That URDU Dictionary Found at Texas Border

by Al Benson Jr.

Should anyone be naive enough to inquire of our federal government if there are any Muslim terrorists in Mexico, close to the US border they would be informed that such people do not exist. There are no Muslim terrorists any closer to our Southern border than the remote regions of Argentina or Chile, and anyway, everybody knows that the average American is much more dangerous than any Muslim terrorist could ever be. The world at large will not be safe until all Americans are stripped of their Second Amendment rights so whoever decides he wants to cross our Southern border can do so without the risk of being shot. That seems to be the position of the feds, although they don’t quite phrase it that way. The federal idea of protecting American citizens in the Southern reaches of their own country is to put up signs warning them to beware of smugglers at the border. As for trying to keep the smugglers out–forget that!

However, in contradiction to the federal position, I read an interesting article just today (5/9/15) on about a Texas rancher who found and URDU dictionary on his property. Well, you might say, that’s interesting. so what? How many folks in this country have even heard of URDU?  Probably about the same number that can’t tell you what century the War of Northern Aggression was fought in or who Hitler was.

According to Wikipedia: “Urdu is historically associated with the Muslims of the region  of Hindustan. It is the national language and lingua franca  of Pakistan and an official language in six Indian states…” So if Urdu is a language used in Pakistan and that region of the world, how come this Texas rancher found an Urdu dictionary on his land, near the border? Oh, I know, it was dropped by a Japanese on the Mexican side who just happened to look over the fence and it fell out of his pocket–right? That’s about the kind of explanation you’d get from the feds. So the writer of the qpolitical article, Ronak Kallianpur, asked the question: “…how many Muslims are there exactly in Mexico? Surely there can’t be that many…”

Turns out, awhile back, there was an article on about exactly this topic. It stated: “Islam Builds Muscle in Mexico. Many Mexicans ended up converting to Islam after the 9-11 attacks drew their attention to the religion, piquing their interest. According to the Washington-based Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, today there are approximately 110,000 Muslims living in Mexico.” That figure was released in July of 2013.

I’ve read all kinds of articles in the past couple years about Muslim prayer rugs, copies of the Koran and other such material being found just inside our Southern border. Of course you have to remember that all this was accidentally dropped by German tourists just out for a walk in the desert. Muslim terrorists in our Southwest? Why perish the thought! The government tells us our Southern border is safer now that it has ever been and, I mean, if you can’t trust your government, then who can you trust, right?

Just because they’ve been telling the public baldfaced lies for 150 years is no reason we shouldn’t believe what they tell us is it?  I never forgot the bumper sticker I saw on the back of a car in Tennessee several years ago that said “I trust my president and my government.” And you have to realize that “the brainwashed (in public schools) never wonder.”

So there are over 100,000 Muslims in Mexico. You think none of them ever got up here to cross our border illegally? Pancho Villa with a Koran in his left hand, speaking Urdu with a Mexican accent! Bet that sounds interesting!

If it ever gets to the point where those people decide to invade the Southern US in wholesale numbers I can just picture the Border Patrol, Homeland Security, and all the other federal agencies showing up on the border to arrest and detain any Americans who have the gall to resist the invasion–if we have any guns left by then! Is this a great Kountry or what?

2 thoughts on “That URDU Dictionary Found at Texas Border

  1. This is an old article:,7340,L-4325850,00.html

    ‘US intelligence indicates that Mexico is home to some 200,000 Syrian and Lebanese immigrants – most of them illegal – who were able to cross the border via an extensive web of contacts with drug cartels, both in Mexico and in other countries in South America.

    These cartel contacts smuggle illegal immigrants – including individuals affiliated with Iran, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and other radical Islamist groups – into Mexico, placing them a virtual stone’s-throw away from the United States.

    Western intelligence agencies have been able to gather ample evidence suggesting that the drug cartels in Mexico – which are the de facto rulers of the northern districts bordering the US – are in cahoots with Islamic terror organizations, which are eager to execute attacks against American, Israeli, Jewish and western targets; but most of all, the Islamic terror groups are eager to make money, so they can fund their nefarious aspirations.

    In December 2011, the US authorities released an indictment filed against Lebanese drug lord Ayman Juma, which exposed Hezbollah’s involvement with the Los Zetas drug cartel. According to the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Los Zetas is the most technologically advanced and most dangerous cartel operating in Mexico.


    Furthermore, US intelligence concluded that Hezbollah has established sleeper cells, intelligence infrastructure and training bases in Mexico and other South American countries. The Shiite group is also helping the drug lords build smuggling tunnels under the US-Mexico border and satellite images show that they are nearly identical to the maze of tunnels running under the Gaza-Egypt border.

    Hezbollah is also training the cartels’ operatives in the dubious art of explosives, helping drug lords improve their bomb-making skills.

    The committee found evidence that Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard officials pick up fake passports in Venezuela – a close ally of Iran – prior to infiltrating the United States.

    The US’ concern about the smuggling tunnels increased exponentially in 2009, when a Department of Homeland Security wiretap derived a recording of Professor Abdallah Nafisi, a Kuwaiti clergyman and a known al-Qaeda recruiter, boasting about the ease by which nonconventional warfare and weapons of mass destruction can be smuggled into the US, through the Mexican drug tunnels.’

    The following is from 2013 article:

    ‘According to WhyIslam’s 2012 annual report, 19 percent of the some 3,000 converts it assisted in 2011 were Latinos, and more than half of those (55 percent) were women.

    The 2011 US Mosque Survey, which interviewed leaders at 524 mosques across the country, found the number of new female converts to Islam had increased 8 percent since 2000.

    Of that number, Latinos accounted for 12 percent of all new converts in the United States in 2011.’

    Also old:
    ‘According to the Customs and Border Protection’s Immigration Yearbook 2011:

    108 Syrians were apprehended at the border; 1,353 have been caught over the past ten years.
    198 Sudanese were arrested, bringing the ten year total up to 1,207;
    276 Iranians were nabbed in 2010; 2,310 were captured over the previous ten years;
    525 Pakistanis were caught sneaking across the Mexican border, bringing their ten year total to 10,682.

    These are not political refugees or those seeking green cards — they are illegal aliens who deliberately chart an expensive and secret course to the U.S. via our spongy border with Mexico.’

    My prediction, going back to when these articles weren’t old, is that the cartels will convert to islam and then we’ll have an even more serious problem for our media to ignore.
    Anyway, sorry for the long comment.

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