The “Official Version” or the Conspiracy Version

by Al Benson Jr.

I suppose a good many people really wonder why conspiracy theories about various situations and events exist. They can’t see the rationale for it and they have not been trained to think that way. Yet there is a rationale if you stop and think about it. And that is that the “official version” of many events just sounds a little too pat, a little too well rehearsed–and often the people responsible for the “official version” are involved in the event to a point they’d rather not see brought out. So their involvement is thereby done away with in the “official version.”

We are all aware of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas on November 23, 1963 and the resulting Warren Commission Report purporting to explain to the rubes out here in flyover country just how it came about. If anything was ever a colossal flop it was the Warren Commission Report. Almost no one believed. It was just too–what shall we say–sanitized? I have often thought I’d like to have a five dollar bill (if they were still worth anything) for every assassination attempt I’ve ever read about that was performed by one lone, psychotic gunman, who kept a diary that had the last seven pages missing. You’d think the government pencil-pushers that write these reports could come up with a new scenario on occasion because no one believes this one anymore. It goes all the way back to the Lincoln assassination.

Over the years I have read three different books dealing with the JFK assassination, and upon a little reflection now, I’m not sure any of them were even close to the mark. But they are out there, along with a whole bunch of other theories, muddying up the waters. I remain convinced that the folks who really did have JFK done in are not unhappy to have a whole batch of theories out there because it makes it harder for anyone to find the wheat scattered among all the chaff floating around. And mixied in among this plethora of theories, somewhere, is the truth.

Oliver Stone, (not one of my favorite directors) made the movie JFK back in the 1990s and I think, from seeing the movie, plus reading Jim Garrison’s book, that Stone had got some of it right. The one problem I had with his movie was that there was so much gross language in it that you felt you needed to take a shower after you got home from watching it. But, for all that, I think he was beginning to put some of the pieces together.

There have been several versions of the JFK assassination that claim that the CIA was involved. I read an article on the Internet awhile back, the site, I think it was, that said that Kennedy was planning on trying to either dismantle or seriously curtail the CIA and its activities. That’d be reason enough right there to off him. Mind you, I’m no big fan of JFK’s either. I didn’t vote for him and at the time of his demise, I lived in his home state of Massachusetts. So I knew just enough about the Kennedys to know I’d never vote for any of them–including the one that never learned how to drive across a bridge straight.

Actually, there have been several articles on about the JFK assassination, all written by folks much more qualified than me, so I will quote just briefly. There was one published on September 29, 2014, by Josh Mitteldorf. He had been to a symposium about the assassination in Bethesda, Maryland and had come away somewhat disappointed. He wrote: Fifty years on, there is agreement only on the outline of a narrative: JFK was shot by several gunmen hiding on the ground in Dealey Plaza. Oswald had been preselected as scapegoat. CIA and LBJ were prime movers in the plot, but they could not have gotten away with what they did if JFK had not stood up to powerful military and financial interests and provoked their ire. Most readers if this site have long realized that the Warren Commission Report was a whitewash, and that JFK was assassinated by a conspiracy of government insiders. There was more, but this gives you the gist of it.

Jacob G. Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation wrote an article on the same subject on November 23, 2013 and offered some interesting insights. He wrote: So, what’s different about the Kennedy assassination? Why have so many people over the years, including brilliant researchers and analysts, concluded that the national-security state orchestrated and carried out Kennedy’s assassination? And then he lists a few reasons.

Some of them are: The countless anomalies in the Kennedy case, anomalies that make absolutely no sense at all except in the context of a national-security state assassination. The large body of circumstantial evidence pointing to a national-security state operation in the Kennedy assassination. The manifest evidence of fraud in the autopsy, which was controlled by the national-security state. The fact that the national-security state had the motive to kill Kennedy on grounds of national secutity. Mr. Hornberger had much more in his article and I would encourage you to go to the website and check it out, along with several of the other articles there on the Kennedy assassination. Needless to say, none of these articles reflects the contents of the “official version” which is exactly why they are worth reading.

Patriotic Americans, and especially Christians, should be in the forefront of looking for the truth in all areas. Sadly, most are terrified of even the idea of conspiracies, and if the subject is broached they will respond with “But don’t you know the Lord’s in control of it all?” That’s code language for “I don’t want to get involved.” In the first place, what do conspiracies have to do with the Lord’s being in control? The presence of conspiracies do not denote the Lord’s lack of control, nor should Christians be afraid of them. In fact, where possible, Christians should stand up and oppose them–of course they might have to do a little homework first–and that’s probably enough to stop most of them right there. Way too much personal responsibility in a little research! Better to just ignore the whole thing and pretend it doesn’t exist, then, maybe it’ll go away–maybe.

Has anyone stopped to consider that Jesus’ crucifixion was the result of a conspiracy? Did that thwart the Lord’s purposes? Hardly, and the Lord used it. So we are not talking about a lack of Divine control when we discuss conspiracies. We are talking about Christian opposition where necessary and possible, and Christian exposure where possible (Ephesians 5:11). Christians need to learn to be discerning and aware, not afraid.


3 thoughts on “The “Official Version” or the Conspiracy Version

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  2. The official story may be credible to some degree. However, there are some details that are left out of the history books. I seriously doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination. He had a bolt action rifle, which had to be reloaded after each shot, which precludes the possibility that he fired 3 shots, 2 hitting John F. Kennedy and 1 hitting John Connelly and nobody noticing until the end result, which threw John F. Kennedy’s head forward and then backward. The Lee Harvey Oswald narrative is bullshit. More than one person was involved in the plot. Anybody who clings to the official story and omits other newly discovered details is doing a great disservice to the truth.

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