically correct among us.

  3. Not a hate group? Do the SCV really think that is what they are? Of course they are a hate group. They are a group to be hated by leftists!

    With a real gut-wrenching hatred, too.

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